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Paul A Schwartz
May 1974 at 00:00

  • Venezuela
  • 5.0 km E of Zipayare (Sipallare)
  • 10.18   -70.93
  • 200 meters
  • Mono
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NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut #FL-12. Bulk reel #499
Song type 1 = SO-SOO-la; 2 = SO-SO-LA; 3 = SO-LAA.
a) 17 May 1974. Time: 3:45 PM. Weather: Fair. Elevation: 200 m. Three phrases, type 1; probably all by same bird. (This seems very similar to the phrase of Cut FL-11.) Quality: 3. Level: +3. 203 tape. LN. Nagra IV; Sennheiser 405; 36" parabola.
b) 18 May 1974. 8:30 AM. Weather: Fair. Elevation: 250 m. Type 1; may be same bird as in part a). (This seems very similar to the phrase of Cut FL-11.) Quality: 3 to 2. Level: +3. 203 tape. Std. Nagra SN; AKG; 24" parabola. Rerecorded N-4.2 to N-IV on 139 tape.
This bird was then collected = male #[blank].
Note: 21 Dec 1974. Added here a part of copy made in field from SN to N-IV the phrases @ 20", 54" [last number appears to be 1 with 52 in superscript] are prob. best.
The bird of b) sounds like and may be the same as that of a). When I recorded a), just as when I arrived at the river ~ 11:00 AM, I had the definite impression that the bird was in the growth bordering the river. This could have been an acoustical illlusion and bird may actually have been in the woods on the hill where I recorded and collected the bird of b ). However, it may also have been a correct impression: late in the afternoon, after a) was recorded, there was a very heavy rain lasting a couple hours that flooded essentially (although briefly) all the lowlands with the runoff from the hills; after the rain stopped 6:30/6:45 PM, other birds began to sing and many were singing at 7:00 PM but no Soisolas were heard even at this hour they should normally have been singing. It sseems possible that when the lowlands flooded the bird of a), if it had been in the riverside vegetation, moved up the hill to "drier" ground.
In b) the first three phrases are "natural," recorded when I was still some distance away. As the bird was moving away and I could not get closer to it fast enough due to the difficult terrain, I began whistling its song and at the same time moved closer to forest edge. The incomplete phrase may have been given after I began whistlilng; the next three phrases definitely were, as the bird began coming closer in response. Once the bird arrived essentially in front of me, so that its sotto voce calls were audible, I no longer whistled--I gave no whistles during the remainder of the recording.

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