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Village sounds  








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Zeb Hogan, Unidentified fisherman  







Fishing discussion, including Michael Sullivan.  

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Village evening ambiance  







Includes a prominent insect sound.  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
11 Nov 2005

  • Cambodia
    Kâmpóng Cham
  • Unidentified village on the Mekong River
  • 11.98218   105.46829
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 20
    Equipment Note
  • 2X Sennheiser MKH 20

Mekong River trip with Zeb

TAPE 5 (in the village on the mekong)

SPACED OMNIS no decoding

00:00:52 - 00:01:15 --> Bells into 2 loug cow grunts

00:05:34 - 00:06:50 --> Cows rinsing off in Mekong River/ kids and scooter in background -actually good thru 711

00:11:30 - 00:12:30 -- > Walking through village

1640 z -where did he catch the fish

Mekong Man (MM) ¿.1702 he caught the giant catfish at 8am on nov 8

Z -how did catch it

MM -1729 he have some workman on boat and catch with him

Z -2 boats or 1 boat

MM -2 boats

Z -does he fish like that all time

MM -

Talk with fisherman

Use many kind of equipment 1841

First time for him to catch gcatfish

1859 new spot?

1910 same place

z- why fish there?

1954 this is only one place everyone goes to fish

Z -deep or shallow

Mm -deep area

Zz -people take turns

Mm -yes people take turns many fisherman so have to take turn

Z -always a lot of fisherman

Mm -depends on season

Z -what season good time to catch fish

MM -small fish in dec and jan

Z -what about big fish

MM -in dec

Z -they said they catch mud carp, tre prool, and whatelse

2242 MM lists the fish he catches

Z -crolon and prool mud carps

Z -how does he know fish he catches here come from TS

2315 he knows from others

Z -who told him

Mm -the people around here

Z -what about the giant catfish where come from

MM -2354 he said he doesn't know it is his first time

Z -is this year good fishing this year?

2422 Mm - he said maybe the same amount like last year

Z -what did he think -what happen when catch giant fish

2522 Mm -he said that he knew he catch a big fish bc the fish pull it try to pull it try to run away

Z -did it jump from the water what did he see

2546 mm -didn't see anything

Z -so how did he know?

Mm 2611 it was in net and when tried to pull net up then fish pulled fish back

Z -so diff to pull net in or not so hard

Mm -2658 diff to ull it but tried to pull fish mouth and pull it in front of his house.

Z -so he pulled net and then after pull net then>

Mm -2743 he tried to pull back down and fish stomach to surface and then tied fish mouth

Z -did it fight a lot or not so strong?

Mm -at first time fish try fighting but when upside down couldn't fight so well

Z -was net moving or in place

Mm -2913 net was moving

Z -was moving downstream or upstream

Mm -2936 he said he doesn't know

Z -so normally fish that he catches swimming upstream or downstream

Mm -3053 -he said for the giant catfish not sure but for other kind of fish it moves in same way ts to tonle Mekong

Z -has he ever heard of giant catfish before

3140 mm -he said that he used to see gcatfish he heard and then he saw the gcatfish before and before there are many catfish and it was decreased since pol pot regime.

Z -when did he see a lot

Mm -during 69 -1970 ¿ they saw a lot but the gcatfish fishing not allowed

Z -but still caught them -how did he see them when he said they saw a lot

Mm -3322 -he said by fishing and maybe he can see the gcatfish around a few gcatfish every year

Z -and that was 30 yrs ago

Mm -yes

Z -when did they disappear

Mm 3424 -after the pol pot regime they never see the gcatfish and now is 2nd time he see gcatfish

Z -what happened during pp regime to make it disappear

Mm -he doesn't know that also but knows from that time never seen giant catfish

Z -was this first time for children to see it

Mm 3533 yes

Z -do people think special ffish or normal fish

Mm -yes he think it is special

Z -why

Mm -3632 yes they are ?? together to have a gc bc this is a new kind of fish that never know before they think very surprised size fish but for him not surprised just for new species not size bc he used to catch the orrian?corrian fish big fish also

Z -can he still catch orian fish

Mm - 3729 he saw the corrian fish when he was young in last 10 yrs around 3 giant barbs -gorian fish

Z -when young he saw the giant barb but last 10 yrs didn't see what is biggest giant barb he saw

Mm - 3817 19kg

Z -about 200 lbs but now gone does anyone catch anymore

Mm -never now

Z -why does it disappear

Mm -he isn't sure

Z -what about giant sting ray try baibell

Mm -3944 he just see only the baybel fish 10 lbs

Z -so nobody here ever catches giant stng ray

Mm -he saw the giant sting ray

Z -how long

Mm -he saw 2 bbell (sting ray) in last 2 yrs saw 2 boibai fish 150 and other 200 kg

Z -how were caught

Mm -bc at the time he used small boat only so can not get boibay fish so it escape¿.he used a net

4209 mm -he think both of the boibal fish one was female the other male POA says for me too when I catch one gcatfish we then catch another.. 2 fish at the same time

Z -a big trey b??

Mm -4306 he said he now he never sees this kind of fish and the reason we have decrease amount of fsh is bc of a lot of Vietnamese fishermen in tslake he estimate that the fish loss is 80%

Z -so he thinks these fish come from tslake how does he know?

Mm -4425 he know that it for a long time ago he know about it by the father and grandfather many long time ago people say fish come from tslake and everybody know about that

4459 Michael -why did you call zeb when you caught fish

4511 mm -he know that they we have a fish conservation by the tv appear and radio and he have called to kumpong chang ministry of fishery and min of fish called zeb

M -did you call bc of award

4623 z -we didn't pay market price for the fish we just gave them a reward¿normally if the fish was released alive previous to yesterday if it dead they would get a reward now we are no longer doing it

4710 mm -he know that he will have a reward so that is why he called to zeb

M -but now new policy¿..if he caught same fish same phone call

Mm -4750 he said he will call again if he can catch another catfish bc he is afraid of illegal -he is afraid of that

M -does he think there are other catfish that other won't be scared and can just sell it¿a big fish is worth money

Mm -4912 they said maybe never call min of fish bc they believe that in this area the people will not eat the gcatfish meat

Z -why don't they eat gc meat here

Mm -5000 they said maybe they are scared bc it is too big to eat

Z -I heard that a little like a person

Mm -he said yes he is scared bc it is too big

Z -what scares me is the eyes they have v big eyes¿explain a little bit re. fisherman get reward¿.but since yesterday fisheries no longer get reward now fisherman needs to get a reward he needs to release it we still would like to get tags from fish but no more soon as catch it then release so I can record info for my research

Mm -5336 yes they are willing to contact you
Panora said -he want them to contact us when they can catch the gcatfish and they want your tel number

Z -now when we go around to people around Cambodia and tell them about protecting fish

Mm -yes he understands

5510 willy -good omen or bad omen or no feeling lucky or unlucky

5519 mm -5549 he thinks a good thing lucky to catch it he never catch before so that why a good thing to catch giant catfish

Willy -has it brought you good luck since you got it

Mm -5610 -laughter¿..woman's voice 5925 it is good luck that we can catch it and release it in order to keep rare fish

Willy -would have been better luck had lived

Mm -5654 he said maybe not yet

NAME -Ishmaale all written in notebook

Ages and sting ray name being written in notebook -not on tape


5843 10000 ambi in room -people and baby crying

This is Kampong Cham PROVINCE

Nighttime ambi 10348

11043 - 11240 night time ambi

11342 END OF DAT

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