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Paul A Schwartz
Jun 1973 at 00:00

  • Venezuela
  • 8.0 km W of Las Adjuntas; ~ 4 km along road of "El Retumbo"
  • 7.6   -64.27
  • 230 meters
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Sennheiser MKH 405
  • Parabola 91.4cm (36in)
    Equipment Note

NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut #G-6. Bulk reel #494
Song type 1 = SO-SOO-la; 2 = SO-SO-LA; 3 = SO-LAA.
Location: Same locality but ~600 further in from G-5.
a) 22 June 1973. 1555 hours. Weather: Cloudy, but had been fair. Two types 1 birds, both "slow"* but one of them especially "lethargic." Quality: 2-. Level: +3. 203 tape. LN.
(*For this race the one is not really slow)
b) 23 June 1973. 1445 hours. Weather: Fair. I think this is the same very slow type1 bird as in a). In the beginning is a higher-voiced type 2 bird. (NO! birds of part a) were on east side of road, i.e. left-hand side going in, while birds of b) are on west side. (Also, can hear in background what is probably the bird of a)! Quality: 2 (not in focus). Level: +3.
c) ~3:15 PM. This is on east side of road and very likely is the less slow type 1 bird of part a), although now it's 100 m+ farther in along the road. Quality: 2-. Level: +3. LN.
*A high-voiced type 2 bird, not recorded but with voice like the one in background of Cut G-6,b, was collected 23 June 1973 at ~5:30 PM = male #8805.
Note: Although this bird [male #8805] decoyed at first to imitation of its own voice and came into sight, but left before I could shoot, later it would not come in again but stayed in one spot, singing. Finally, I remained silent for some minutes, then began whistling a medium-low type 1 phrase and bird came out almost at once. I saw it sing oncew before I collected it.
This experience indicates the unpredictability of their decoying: some birds decoy best to imitation of their own phrase, others to other type phrases. Also, some came in slowly, singing; some come in completely silently; some come directly in and moving fast (running), others slowly circle about.
d) 25 June 1973. 1710 hours. Weather: Cloudy fair, after rain. A slow type 1, perhaps the same as in part b. (Bird is behind a large "pinon" plant.) Quality: 2. Level: +2. 203 tape. LN. Quality: 1-2.
Then began rain again.
After ~5'+ a second bird (some [word too small to read] quiet sounds also heard, very faint) is heard, also a slow otype 1 but with a higher voice; this bird seems fairly close but at slightly less volume (Perhaps a female?) and after a short while a low-volume ~type 2* phrase is also heard (another type 1 is way in background).
In this 7.5 ips part again hear the presumed male in focus and also some low-volume phrases (whether by more than one bird, I don't know) of bird(s) fairly close, perhaps next to the male. Quality: 1-2. Level: +2.
*This is at same pitch as the other and may be only a slight modification; although it seems more like a type 2, but it may be the same bird. (Yes, seems prob.!)
(Can, and do, females change their phrase types (to suit a male?))
~same two phrase types heard in this part [7.5] and so I think are probably two different birds (both females?).
One of these birds was collected = female #8807.

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