Cuban Solitaire

Myadestes elisabeth


Gregory Budney
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on road below Barrio Nuevo camp - entrance to La Mesa trail; Sierra Maestra
Granma, Cuba
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Latitude and Longitude 20.0267, -76.6965 Map

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Adult Male – 2
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The first section contains a few songs from a single individual that had moved close to the trail entrance. These songs began only about a minute from the cessation of singing by the focal individual in ML 112190. I cannot say with complete certainty that this is the same individual. The position of the bird in the first section of this recording was very close to the visible song perch of ML 112190. I estimate that during the first section, the bird was 3-4 meters from my position and down in the undergrowth--based on obtaining a signal strength fix with the parabola. Note also, the mewing calls from an unseen bird delivered at the same time as the solitaire songs--American Robin-like quality. Possibly Red-legged Thrush or solitaire? In the second section of this recording, one hears song from two singing individuals, one of which is believed to be the bird heard in the first section of this recording. Neither bird was visible in the undergrowth, but both were either a medium to low positions--again based on positions determined by signal strength using the parabola. Toward the end of the cut only a single individual appears to be singing, then again both birds are heard singing downslope at the end. ML: This recording was recorded in stereo, but due to a large disparity in the volume of the channels, it was archived as a mono recording using the left channel. Other Behaviors: Counter Singing. Habitat: Forest, Evergreen Forest, Coniferous Forest, Second-growth, Edge.

Background Species

Black-throated Blue Warbler - Setophaga caerulescens

Technical Information

Telinga Parabola 54.7cm/15.5cm (21.5in/6.1in)

Archival Information

8 Apr 2005 by Martha Fischer
8 Apr 2005 by Martha Fischer
8 Apr 2005 by Martha Fischer

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