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How to Explore the Archive


Try searching for recordings by species:

  1. Click the search box, to get a cursor.
  2. Begin typing your species (ie: owl, raven, etc)
  3. View your list of options in the dropdown box.
  4. You must select from the list (use the up/down arrow keys and press enter)
  5. Press Enter again to search (or click "Find")


The Macaulay Library also has portals to several special collections, which offer unique options for exploring and finding even more audio and video recordings. Currently the "Staff Picks" is available within the "Find" menu option. The Macaulay Library staff has compiled a list of their own favorite recordings to share with the world. Watch and listen, and read what the folks who work with this media every day have to say.


If you are unsure of what you are looking for or if searching has left you with no results then browsing the archive may be more appropriate. Choose "Browse by Taxon" under the "Find" menu option. You can navigate through the Macaulay Library biological classification by drilling down through Kingdom Animalia to the rank of Species and Subspecies. At each node in the hierarchy, you will see how many audio and video recordings are available for each taxon. You can also easily discover the species for which there are no recordings available. Browsing is an ideal solution when you're not exactly sure what you're after or when you want to easily see the holding for an entire group (like a genus or higher rank like family). Give browsing a try. It's a useful way to find and discover recordings.

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