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Spix's Guan (Grant's) -- Penelope jacquacu granti More
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Paul A Schwartz
23 Jun 1973 at 05:30

  • Venezuela
  • about 4 km. along road of 'El Refumbo', about 8km west of La Adjuntas road to Paso Caruachi.
  • 230 meters
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  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Electro-Voice 650
  • Parabola 91.4cm (36in)
    Equipment Note

NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 32. Bulk reel: 374; wing whir. Weather more or less cloudy. a)Some quiet whistles, then about two minutes edited out (during this interval, 2 distant displays heard), then more quiet whistles by one bird and quiet series whistles by the other, then came a display by one of these birds. After this a call or two and some very quiet whistles (birds now probably out of focus.) Cut length: 1'52". Quality: 1-2. Level: +3. Parabola: 36". Then after about one and a half minutes (not sure), I pointed reflector in opposite direction, where a bird was calling. OJO!! -> Then, added some flight sounds. Length: 5'7". Quality: 1-2. Level: +3. [the rest of the notes are on the next separate page:] *Lots of crowing* in this site but I was busy with other work and couldn't record it. There was no crowing in the AM or PM of 24June. Note re Cut 32 and general area: AM (dawn) of 21June1973 I observed displays and crows of this species but was not set up to record them. I noted that the display consists of a *short* first section (3-5 beats) and a long second section. This is apparently typical for this species to judge from the previous recordings. At dawn of 22June, a display (at the time of this display was a vocal reaction by the other [illegible word] very similar to that of P. argyrotis.) occurred earlier than I expected and in a somewhat different place. After that I focussed on the pair of bids closest at hand (the presumed male of which had given the near display). Some very quiet whistles were hear, etc. as indicated in Cut. [double horizontal lines separate the above text from the following:] After the flight sounds, comes some recording of more or less "courtship growls" (by 2 birds?!?) and other calls; then a flight scream. [the following text appears to be a continuation of notes for Cut 32:] 24Jun1973 approximately the same place b)First display heard a little before 5:10AM (dark, fair, half-moon) but not recorded. Then display recorded but bird not close or in focus; typical in form (at 5:18AM). Then another display at about 5:20; then another display. Then added some apparent "courtship grunting".* Note: On 25June the guans did not display in the area of my camp nor were they in evidence [text disappears here.] Length: 1'7". Quality: 2. Level: +3. Tape speed still 3.75ips. 203 tape.

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