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Russet-backed Oropendola (Green-billed) -- Psarocolius angustifrons oleagineus More
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Paul A Schwartz
29 Mar 1973 at 00:00

  • Venezuela
  • Rancho Grande; km 25.5 (old) (= 23- new)
  • 10.3666667   -67.6833333
  • 990 meters
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Sennheiser MKH 405
  • Parabola 91.4cm (36in)
    Equipment Note

NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 11. Bulk reel: 86; Extra cut(s) on bulk reel: 87; Extra cut length: 2:26Although I have been in this area almost daily for the past month, I had noticed no building activity until today; there were nests present but either they were from last year or had been started earlier this year and activity discontinued. In any case, construction is now going on, using the existing nests as a start in some cases.*I was absent 28/3, so could have begun then. Also, may have started before and I didn't' notice but I do recall a week previous being surprised that I had noticed no activity and there were nests (old) present.The same note applies to the colony by the "little house" at old km 28 and apparently it is true that these birds have just begun to build. (Note made 30/3/73.)a) 6:30 AM. Song by "the" male: two different song types. Quality: 1. Level: +3. 139 tape.b) 7:25 AM. A later song session (now 203 tape LN eq.). Song ~ similar to 2nd of a). Bird in tree near nest colony; then over on nest colony. Quality: 1. Level: +3. 203 tape.c) 7:36 AM. A later session; slightly different song. Quality: 1. Level: +3. 203 tape.Then again a slightly later time and different song session. Male had, in the interim, left then returned. (Voice notes on tape re: almost complete lack of wing action during song. A later observation of this male indicates that he bows forward during the song and with the final (and loudest) note he raises the wings slightly but not above the plane of his body. 7:54 AM. Then another later session. Quality: 1. Level: +3.Then another session; song is quite different. Quality: 1. Level: +3. 203 tape.d) 2/4/73. ~ 6:35 AM. Thin fog. Birds' first appearance at colony at 6:30 AM. Only a brief song ssession; not recorded. Quality: 1. Level: +3.This is the next session. Then a later session; song is ~ same. After only a few songs, the male apparently heard a female's soliciting call in a tree ~ 20 m. away and flew over there. He mounted female numerous times before finally effecting successful copulation. Female's position: body on angle, head lower than rump and tail angled upward even more. On exposed branch of cecropia. Quality: 1. Level: +3. 203 tape.

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