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Paul C Mundinger
14 Mar 1969

  • United States
    New York
    Bronx County
  • Bronx Zoo. Institute for Research in Animal Behavior (IRAB) facility
  • 40.8511278   -73.8720542
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
    Equipment Note
  • Wollensak recorder and microphone.

Data on paper forms available as PDF. This recording contains all of the audio recorded on tape 69-12, Side 1 and Side 2. Mundinger wrote down Wollensak counter numbers in reference to what was happening on tape. The only edits I made were changes in amplitude. mf Recordings and observations of hierarchies of Rockefeller flock. Counter number 0 = 0:09 from beginning of specimen: "Begin March 14 12:15..." Counter 30 = 0:34 from beginning: "It's now almost 1:15..." Counter 31-99 = 1:35-4:11 from beginning: vocs from orange yellow male, orange orange out of view but audible. Counter 99 = 4:11 from beginning: recordist's voice announcement. Counter number 117 = 4:56 from beginning: vocs from orange yellow male, orange orange now visible and audible. Counter 201 = 7:39 from beginning: "Now I'm going to take orange yellow out and replace him with orange orange." Counters 220-311 = 8:38-11:23 from beginning: vocs from orange orange with orange yellow audible but not visible. Counter 311 = 11:23 from beginning: recordist's voice announcement. Counter 352 =? 12:01 from beginning: "I'm now going to open the door [so orange orange can get accustomed to situation] before I put orange yellow in front to be seen and heard..." Counter 440 = 14:41 from beginning: "Okay red red is now visible and audible [to orange orange]..." Counter 560 =? 17:00 from beginning: "Now I'm going to stop...I'm going to see if I can record anymore flight calls by orange orange" in close contact with red red. Side 1 ends at 17:40 from beginning. ` CONTINUED ON SIDE 2: Counter number 13 = 18:10 from beginning of specimen: "These are still more recordings of orange orange after having taken red and putting it out here as decoy..." Counter 64 = 20:17 from beginning: "Blue is going to be visible..." Counter 174 = 24:00 from beginning: "Okay orange yellow is going in...stimulated by blue who can be heard only." Counter 227 = 26:18 from beginning: "No flight calls during that five minute period, none recorded, possibly one given." Counter 277 = 27:45 from beginning: info about 5-minute period during which red red was seen and heard. At 35:04 from beginning of specimen, recordist changed from 7.5ips to 3.75ips.

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