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Pine Siskin -- Spinus pinus

Paul C Mundinger
24 Aug 1968 at 08:05

  • United States
    New York
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  • "recorded onto 3 1/4" reel on a Craig." microphone unidentified.

Data on paper forms available as PDF. No changes to this tape's runtime were made during archival. The only edits I made were changes in amplitude. mf Location of recording unknown, but probably at IRAB. Recording hunger location calls of young handreared goldfinch. Counter 0 = 0:04 from beginning of ML specimen: "The 24th of August and I'm going to be recording the hunger location of the young goldfinch..." Counter 68 = 1:52 from beginning: "The date in now September 16th, '69. Have a new bird here...this is recordings of the hunger location of bird that I've handreared..." Counter 158 = 4:45 from beginning: "...and I'm down by the sound chamber with the sibling of the bird I just recorded...I want it to be an isolate..." At 6:51 from beginning: "It's now 6pm..." still trying to record the same bird. At 8:21 from beginning: "This is September 19th in the morning 8 o'clock..." Counter 257 = 11:52 from beginning: "September 19 and it's 4:20 and I'm with the hand-reared bird, the one that has nutritional deficiency..." At 14:07 from beginning: "Okay it's now Tuesday September 24th I believe..." At 17:37 from beginning: "...on Wednesday September 20...I think this is the 24th." Counter 637 = 27:17 from beginning: "Okay it's the 25th in the morning..." Side A ends at 34:53 from beginning. Data on paper end with the end of Side A. Side B (very few vocalizations on this side) begins immediately after: "Begin Side 2 of the recording of the last remaining American Goldfinch nestling...September 26th...The bird is also giving courtship-type vocalizations..." At 38:00 from beginning of ML specimen: "Okay now it's Sunday the 27th..." At 45:21 from beginning: It's September 30th...

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