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Andean Pygmy-Owl -- Glaucidium jardinii More
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Paul A Schwartz
Mar 1971 at 00:00

  • Venezuela
  • Páramo Zumbador
  • 8.0   -72.0833333
  • 2530 meters
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Sennheiser MKH 405
  • Parabola 91.4cm (36in)
    Equipment Note

NOTES: Neotropical Institute Cut # 4. Bulk reel: 63. 203 tape.
a) 7 Mar 1971. 8:30 AM. Weather: Cloudy. Two "alternate" songs with one-figure succession terminations.Quality: 2. Level: +3.
The previous day I heard a bird singing the alternate song several times in the early morning. Today one sang the alternate song with one-figure succession termination, but from all I heard, sang it only once. I therefore played a field loop with alternate song and this bird responded. However, after much playback, the bird left the area. (Note: there was apparently playback between the first and second recorded phrases for the bird sings more rapidly in the second.)
b) 3:00 PM. Weather: Mountain cloudy. One-figure succession song. Quality: 2. Level: +3.
One alternate song with one-figure succession song termination. Quality: 2. Level: +3.
More one-figure succession. Quality: 1-2. Level: +5.
Playback: bird reacted to both alternate song and one-figure succession, flying back and forth equally for either one. Then ~ 30 minutes later, during which time I was preparing for some G. brasilianum playback (and during which time the owl sang two or three times the alternate song with one-figure succession termation), I tried playback first of G. brasilianum alternate song: NO reaction to this. I then played what I had recorded of 4b and G. jardinii: NO reaction noticed. Then played one-figure succession of G. brasilianum twice through: NO reaction. Then played field tape of G. jardinii; first played the one-figure succession, 2x: first time brought no reaction; second time bird responded with one-figure succession but didn't chang position or fly back and forth; then tried repeated times G. jardinii alternate song and one-note succession and at no time did bird fly back and forth but on one other occasion sang one-note succession. (No physical reaction to either but vocal reaction only to G. jardinii.)
Then after ~ 20 minutes silence, with bird always in view on same perch, I tried playing the one-figure succession of G. brasilianum, watching the bird, which immediately became tense, defecated, and in ~ 20" bird zoomed down over me in a usual pass flight. Then played alternate song of G. jardinii and bird passed back up over me; then one-figure song of G. jardinii and bird made pass back down again. Then tried one-figure of G. jardinii: no visible reaction; then alternate song of G. jardinii and did change position with this.
c) 8 Mar 1971. 6:40 AM. One alternate song with one-figure succession termation given naturally and recorded incidentally. (This "phrase" seems to constitute the normal alternate song. The phrase was given only once each time. Several others similar were heard but recorded too poorly to save. (I was working on Penelope montagnii and so couldn't concentrate on the owl.) (On two occasions the bird also gave short phrases of just one-figure succession song.)

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