American Pipit

Anthus rubescens


eBird Checklist S49424425
Sevenmile Creek--Prickly Pear Land Trust (restricted access)
Lewis and Clark, Montana, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 46.6399, -112.0994 Map


Media notes

Observation details

Estimate by fives. At 0734 at the start point, heard "sip-it" calls and saw 1 overhead flying E, then a few seconds later another overhead flying WNW. It was joined by 2 others and they continued to the SW, ca 10x shrub height. At 0750, I heard another brief bout of AMPI calls and saw 1 in flight to the S of the field in reach 4. Then at 0752, I heard more calls and 3 more flew to the W over reach 4 at ca 3-4x shrub height in a loose group - may have landed. At 0845, heard AMPI somewhere over reach 4. At 0929, I heard "sip-it" calls from an AMPI and I thought also "se-put" calls from a few HOLA over reach 3. Between 0934 and 0952, I heard semi-frequent calling of AMPI - and I thought also HOLA - in flight over reach 3. At 0953, 5 AMPI flew to the W/WSW over me at ca 4x shrub height in reach 3, and I saw a midair agonistic interaction. At 0957, I counted 50 (by 5s) passerines in a loose flock in low flight over grassland in the NE portion of reach 3. Suspected HOLA, but was not sure. At 1003, 4 flew together over reach 3 at 1-2x shrub height, then headed off to the NE and dove down shortly N of the stream. I was not positive they landed, but I saw them descend to within a meter of the ground. At 1011, I saw an apparent mixed flock of 50+ birds, apparently HOLA as well as AMPI, in flight over reach 3. Got 1 photo of the flock. Then at 1016, ca 5 more AMPI and 3 more HOLA flew W overhead. At 1025, 1 AMPI flew in a low circle over the distant part of reach 3, then landed ca 3-4 m high at the top of an alder over one of the ponds. In the next few minutes I observed at least 5 more AMPI land on the ground near the ponds or the stream channel. Then saw at least 3 individuals perching in Alnus incana and at least 10 land on bare ground. Never stayed very long (ca <15 seconds) on the ground - nervous - exposed to predators? Ca 1110-1115, I was able to slowly approach within about 6 m of 1 AMPI perched in a revegetated willow near the stream, reach 3 - part of a flock of ca 10 that took off at 1117. Got photos of another, more distant in a willow, and 1 on the wooden bridge over the stream. The near one in the Salix was glancing around, not foraging. Ca 1405-1420, approx 15 AMPI seen/heard in reach 3, esp. S of the stream near the edge of the grasses, where some spots still muddy from diversion ditch overflow.

Technical Information

Focal length
357 mm
Shutter speed
1/500 sec
Flash did not fire, auto
Original file size
4608 x 3456

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