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Paul A Schwartz
Mar 1975 at 00:00

  • Venezuela
  • Catatumbo region
  • 9.35   -71.75
  • 60 meters
  • Forest
  • Mono
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NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut #Z-8. Bulk reel #497
Song type 1 = SO-SOO-la; 2 = SO-SO-LA; 3 = SO-LAA.
Location: ~8 km WSW along road to Rio de Oro, then ~4 km NW ca. Cano.
Weather: Hazy, fair.
a) 20 Mar 1975. 1645 hours. This bird first heard from camp @ ~4:30 PM. I was busy skinning at the time bur finally decided to try to record some. The bird was ~ 200 m. away and on other side of the cano. It stopped singing before ~6:00 PM. Quality: 3. Level: +3. 203 tape. LN. Nagra IV; Sennheiser 405; 36" parabola.
b) 21 Mar 1975. Probably same bird as in a) but today it did not begin singing until ~5:30 PM and was >300 m. to SE of where it had been yesterday. As it was already late and I was anxious to have a specimen from this region, I did not try baiting bird closer for better recording. Bird collected = male #[blank]. 203 & 175 tape. 3.75 ips. LN. 7.5 ips. LN. Rerecorded from N-4.2 to N-IV.
Above is type 2.
Note: The bird of Z-8 a) was the first heard since arrival in the area 18 March. Although the 18th and 17th were spent in app. appropriate woods, none had been heard. Also, after 6:00 PM of 20th and on 21st I checked other areas near camp and found no birds. Not until 22 March at ~ 6:00 PM and at spot about 500 m. east of camp did I find birds again. At that time I heard > three birds on approaching the spot: one type 1, one type 2 or 3, and one ~type 1 female quality. These birds were at west end of that wooded patch and app. close to the edge so that they became silent when I hurried to approach before I heard them really well. (Note that I had walked through here from 3:30 to 4:30 PM and heard no birds.) After birds fell silent, I waited a few minutes and then began walking toward the east through the woods, whistling Soisola phrases and after a few minutes several came into song, whether because of the hour or in reaction to my whistles I don't know; I suspect more the former or a combination of both. In any case, I heard > five birds: one type 1 toward west end of woods and on north side of trail, one type 1 at east end of woods, and south of trail, one type 3 east end of woods, and north side of trail. Apparently all males; plus "east of woods," two or three birds with type 1 female quality. (One apparently near the [type] 1 male south of trail, the other north of trail.) (See Cut Z-9 for further comments.)

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