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Paul A Schwartz
27 May 1974 at 00:00

  • Venezuela
  • Hacienda La Estrella; Canada El Gordo; ca. San Jose; Dto. Perija
  • 10.0   -72.4
  • 30 meters
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • AKG Unspecified
  • Parabola 61cm (24in)
    Equipment Note

NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut #67. Bulk reel #521
Weather: Fair. This is same locality as Cuts 45/49; for additional recordings of restricta cf. cuts 55/60. Quality: 2. Level: +5. 203 tape. Re-recorded from N-4.2 to N-IV.
26 May 1974 - Arrived at Hacienda La Estrella ~ 10:00 AM. During entire day I heard no song by this species, nor saw indications of it. S. minuta is singing here, also at Hacienda El Balcon.
27 May 1974. - Cut 67) One bird sang near east end (cano end) (or at least, only one heard at any one time) periodically from ~ 7:30 to ~ 10:00 AM. This bird was seen well and is a definite restricta type. Therefore yesterday I could ahve missed early morning song. However, this or a bird dild sing again ~ noon and in same general places as earliler. A S. intermedia adult male also sang.
2 June 1974 - ~ 8:30 AM some seedeaters flew up from where feeding at edge of "dry" woods near the east end (cano end) and among them I saw two adult males.
~ 9:00 AM. One bird sang near east end, cf. Cut 68. (I was at west end from dawn to ~ 8:00 AM and heard none there.)
~ 12:00 M and again ~ 1:45 PM I heard two birds sing concurrently near east end. At the later time one of the birds was heard to sing the complex song several times; otherwise all song heard (and all recorded) so far has been of a simple type.
~2:30 PM walked up to west end and was in that area until ~ 3:45 PM and heard no restricta. (4:00 - 4:30 PM at east end heard no restricta.)
3 June 1974 - Early AM period. I heard two restricta singing at west end (first time heard here this trip!) and also > one bird at east end. Therefore there are now >3 and very p robably four singing males in this region.
Note: 4 June 1974. I'm pretty sure I heard a restricta song at the edge of the humid woods near the Rio Sta. Rosa (= R. Tucuco) but it stopped and I couldn't wait around to see if sang again.
From the above events it seems rather probable that this species arrived in this area during the days I was here.

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