Raven Viewer


Raven Viewer is a Free Tool for Visualizing Audio

  • Play and visualize our digital audio recordings
  • Watch spectrograms, power spectra, and waveforms. These are graphs of frequency over time. Raven Viewer creates these views in real time and scrolls them as the recording plays
  • Play and visualize our digital audio recordings, including video recordings with associated audio
  • Control zoom, playback speed, resolution, & more
  • Inspect low-frequency sounds that are inaudible to humans
  • Experience sound in a new way

Playing versus visualizing audio and video

To use Raven Viewer, select a sound or video to visualize, and then select Raven Viewer. You only need the Adobe Flash plug-in to play sounds and videos. Flash is probably already installed. To play a sound or video, select the play button.

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