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Swallow Tanager -- Tersina viridis More
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Paul A Schwartz
13 Apr 1974 at 07:00

  • Venezuela
  • Rancho Grande; Pica De La Toma
  • 10.3666667   -67.6833333
  • 1150 meters
  • Mono
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    Bit Depth
  • AKG Unspecified
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NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut 7. Bulk Reel 483.
a) 203 tape. Notes: Calls by a hatchling (from Nest #1) (The hatchling held in my hand just outside the nest burrow.) Length: 20". Quality: 2. Level: +3. Recorder SN. Mike: AKG. Parabola: no. Re-recorded from SN to N-IV. Tape speed: 7.5 LN.
b) 7:30AM. Notes: Same hatchling recorded @ EBRG. Length: 37". Quality: 2. Level: +3.
c) 8:15AM. Notes: Ditto a little later. In the latter part some of the recording corresponds to some made simultaneously w/ the N-IV. Length: 49". Quality: 2+. Level: +3. d) 8:15AM. Notes: Same, recorded w/ N-IV. Length (7.5ips): 22". Quality: 1-2. Level: +3. Length (15ips): 1'12". Quality: 1-2. Level: +5. Part d) is at 7.5ips and 15ips after ~20". Microphone: Senn 405. [NOTES ON SEPARATE DATA SHEET:] Description of a hatchling (from Nest #1) Gen'l color: orange flesh. Eye region: dark pinkish gray. Bill: very pale "horn" tending toward orange flesh; edge of gape (rictus) is white, inside of mouth flesh, tongue pink. Toes: Ivory. Down: med. to pale gray. Just above each eye (coronal [sp?]), on nape (occipital), on scapulars, on secondary remiges ( ), dorsal, femoral, at tail @sides of future "gr[first two letters of the first of two words that I can't read.], a bit on posterior (or lateral) ventral tracts. The remige feather tracts are just barely indicated by a faint "shadow". Note: a hatchling from Nest #2 is same as above description and the down is pale gray." PAS [I found the following notes on a data sheet attached to data sheet for Chlorophonia cyanea. I'm sure the data belong with this series of Tersina] "18/IV/74. 10:30AM. Female on nest. I took the infertile egg (wgt 3gm) and the young. Wgt of yg = 8.5 gms. Still no pin feathers emerging from this yg.; primary tracts are visible as dark lines and secondaries also but less so. Still has down (pale gray): above each eye (coronal), on each side of occipital tract, on each scapular, on secondaries tract (= 2nd joint of wing), on dorsal tract and femoral tracts (both sides), on tract portion @ sides of belly; still bare traces on tail. Gen'l color orangish flesh; legs are paler now and just plain "flesh" color, claws ivory. Bill pale flesh; edge of gape white (ivory). Eyes not open yet (pupil can be seen through skin.) Bird had been recently fed and in crop a fairly large fruit w/ purplish skin and yellowish flesh, large seed; fruit has aromatic, pleasant odor (I backed out the fruit w/ my thumb.)" PAS

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