Barn Swallow

Hirundo rustica


eBird Checklist S48224017
Sevenmile Creek--Prickly Pear Land Trust (restricted access)
Lewis and Clark, Montana, United States
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Latitude and Longitude 46.6399, -112.0994 Map

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Media notes

Recorded roughly around 0754. Group of 70 or more. Initially most were perched on the barbed wire fence, then most took off and I heard lots of alarm calls; I stopped recording when I saw a Coyote emerge from the grasses in that general area and move off to the west. Background sounds: SAVS calls, flock of 8 AMGO flying over at the end.

Observation details

10 singing (very rough estimate). Spectacular early morning activity. At least 20 were flying around at the beginning of the survey, at least several of them singing; observed up to ca 10 land briefly in a Russian-olive just E of the property on several occasions. At ca 0708, I counted 36 by twos, high in the air (specks) over reach 4 and the area downstream, then many dropped low again and several landed on the fence; continued to hear singing. At 0726, as a vocal CORA flew upstream over the creek, the BARS flock, which had been foraging low, switched into "quee-queet!" calls and for several seconds all gained altitude and flew E. At this point I counted 40 by twos before they started singing and circling again. At 0743, still near the start point, the BARS flock again erupted in straight flight and alarm calls briefly, and this time I counted 48 by twos. At 0754, a large group perched on the barbed wire fence ca 50-80 m S of the start point for a few minutes. I counted them twice and got an exact minimum count of 70! Then most took off at once with alarm calls (sound recording) and shortly thereafter I saw a Coyote moving west from the vicinity. By 0815, the large flock was no longer in evidence, but then I hear and saw a single BARS high overhead. I followed it with binoculars until 0817: it continued more or less south (towards Mt Helena), rising and falling a bit but flying on a remarkably straight course and not twisting much. I thought it was likely in active migration. At 0820, 9 more appeared overhead from the W, singing and darting, lower than the previous one, heading more or less E. At 1043, after a long period without any BARS around, I heard more singing and saw 5 in flight over the diversion area. At 1127, ca 7 flew low upstream along the creek, headed into the wind. At 1405, saw 5 BARS flying and apparently foraging over the stream and field, reach 4. At this point, I thought it very unlikely that these subsequent groups were all the same as the large flock seen in the morning; I had also seen groups of 5-10 occasionally in between that I had not specifically noted. Added 20 (probably conservative) to the previous total of 70. Checked both of the red culverts and confirmed that there was no sign of a BARS nesting attempt there this year.

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