Sharing Recordings
ML 527389

Link to the Website Recordings

  1. The full specimen record: <a href=''></a>

  2. A spectrogram, for analysis of the audio:

  3. A media player, with minimal data and citation:

Embedding Macaulay Library Website Recordings

  1. Create a player in an iframe, for ML 527389 in your webpage. To adjust the size, use the url in step 3 above, and set the iframe width about 30 pixels larger:
    <iframe width='350' height='220' src='' frameborder='1' allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. Embed the spectrogram player for ML 527389 on your webpage.
    <iframe style='width:100%' width='800' height='380' src='' frameborder='1' allowfullscreen></iframe>

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