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Paul A Schwartz
24 Mar 1973 at 00:00

  • Venezuela
  • Rancho Grande; km 25+ (old)
  • 10.3666667   -67.6833333
  • 1020 meters
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Sennheiser MKH 405
  • Parabola 91.4cm (36in)
    Equipment Note

NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 68. Bulk reel: 382
Time: 5:50 AM to 6:20 AM.
First section: Quality: 1-2. Level: 0. 203 tape. 3.75 ips. LN.
Second section: Quality: 1. Level: +2. 139 tape. 3.75 ips. Std.
Third section: Quality: 3, 2. Level: +2. 139 tape. 3.75 ips. Std. & 7.5 ips. Std.
This is an "informative" cut, complementing cut 67.
An interjected note re: observations @ Km 18.5 new, 13/IV/73 (12/IV same place observed a conflict situation that apparently involved two females to one male. I arrived 5:37 AM, still not at all light. First activity noted @ 5:40 AM: a display by a male above the road, who then circled back to vegetation above the road but some distance from where he started. At the sound of this display, a bird across the road gave slightly excited "ao" calls, then continued with quiet "ao" calls; this was apparently the female signalling her position. The male then flew to a higher tree, better vantage point, gave some series ascending whistles, then made a display flight toward the point of the female, covering ~ 2/3 of the distance toward her; again the female signalled vocally. The male then made another display flight right up to the female's position. Female then flew to a tree 4-5 m. away and the male made a display flight around her in an arc to a point beyond her. Further activity continued to confirm that the female was the "focus" of the male's activity.
On all displays seen the male made two or three "half beats" (or barely moved) of wings upon launching, then started the display. On two displays seen well, wings beat from slightly above the horizon to 45¡ below the horizon. The wings were strongly arched or bowed and the tips almost rest below body but apparently did not touch; almost certainly they did not meet above body.
Observations made @ same place 14/IV/73: Displays begin upon, or very shortly after, takeoff. Also, wing beats seem fairly deep but apparently do not meet over the back.
I had arrived in the area 5:40 AM but was down the road trying to find a C. pauxi. While walking back toward the area where I'd been making some observations on these guans, @ ~ 5:43 I heard a display from this general area. After I arrived I heard no more until ~ 5:51. I heard a display down the road from where I had come, obviously a different territory from the present one. Then in next 2-3 min. I heard two displays from a little farther up the road, but from trees growing from below it. Walking up there, ~ 15 m. up the road, just as I arrived a bird displayed, starting from a tree below the road but ending in a tree right over the road, growing from upper side. Shortly, a bird (1) flew from near there to another tree ~ 20 m. to E. It began calling "ao" in a high voice. Then another bird, (2), perhaps the one that had displayed, flew from where I thought the displaying had alighted over to join (1). The recording begins here: one bird (1?) gives various +/- mild conflict or excitement calls to another (2?) gives "courtship growls." Then a bird gives high "ao" calls and a third bird that had been sitting ~ where (1) had been previously flew over to join the other two birds; an apparent conflict situation develops with one bird calling in high "aos," another giving mild conflict, and a third giving ascending whistles. I was interrupted by traffic and don't know exactly what happened but when I could resume, the conflict seemed to have moved out of focus but the "high ao" bird was still in focus. Then a bird flies in to join "high ao" and two birds are heard; then another bird flies in and conflict is again in focus. Then with a "flight scream" type call, one bird apparently chased another, high "ao" is still there; but then it seems three birds are together still. (Meanwhile a couple of displays by bird not in focus, some of them right after the chase.) Then a display by a bird in focus. (Note: Can hear display started immediately upon takeoff.) First part: 4'-12" on 203 tape; second part [below]: on 139 tape.
While I changed tape reels, a bird displayed, then displayed again. I saw where it landed (other flight was from below road, to where it probably flew in a previous display, to above road). It then flew up to where I had previously been focused (and birds had been) and recording begins again here: one bird gives "ao" calls (= female) another (= male) gives ascending whistles; another bird gives "ao" in background. The male makes a display flight (display started immediately upon takeoff), circling back in open "U" which apparently put him near kthe backgrouns "ao" bird; the female in focus gave excited calls with the male's display. After two more displays (not recorded due traffic) the birds moved off to feed.
Later, I found where they were feeding and recorded some of their conversation; it was only two birds apparently again, that were feeding together. Then one (smaller and with tail disarranged (molt?)), followed shortly by the other (larger and the male?), flew in to the undergrowth on upper side of road and I lost them.

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