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Human Imitiation




Paul A Schwartz
21 Feb 1973 at 06:35

  • Venezuela
  • Rancho Grande; km 36+ (old); (~33+ new)
  • 10.3666667   -67.6833333
  • 450 meters
  • Mono
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NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 18. Bulk reel: 403. Time: 8:00 to 9:00 AM. These were some experiments made in the presence of Neal Smith to show how the male reacts mainly to the song of a female (as represented by whistled imitation by PAS). 1) PAS whistle female song; male flew about, then answered vocally with male song. Quality: 2 & 1-2. Level: 0. Next, not saved: PAS whistle male song; male bird flew across road but didn't react vocally. This same was tried two or three times, always with same results. 2) More PAS whistles of female song; also of male song. The results are "typical": bird (male) reacts physically to both male and female song but vocally only to the female song (once to male song, but was very excited by much female imitation). Quality: 2. Level: 0. Then, after silence and inactivity for 5-10 minutes, PAS imitated male song: no reaction by bird. 3) Then tried female whistle and reaction was immediate. Quality: 1. Level: 0. Note: When the bird became somewhat habituated, I found that if I used the three-figure female song it immediately renewed his interest.
139 tape. Copy on N-4.2 from SN. [Recordist did not indicate type of microphone used.]
20/II/73 - With Neal Smith I found a bird that uses a "triplet" at end of phrase rather than the usual "couplet" down @ ~ km 20.5 (old). Perhaps it was the same bird of Cut 15).
21/II/73 - @ km 34 old (= 31 new) we heard two females @ dawn: one around bird in road and to N. of it; the other slightly up the road and above it. The latter reacted to whistled imitation by flying cross road; it was alert when more imitation given and held alulas out, but did not move them. It did not give any vocal reaction. 23/II - Same place (km 14) found two birds with female song at ~ 6:00 PM in ~ same place as noted them 21/II. The one to north of road reacted to Neal Smith's recording of my whistling female song (including 3-figure phrases) with male's vocal reaction and this bird was collected (= #[recordist left a number of blank spaces here]; it proved to be a female with ovaries not yet developed. 27/II - In late PM @ same place I ws unable to arouse the remaining female-voiced bird!?! A male was heard up near ! km 31 (old), where Smith and I had heard one the 23rd. (Cf. also Cut 20!)

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