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Pour ?, Michael Sullivan  







Fishing discussion. Includes comments by Zeb Hogan.  

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Zeb Hogan, Michael Sullivan  







Fishing discussion. Includes fishing sounds and local people.  

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Zeb Hogan, Michael Sullivan  







Fishing discussion with local family, including Pia.  

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Zeb Hogan, Michael Sullivan  







Fishing discussion.  

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Scooter trip sounds  








NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
9 Nov 2005

  • Cambodia
    Phnum Pénh
  • Phnom Penh
  • 11.5710362   104.9299908
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 20
    Equipment Note
  • 2X Sennheiser MKH 20



On boat talking with Pour

P -workers come from 200 kilometers -come every year for fishing season -we have now so many new comers¿..most of them -talk of salary¿not total salary goes to the house

225 p -(we have been fishing here ) for around one month -not so good¿but we still wait for others next month.

Ms -but you could still end up having a good year

P -I hope so

MS -what do you think

P -according to my father -he doesn't hope so much. He don't think this year will have a good catching like last year. (MS -did he tell you why?) it start at the beginning. We have no fish. Normally it - (MS -why) bc according to that time we catch more fish and for this year, not only hear but everywhere it is just catch the same amount like last year so I thnk maybe he thinks that the fish maybe decrease many catching in tonle sap lake -there are many fishing there so the fish can not come

Ms ¿let's go empty some nets

4:02 P -do you want to see the nets?

4:17 -P -it is too small -we can use my boat (talk in Khmer)

4:39 -P -every 2 or 3 hrs we check our nets¿'s only been one hour. Normally we wait 2 hrs. maybe we wait we have more fish but it's ok.

5:25 -zeb -so they pull up the net which is in the middle of the river and then bring the fish at the bottom of the boat and then they drop them here -

5:40 -P talk in Khmer

549 LOAD boat motor

615 talk in khmer and boat ambi

718 mic clicking

735 -931 boat ambi with zeb talking very off mic in the bg

938 boat stop people moving around (zeb -are you coming withus pour? They are going to lift net)

10:10 zeb -so the net is in front of us. It is a cone shaped net. The opening is about 300 feet in front of us. And the diameter is 100 feet in diameter, the opening, and then it tapers back to where we are right now. And underneath this boat where we are standing right now the basket that is attached to the end of that cone -that is where the fish -they all get pushed into the back of this cone into this basket 1040 now the fishermen are using a winch to pull the basket up I think about 60 feet and so they are winching the basket up right here. Whatever fish are inside they will empty into the boat that is right next to us and then go back to the floating house -put the fish underneath the floating house

1112 -ambi winch (very short bit you can hear)

Ms -zeb, what do you think happens here?

Zeb -what I do wish would happen is that they catch a 200 kilogram or 500 ound catfish that would be amazing. I have never been here when they have caught one. But that would be a show. I have never seen them actually pull up a large fish from the net. And also if they had a fish in the net it would mean that the fish would be in very good condition bc the net hasn't been fishing for that long - they pulled it up just an hour ago

1148 ambi -winch -cranking,ambi on boat - people talking in khmer off mic -dumping fish, shaking out net

1323 ms -zeb, it looks like you are a little out of luck.

Zeb -meager catch. So there -we have one catfish and a few small carps and a lot of trash. This catfish here is related to the giant catfish. There are 12 species of catfish that are very similar but grow to different sizes. This is a smaller species of fish.

Ms -so what will they do -they will bring the catfish and put it under their house in the water under their house and it will become big and fat and then they will sell it in the non fishing season

Zeb -yes

1402 good ambi -splashing water into hull of boat with fish -talk in khmer

1424 zeb -this is another species of catfish. This species can grow to 6 feet in length.

1432 ambi -water rushing through net

1500 boat going back to floating house

1541 zeb to pour -not so many fish -catfish -khmer name -chulang = ths one is

chrome fish pour -maybewe will keep it?

Zeb = why not mud carp?

Pour and zeb talking about the fish taking to market

1715 boat ambi on way back to house

1726 - motor stop and khmer talk getting off boat, clanking, talk, laughter

1903 nice water splash (and a lugie)

2035 more khmer talk

2300 cook woman chopping fish

2616 spaced omni stereo of fish being cut up and cleaned

2700 zeb talking to poura

Planning stuff

3200 getting in boats to visit dies with talking in bg

3255 good motor take off speeding

3324 zeb -so the net we were just at -the cage there -fish we put there catch and release -this is 2c the third net with medicate tank -we have best relationships with 2a and 2c so they let us keep all of our stuff here 3405 boat slow/get out

3433 get out of boat and introduce to people at this die

Sami introduce us to people at this die

Talking with baby -her grandson

3833 zeb -this is a tank where they put injured catfish -trying to do new things this year

Ms -giant catfish ICU

Zeb -yeah catfish icu - antibiotics, steroids, o2 pumps -don't know if it will work but recommended -smaller fish in there and they seemed happy. And this is floating so we can take it where we want. 3953

Zeb - This typically is the net that catches the most large fish -this net catches haf of the large fish -the lady and guy with big gold chain -have relationship with them -built up over time

Took 3 yrs to get them to write down what they are catching ¿.

