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Paul A Schwartz
1 Mar 1974 at 07:25

  • Venezuela
  • Rancho Grande; km 20.5
  • 10.3666667   -67.6833333
  • 1070 meters
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Sennheiser MKH 405
  • Parabola 91.4cm (36in)
    Equipment Note

NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 15. Bulk reel:
Weather: Fair. Natural song. Bird on ground. A few minutes earlier it had been closer but while I was setting up the equipment it began to move slowly away. Quality: 2+. Level: +3. 203 tape. LN.
Note: In the third phrase this bird slurs together the normally separate second and third figures of the final motif (which, incidentally is not given with the first and fourth phrases). Notice also a slightly different accenting of initial motif by this bird.
Within what is the probable territory of this bird there is a nest just beyond the concrete bridge. So far it appears to be just a conglomeration of small branches and green leaves on top of a small vine tangle in a tree just up the slope from the road. The nest is thus @ the vegetation "edge."
4/III Bird sang during the pre-dawn period ~100-150 m down the slope in the ravine of the concrete bridge. The nest appears to be more "organized."
5/III During pre-dawn and dawn bird sang up the slope in the ravine of the concrete bridge. Later it moved some 100m toward the E (which is direction away from the nest site) and then was not heard again while I was in the area.
6/III Bird @ more or less same place during pre-dawn as on 4/III.
10/III Bird up slope but closer to nest site than on 5/III.
13/III Bird up slope, almost directly uphill from nest site.
14/III Bird was down the slope in the ravine of the bridge during the pre-dawn/dawn period; it was on E. side of ravine (nest site is to W of ravine). @ 0720hr it was singing a short distance farther E (@ same time I could hear bird singing down in the general vicinity of km 23); ~ five minutes later it had moved even farther E, apparently singing as it walks along ground. (Several times I have seen the bird singing while standing or slowly walking along on the ground).
16/III 0530hr bird was singing in ravine below the concrete bridge. (cf. note under Cut 16)
18/III The km 20.5 bird was not heard to sing @ dawn today. A bird did sing in pre-dawn @ ca. pt. C but I feel pretty sure this was the Km 23 bird.
NOTES CONT'D ON SEPARATE SHEET, beg. 22/III/74. [Unable to locate - AF]

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