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Venezuelan Wood-Quail -- Odontophorus columbianus More
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Paul A Schwartz
6 Apr 1974 at 00:00

  • Venezuela
  • Rancho Grande
  • 10.3666667   -67.6833333
  • Mono
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NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 13. Bulk reel: 219; Extra cut(s) on bulk reel: 220; Extra cut length: :30Nest study.Nagra IV-S recorder. Left channel Sennheiser 405 #7531; right channel Senn. 405 #4447. 36" parabola pointed at nest (from position west of blind). 24" parabola pointed beyond east end of flat area. 200 tape.a) 6:42. Weather: Clear. Some "series purr" calls, very faint. It sounds as if two birds were giving these (two Odontophorus or one Odontophorus and one Trogon ??). Copied from left channel (sound was equally faint in both channels). Quality: 3. 6:43 - Bother (conflict, alarm) vocalization probably by male. Copied from left channel (was equally loud on right channel). (~ 2" blank represents ~ 35" of recording eliminated. Quality: 3.More of same. ( 2" blank ~/= 60" elim.) Quality: 3.6:45 to 6:49 - Faint "series purr" calls; then one louder one (did the male move closer toward nest and therefore left channel influence? Or were there two birds? If so, the fainter one is not heard again after the louder one.) After this louder call by the male, the female replies from inside nest with a "burry purr" call and only moments later emerges; "crashing" sounds as female tosses leaves, and various whistles by her; at same time male continues the "series purr" calls. Then, apparently in response to a "rally call" by male (very faintly heard) the female walks rapidly up through stage giving "meeting calls." Then both birds heard in "meeting conversation." The recording changes from left to right channel as in moving away the birds passed from the influence of one to the other.Quality 3 throughout. b) Weather: Cloudy bright. Return of female to nest, accompanied by male who remained in vicinity ~ east of Point B.Left channel = female returning to nest; enters nest ~ 55" after start of recording and is silent after that. Right channel = male. The continuation of male's vocalizations are copied from the original right channel @ 3 3/4 on 200 tape std. equal. (on N-4.2). 7.5 ips. Stereo. LN.Quality: 3, level: +5. 3.75 ips. Std.Left microphone pointed toward middle of stage (from point west of blind). Right microphone pointed toward mid-south side of flat area; by line of focus it also pointed to ~ east of Point 3.

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