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American Pipit -- Anthus rubescens More
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Lapland Longspur -- Calcarius lapponicus
crow/raven sp. -- Corvus sp.

Donald R Gunn
2 Jul 1961 at 09:30

  • Canada
  • Baffin Island; Frobisher Bay
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NOTES: Nagra 3; 24" reflector. Songs: at rest and in flight. R/F/F/F/R R/F/F/Raven R (long)/R/R/ F/comments.
LNS: The subject of this recording was changed from Anthus spinoletta to A. rubescens to reflect current taxonomy. -Matt Medler, 31 March 2010.
[A long recording with many parts. This appears to represent mostly song, with both typical Song elements and those sounding similar to the "Tail-up" Call described in BNA, but also one complete "Tail-up" Call. The first part may begin with a true "Tail-up" Call, possibly grading into a brief song (0:16-0:22), but this is followed by a Flight Song (0:36-1:05, including some elements apparently typical of "Tail-up" Call); the second part contains a complete song, but with the beginning overlapping that of a longspur or bunting; the third part contains a decapitated song that began with "Tail-up" elements (1:31-1:34) followed by Song elements (1:34-1:57); the fourth part appeared to represent a decapitated "Tail-up" Call; the fifth, sixth, and seventh parts were decapitated songs, the one in the sixth part beginning with "Tail-up" elements and the seventh having some of these elements embedded (2:57-2:59); the eighth part contains the BEST complete song that I found (though with some handling noise; 3:26-4:37); I believe the ninth part was a complete "Tail-up" Call; the tenth part had just a few notes; the last part was a song that combined elements typical of both Song and the "Tail-up" Call. Quality changed from 2-3 to 2-3, 2 (signal good in part, but with some handling noise and most of the vocalizations decapitated) - CAM - 16 December 2004]

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