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Band-tailed Guan -- Penelope argyrotis More
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Paul A Schwartz
14 Apr 1970 at 05:45

  • Venezuela
  • Rancho Grande; km 21
  • 10.3666667   -67.6833333
  • 1050 meters
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Electro-Voice 650
  • Parabola 91.4cm (36in)
    Equipment Note

NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 57. Bulk reel: 382Weather: Fair. 203 tape.a) Ascending whistles, then a display. (All of bird in full view; see notes on separate sheet.) Quality: 2+. Level: +3.b) Whines by female, then display by male. Then conversation of feeding birds. Quality: 2, 2-3. Level: 0.Arrived 5:30 AM. First display heard @ ~ 5:32, way up hill. The first display heard by new bird was @ 5:05 AM and was somewhat to south of point B, from there to ~ point B. From here, @ 5:30, he made another display flight, circling back but not to starting point, rather it was in a fairly open "U"; (from B to A-1) before the display he gave some ascending whistles. Except for wing-drumming part, all flight was planing.Note: At time of first displays it was still quite dark; only @ 5:40 was the sky beginning to lighten a bit. However, even when "dark," when standing in the open the trees can be seen silhouetted against the sky.At 5:42 bird gave another display, almost exactly reversing the previous one, i.e., from A-1 back to B, except he didn't complete the leg of the "U" and then stepped out nearer the road and in a position where I could see him. He gave series whistles, then a display, ending the flight @ ~ A-1. I saw this quite well: just before the display flight the bird "crouched" or leaned forward, fanned out his tail, held this position for ~ 2 seconds and launched immediately into the wing drumming on takeoff. This was recorded. (This different from P. purpurascens which takes off 1-2 sec. before start wing-drum.About 2 minutes later made another display flight, reversing the previous one (coming back to point B, but this time a very shallow "U," not coming so far out to the road (not recorded).Shortly after, with the male giving ascending whistles at its position near B, a bird started calling "ao" from down near D-D. Then from vicinity of B, a bird (probably this male) gave a couple "ao" calls in answer and very shortly made a display flight in a straight line across the road to where the first "ao" calls came from near D-D, landing in a tall tree. From there, after some ascending whistles, he made another display flight to another tall tree, apparently "spanning over" the female's position.Recording part b) Whines by female and a display by male, back over female's position again (female gave vocal reaction to display) but I couldn't see where it landed. Apparently it was down near female, as two birds were soon seen feeding in the cecropias.General Note made 30/IV: When I returned from trip to Andes, the first morning out (28/III) I found the guans were not active in area shown in previous drawing as they had been when I left. Lots of displaying back toward building. It was fair, with moon, and displaying had alrleady begun @ 5:30 AM when I arrived. 29/IV was cloudy and displaying began later; all activity back toward building. Some birds heard calling in previous area, but no displaying.

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