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Loudoun, Virginia, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 39.1092, -77.5578 Map

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Subject: (Vanduzeea). Timecode In: 00:00:23. Timecode out: 01:51:44. Notes: recording ends at 1430. Habitat: Rural. Equipment Notes: Stereo=1; Stereo accelerometer. NPR/NGS RADIO EXPEDITIONS Show: Bug Communication Log of DAT #: 2A Date: 1999 ng = not good ok= okay g = good vg =very good Absolute Time Total Time of DAT: 1.51.40 0.00.0 -0.00.23 Recorded silence 0.00.23 -0.01.36 Bug sounds, but with some feedback 0.01.36 -0.02.36 pretty good 0.04.45 -0.05.15 Cycle, clicking at the end 0.06.03 - 0.06.32 Good clicking and mooing 0.06.32 -0.07.16 light shuffling, gets very strong at 0.07.00, then fades 0.07.30 -0.08.03 Good clicks, then a few moos, then heavy shuffling p.2 0.08.03 -0.09.30 light moos (coos?) then light shuffling, heavy shuffling, very heavy shuffling, 0.09.30 -0.09.53 light mooing 0.09.53 - 0.10.46 Good clicks, strong shuffling, calm 0.10.46 - 0.11.53 Good strong clicks, long moo, some follow-up moos, more clicking and mooing [no shuffling] 0.11.53 - 0.12.30 feedback! 0.12.30 -0.13.00 light mooing, shuffling. 0.13.00 -0.13.33 light mooing, then shuffling, then calm with mooing, 0.13.33 -0.14.01 Shuffling starts -strong. Followed by one moo, then light shuffling again. 0.14.01 -0.14.32 cooing, can hear people lightly in background, shuffling. 0.14.32 - 0.15.00 good clicks, then moos, then shuffling, calm, then click and moo 0.15.00 - 0.16.05 Good background act - Click and moo, a lot of clicking, then a few moos, very light shuffling 0.16.05 -0.16.49 Click, moo, extended shuffle., then a couple clicks. 0.16.49 -0.17.42 click moo, click, moo, moo, moo, shuffle, strong shuffle!, 0.17.42 -0.18.08 mostly shuffling, some light mooing interspersed 0.18.08 -0.18.53 a couple of light moos, then some shuffling. 0.18.53 -0.19.59 clicks, moo, clicks, moo, light shuffling, then very strong shuffling. 0.19.59 - 0.20.48 click moo, shuffle, waves of shuffling pass through group 0.20.48 -0.21.05 Click moo, shuffle in rapid succession. 0.21.05 -0.21.38 good clear clicks and moos. 0.21.38 -0.23.00 moo, click, moo, quick shuffle, mooing, clicking, quick shuffle, longer, stronger shuffle 0.23.00 -0.23.33 mooing, clicking, shuffling 0.23.33 -0.25.21 Crickets, then moo, then shuffle, very hard shuffle, lighter shuffle, harder shuffle, continued, then calm. 0.25.21 -0.25.58 very light shuffling, click, light moo, harder clicks and moos, crickets 0.25.58 -0.26.48 Crickets, then very low rumbling (human touching branch?) moos, clicks, light shuffling, harder moos, harder shuffling. 0.26.48 -0.27.14 Good click, moo then light shuffling, 0.27.14 - 0.27.46 Good hard click, loud moo, some softer clicks and moos. 0.27.46-0.28.47 Shuffling, crescendo, decrescendo. Several waves of shuffling pass through group. 0.28.47 -0.30.12 Strong clicks, then a series of clicks and moos. 0.30.12 - 0.30.54 Crickets. Treehoppers are silent, then strong click and moo, good shuffling, another soft moo, then stronger shuffling, which dies out. 0.30.54 -0.32.15 Strong click-n-moo, pause with light clicking, then light shuffle. More light mooing. More light shuffling, getting stronger, then dying out. 0.32.15 -0.33.51 Good strong click and moo, long shuffling in waves, dies out. 0.33.51 -0.34.52 soft clicking and mooing, then long mooing by an individual, which gets light shuffling going. 0.34.52 -0.35.48 strong click and moo, light shuffling in waves, then strong waves of shuffling. 0.35.48 -0.37.20 Bright click and moos, waves of shuffling. Light moos with shuffling mixed. 0.37.20 -0.38.11 lots of light mooing, mixed with light shuffling, some feedback. Intermittent mooing, 0.38.34 -0.40.40 Click moo, shuffling, (strong scraping in parts) soft mooing, into a shuffling crescen... (Notes truncated)

Background Species

Vanduzeea - Vanduzeea

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5 Oct 2009 by Ben Brotman
5 Oct 2009 by Ben Brotman
5 Oct 2009 by Ben Brotman

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