Building the Archive
How you can help


The Macaulay Library was built from the ground up with the contributions of hundreds of recordists. Contributors do not fit one profile, but come from many different backgrounds and interests. Following in the footsteps of the founding recordists, whose dedication and creativity inspired hundreds of recordists, we seek collaboration from many sources. Some of the most enthusiastic contributors are our staff, and we are indebted to a growing number of outside audio and video recordists.

Our goal is to build the most comprehensive collection of animal sound and vide possible, but we cannot do it without the support of recordists worldwide. Being a professional recordist is not a prerequisite for contributing. Our material comes from people of all backgrounds and occupations, from students to retirees, from "bird bums" to researchers, dentists, consultants, and cinema photographers. We are continually grateful for the dedicated, talented, creative, and generous people who have donated their time, recordings, and other resources in support of the archive.

There are still many recordings on our Most Wanted List we are working to add to the archive. Please contact us if you would like us to archive your recordings.

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