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Red-legged Tinamou -- Crypturellus erythropus More
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Paul A Schwartz
26 May 1973 at 08:25

  • Venezuela
  • road to Turiamo; inland side
  • 10.45   -67.85
  • 190 meters
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Electro-Voice 650
  • Parabola 91.4cm (36in)
    Equipment Note

NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut #22. Bulk reel #492
Song type 1 = SO-SOO-la; 2 = SO-SO-LA; 3 = SO-LAA.
a) Two birds: one in type 1, other is +/- a type 1-2. Quality: 2. Level: +2. 139 tape. Std.
b) 6:05 PM. Weather: Cloudy, fair. This is probably the same bird as cut 21. In the beginning its phrase is modulated in the second figure, becoming almost as type 2. But then it becomes type 3, like the other bird and I think they're probably the same. Quality: 2, 1-. Level: 0. 139 tape. Std.
This actually recorded ~200 m. below (along road) where recorded 19 April; this bird's territory apparently extended 300-400 m. along the road.
Then one phrase @ 7.5. Quality: 1-. Level: +2. Std.
This is in the same location as Cut 21. The type 3 bird of that cut was on the downhill side of the road, and it was also there today but reacted only fitfully to whistled imitation (in the beginning it came in but then left; again when the two birds of Cut 22 + my imitations apparently proved "too much," he came in again, but again left.
I had heard one of the birds of this cut (I think it was the type 1-2 bird) way up the slope from the road (both these birds were on the uphill side) and whistled type 1. It gradually came closer, but so did the other bird, which I had not heard before. Apparently these birds eventually came into contact; I heard some scuffling, which I presume was caused by these birds and shortly after one of them was heard rather far away, the other still +/- in the area. After they became silent, I could not call any of the birds in close to me again. None of the birds seem to react strongly to territory today.
Further note re: Cut 22) - Singing by the Soisolas was general today:; profuse song from dawn to at least 8:30 - 9:00 AM; periods ofo song throughout the day; profuse song again from late PM (4-5:00 PM) to nightfall.
10 Apr 1973 - I was at ame site as cuts 21 & 22 by 5:30 AM. I heard absolutely no Soisola song anywhere in the entire Turiamo road region up to 8:30 AM; then heard a little bit distantly. This increased and by 8:50 could hear > four birds singing +/- regularly. However, by 9:00 to 9:10 they had stopped singing.
At ~ 10:00 I played type 1 song that had been recorded in the Turiamo region several years ago. This was played for quite some time but there was no reaction. At 10:30 AM I tried again, for a long time pointed in direction of the Cut 22a) birds, then in the direction of the 22b) bird: no reaction. Heard no more Soisola song after 9:10 AM up to ~12:00 M when I left. Is this because all males are incubating now? More likely it's because of the renewed drought, for all bird activity is considerably depressed and there aren't even any mosquitoes.

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