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Paul A Schwartz
Jun 1968 at 00:00

  • Venezuela
  • Rancho Grande; km 35+
  • 10.3666667   -67.6833333
  • 500 meters
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Electro-Voice 650
  • Parabola 91.4cm (36in)
    Equipment Note

NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut #15. Bulk reel #205. a) 24 June 1968; 0525hr. Arrived ~ 5:10 AM. Started recording at 5:15 AM. The first sign of activity was a display at 5:25 AM (in Ciccaba virgata Cut 17) but as I was preparing some other equipment I wasn't aware from where it came. About 4' later I heard the flight of a large bird but couldn't locate it. About 2' later two guans flew (with a similar sound) from near top of the middle ridge to about Point A on the west ridge. This flight sound is saved for what future worth it may have. Except for some quiet whines and calls (barely audible and not saved), which may have come from this area, no other guan activity was AM, started recording 5:15 AM. The first activity noted was a display at ~5:25 AM, over on the other side of the west ridge. Due to passing traffic the recorder was off then. The next was a display at ~5:45 AM, from about point A (recorded but the parabola was pointed down the ravine); then ~ 1' later one bird flew from B to A, just as the two had yesterday. Then about 5' later, soft calls from A, i.e. position of second wing-whirr and to where other bird flew. Quality: 2. Level: +12. Quality: 2-3. Level: +12. c) Weather: Fair. The first activity today was a display at ~5:30 AM and way up ~ at junction of west and middle ridges. (This appears in Crypturellus soui Cut 18.) About 4' later there was another display (recorded), ~ same place. Quality: 2-3. Level: +12. Then ~ 3 [' or "] later (intervals not saved) another (recorded, traffic noise) during which are also heard several calls. Quality: 3. Level: +12. During the second display a bird calls loudly (but not "screams") several times and the sound seems to move "out of focus", the same as the "wing whirr." I don't know if it was made by the displaying bird or by another (a female?) following after. Then are some "grunt-growl" calls. I then played back this last display three times and another display is then recorded. Quality: 3. Level: +12. This display is more "out of focus" than the preceding one. Perhaps the bird had already started to move down the middle ridge toward me, although I have no indication that it was reacting to the playback (it was so far up, I doubt if it could even have heard it). Nevertheless, about 2' later one bird flew across the ravine from B to A, just as it had yesterday and was followed by another bird which sailed across but then curved away and didn't land at A but rather in another tree ~ 100 m. to north and a bit lower on the west ridge. This bird then made its way to a bare branch where it was in full view. then the good display recording follows with the following flight; then the subsequent flight back across the ravine. Quality: 1-2. Level: +10. After about 2', during which time it was silent, it took off sailing and after ~ 2" started a display. I could not see that it did anything unusual (it was still not too light) except to beat its wings faster, more energetically. After the display, which started in a direction to the right of me, the bird planed and curved toward me, then passed to my left, flying to gain elevation to land in tree up on middle slope (at or near spot B). I played the last display several times, then pointed the parabola up in a direction a little out from middle ridge. After several minutes the bird flew (no display) back across the ravine to ~ point A. the some soft calls, then "grunt-growls" from the place where the two birds are probably now together (~/= spot A). These sounds are made by two birds, probably the female and the male.
Repeated playback of the "good display" brought no apparent reaction and after a while one bird sailed and flew to north along the west ridge and down the valley out of sight. d) 27 June 1968. Weather: Cloudy, fair. First activity today was a display fairly to north on west ridge at ~5:30 AM. At ~5:35 AM a (= one) bird again flew from B to A, as on all last mornings. About 1' later the voices of both birds heard as yesterday (not saved). There was no further display and repeated playback of the field tape made from "good display" brought no apparent reaction. Quality: 3. Level: +10.

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