Black-faced Monarch

Monarcha melanopsis


eBird Checklist S50561779
Australian National Botanic Gardens
Australian Capital Territory, Australia
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Latitude and Longitude -35.278, 149.1102 Map

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Photographed and audio recorded. 1. Description of bird (include as relevant size; shape; colour of plumage, legs, eyes, bill; call; sex; age) Distinctive whistler-sized passerine with grey back, tail, head and breast, demarkated with orange belly through to vent. Bird had a black face (though this colour did not to extend to the eye) and black throat. A black-eye ring gave the appearance of a large eye. 2. Description of the bird's behaviour (alone? feeding? in flight? on ground?) Bird was alone and was moving about (feeding?) in the mid canopy of section 153 of the ANBG. Bird would call and remain still for some minutes before moving to a new vantage point. 3. Habitat. Woodland, though this section is at the top of the Sydney Gully and therefore there was a mixture of eucalypts, grevilleas and other thickly leaved native trees. 4. Weather conditions. As per eBird record. 5. Optical aids used? Swarovski EL10 X 42 bins and photographed with Nikon CoolPix B700. Vocalisations recorded on iphone 7. 6. For how long did you watch the bird? For about 50 minutes, the first 20 minutes alone. 7. What experience have you had with this species? I have 23 records of the species in ACT, NSW and Qld (the most recent at Paluma in November). This is the second time I have seen the species in the ACT; the first being a bird in Reif in 2007. 8. Other comments (other observers present; what made you eliminate 'look-alike' or 'sound-alike' species) Bird was reported on the canberrabirds chatline as observed circa 1200. I then re-found the bird and was joined by Milburn, Kevin Windle and Noel Luff. Only look-alike bird is Black-winged Monarch which is not found south of Cape York. Bird is superficially similar to Spectacled Monarch which has a different and more extensive black facial pattern and lacks the grey breast.

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