4243 sami asking woman why she thinks this net is so productive -last yr they caught more fish -this year the same -maybe bc of rainfall, fullmoon -

Zeb -she misunderstood question

Ms -why they catch more fish here

Talk in khmer

4415 ms -does she have a fav lure?

4427 she doesn't know! (sami translate)

4451 how long have been here

More than 10 15? Yrs -in good place (transl with sami)

4531 zeb -sensitive to ask why these nets are good -they used to be sought after nets and commanded a high price .. bc they caught a lot of fish in gen and big fish¿.so if she tells you now -she is conditioned not to say that -

Ms -I am not telling you what is in here!

-Zeb -when I first came here she said same thing - oh this is normal we don't catch any big fish bc she doesn't want to talk about that (baby in bg) she didn't catch big fish this yr or last year but first yr 5 or 6

HER name is PIA 4650

Talking about finding small eared black eared catfish that make grunts -but they can't get it bc in big net and can't get that

Zeb -does she have any fish she can tag now

4744 - laughter -no fish bc of rain but the reason why -if raining they say it will be delayed ish in lake -but I don't buy it bc they don't come -peek catch should be this week -now until 17th -we should see increased catch

Ms -if we don't not going to happen

Zeb -so water festival -that is when the peak of when catch is so if they haven't caught these big fish by then water fest over then prob not going to catch and pattern for last 4 yrs -

m- and they are already worried

z -but in yrs past caught -really haven't caught anything -we have only tagged 3 fish this yr 4929 -by this time this year tagged 300 0 400 fish last yr wasn't good year bc we tag 13 species so we don't tag just big fish -also blk eared catfish -normally 20 30 a day

m so you are not just talking about fewer catfish you are talkingabout fewer large

z -fewer large fish -for them a giant fish is anything that is not bigger than a trey real. 3 or 4 lb fish is a large fish. In 3 or 4 months time they wonm't be catching anything larger than a lb -

5033 m -will real fish be down

Z -not necessarily and if that is the case they are in trouble -large fish go first and small fish after¿..

5053 z -this is a blk spot barb ¿

5102 swishing sound in basket

5146 z -I think she is showing us that she has no big fish I think she thinks we are suspicious that we aren't showing her anuthing ¿

5227 z -if the catch starts to increase you will get 50 up to 100 diff species in one net which you don't -you would never see in north am or Europe -it is great you look in these nets and like a museum¿doesn't happen in jan or feb - ¿..typicall y good time for a fish biologist to be¿. Yesterday was great -2 gc in one day doenst happen

5330 z -these are smaller catfish -all along in mekong -fairly common fish ¿.don't know that much about their migrations¿.

Does she want these fish out of nets -

Sami -she wants them for lunch

5433 -z -how are things going?

Sami -no fish.

And is he recording data

Sami - just half a kg -

Z -what does he do with those fish?

Sami - ??

Z -he records species¿.is he having any problems?

Sami -just about frequency of fish

Z -can we help him with that?

Plane goes by

Z -if he has problems tell him to tell us

Sami translates

Z -does he have a packet with tags

Sami -yes

Z -he knows how to tag fish

Sami last night I showed other people

Z -if they catch fish they can tag and photo it or put in cage or tank¿

5730 -z -ok we go to next net

5800 talking about before this boat -boat taxis

5907 z -before it stops raining can we go around diy and then back to 2D

5932 boat motor start up and waves

5948 -z -that is 2b, 2c, 2a -this is the bottom part of each net -opening of net is upstream..we caught some net or plants

10021 plastic bag

Rain is coming

10040 boat start up

Zeb talking in bg can't hear him well -no good describing nets -rafts with many anchors -constantly having to do maintaince¿.logs come down¿if lose net then loss of a lot of money -hard to recover from something like that¿about every half mile -fences trap -season coming in -flood plain area -block areas where water comes back into area

10310 boat

10323 water marks on houses¿.it gets at least up to bottom of houses every year -sometimes knee deep in houses usually for about a week

10357 boat slow down

Stop of DAT

10426 -ms and zeb talking about seasonal workers

10451 z -dangerous work -they drown -current deceptively fast -2 boys drowned last year. One this year. Pour's cousin died. ¿. the boys that drowned this year net above this one. 10545 and they say -I didn't believe this the first time -but that it is bad luck to catch gc every yr for last 3 yrs right after they catch gc someone from that net dies. I don'tknow what that happens - ¿¿ caught one a few wks ago and then someone drowned¿..10619 they are quite superstitious about it

M -tradition sometimes has a ¿..fact¿.

Z -well, yeah. Maybe they catch gc bc current flows very strong. But it is getting topoint now where I am getting nervous about catching gc¿.do we need to go to 2c sami?

10807 -getting off boat with load generator in back -street ambi

Ambi -catching scooter for lunch

11030 on scooter

Ambi -11115 -spaced omnis on scooter

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