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Paul A Schwartz
8 Jul 1969 at 05:32

  • Venezuela
  • Rancho Grande; Carretero ~ km 21+ (by 1972 markings EK-19-)
  • 10.3666667   -67.6833333
  • 1050 meters
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Electro-Voice 650
  • Parabola 91.4cm (36in)
    Equipment Note

NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 46. Bulk reel: 381Copy @ 3 3/4, N-IV to N-4.2, from orig. @ 7.5 on 139 tape.Weather: Light cloudy. First calls @ 5:32 AM. Apparently two birds calling "ao" in situation close to Cut 45. The first bird seemed to have slightly lower voice, the second, a higher voice. There were some brief "conflict" vocalizations before I started recording @ 5:37. After some time a second (third?) bird is heard (not all recording saved). Then apparently it gave a flight display and then there are heard some courtship growls. All the while one bird continued calling "ao." Then with a flight scream, it made a long flight from way up slope to down below, southwest of road to north where the "family group" just noticed two days ago. The other birds remained up the slope and there was some movement "originallly" back and forth across the angle but without crossing the road. Then from up in this position an odd "ao" type call is heard (one of the young birds?).~5:52 end ~ 6:00 AM. After this there were some conflict vocalizations and apparently there are more than two adult birds in this vicinity. Quality: 2-3. Level: 0. Note: 9/VII - No guan activity until 5:56, then only a little bit of "bother" calling. Yesterday became very foggy after I left area, then began raining; rained nearly all day. This may have affected the guan activity.'69 11/VII - same place, slightly foggy - no sound heard from 5:35 AM, except one "bother call" @ 6:05 AM, up to 6:15 AM. Nothing heard later.15/VII/69 - same place, clear fair - arrived 5:35 AM. First activity noted: flight scream @ 5:40. Then sporadic "ao" calling by a couple birds (last 3-4 days very foggy and rainy); one flight display @ 5:45 from where birds calling (all activity so far is below road); @ 5:50 - 5:52 one bird then was calling "ao" quietly, gave a "bother-flight scream," then from its new point, gave a flight display. No further activity after this.17/VII/69 - same place - cloudy - arrive 5:35 AM. First sounds @ 5:51: bird below road calls "ao" with occasional sharp bother calls. These stopped shortly after and no further vocal activity.18/VII/69 - same place - clear. No activity noted today.22/VII/69 - same place - bright cloudy. No activity noted 5:25 AM to 5:40 AM. Then a bird (A) started rapid and excited bother calling. Perhaps it saw another bird (B) nearer to me. When bird B, which was nearer to me than A, began calling "ao," bird A flew over to the position of bird B, started calling and remained there calling. This part was recorded and is Cut 47). This was then apparently a territorial situation. A few minutes later a bird "planed" from this position across the clearing and shortly after another bird also planed across. No flight displays heard all morning.(see note of 23/VII/69, following Cut 23 of P. purpurascens)

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