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NOTES: Recordist's notes at beginning of recording: The following recording is of a 4 year old male orang-utan at a rehabilitation center. It's a Pealock in Sahmbah [these are his words as I could make them]. The animal is free to roam in the forest, but actually hangs around the ranger post most of the time. In this recording he is frightened by the discovery of a pygmy squirrel, Manosciurus [this is what I understand him to say. I did not find this name in "A World List of Mammalian Species (Corbet and Hill, 1986).mf], which squeaks at him and flashes its tail. and he retreats to the house and he rocks backwards and forwards on a window, making a variety of noises. I think that his display gives us some insight as to the ontogeny of the intimidation display in orang-utans. He uses rassburies - a sort of "kiss-squeak" but blowing through long liquid lips. He makes a variety of grumph-like noises. He also makes an "ahoa" - a sort of explosive frightening noises, and clomps or chomps. it sounds as though he uses the tongue - possibly the "chomps" should be divided in to two types of noise. ...The knocking noise is the orang-utan banging the window backwards and forwards just the way a wild orang would shake a branch.

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