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Black-crowned Pitta -- Erythropitta ussheri More
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Human Imitiation




Justin M Hite
9 Jul 2012 at 16:00

  • Malaysia
  • Tawau Hills Park
  • 4.4020498   117.8881213
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
  • 44.1kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Recorded using an iPhone.

Recordist's note: "It was late afternoon and McKenna and I had heard a P. ussheri singing its usual song from a thickety marsh area. We got in really close and McKenna started whistling back to the bird. All of a sudden the bird started responding with the "bedroom song". It wasn't moving from inside the thicket so I spent the next ten minutes or so on my belly crawling in there so I could get my phone close enough to record. In the recording you can hear the bedroom song over and over, and at times the normal song, and at times I think they're coming at the same time which would indicate that there are two birds. The normal song could be McKenna whistling, but I don't think it is, it sounds too good even for her whistles. I ended up watching a single adult perched about 2' off the ground singing the bedroom song, but there was a second Pitta in there that I flushed that I never saw well enough.

Based on the way the whistles later in the recording (around 2:26, 3:25, 4:53 etc.) look in Raven (when people whistle it wavers much more than when pittas do), and the fact that they are much farther away, I believe that they are a pitta and not McKenna."

The recordist refers to this call as the "bedroom song" because he believed the pitta might have been involved in a courtship or pair bond situation when it was giving the call, but this was just speculation. When he refers to "bedroom song" in the notes, he is referring to the call.

A person can be heard whistling an imitation of the bird during it's second call, about 12 seconds into the un-edited recording.

LNS note: This recording was originally an .m4a file. It was converted to a .wav file in iTunes. This copy was used for archiving. (18Dec2012, BMW)

LNS note: The breaks in this otherwise continuous recording are moments where the recordist was crawling closer to the bird. (18Dec2012, BMW)

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