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Evening ambient, Crickets, Water  








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Car horn  








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Walking in sand  








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Helicopter approach, landing, shut down  








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Sanjayan Muthulingam  







2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami research discussion  

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Helicopter start up, shut down  








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Helicopter start up, take off  








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Helicopter fly by  








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Helicopter approach, landing, shut down  








NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
28 Jan 2005

  • Sri Lanka
    Southern Province
  • Yala National Park, Yala Safari Game Lodge
  • 6.358806   81.519542
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Decoded MS Stereo to 1:17:06; Spaced Omni Stereo from 1:17:06 to end

Show: Sri Lanka/Tsunami
Engineer: Michael Schweppe
Date: 1/28/05

San = Sanjayan Muthulingam
PF = Prithiviraj "Pruthu" Fernando
Ravi = Ravi Corea
Tim = Tim Boucher
EA = Elizabeth Arnold
MS = Michael Schweppe

00:00 MS-OK, this is MS, this is Friday morning it's the 28th its dark its 6:10 getting down, see if I can get some ambi.

00:25 ambi-crickets

00:40 [starts in stereo] ambi-water, crickets

1:23 fx-moving mic

1:33 MS-alright, lets try this again

1:35 ambi-crickets, water

1:55 fx-metal clanking

2:07 fx-water splashing

2:39 man-[mumbles]

2:40 MS-morning

2:43 fx-people talking, moving mic

3:02 man-[mumble]

3:15 man- morning

3:27 MS-[cough, spit]

3:37 man-[unintelligible]

3:41 man-there's hardly anybody over there

3:43 ambi-truck idling

3:54 MS-OK, this is going to the lodge

3:57 ambi-truck

4:37 (man)-[unintelligible]

4:38 ambi-truck

5:22 fx-truck slows

5:24 ambi-truck

5:48 ambi-truck idle [new sound]

5:54 man-speaks in foreign language

5:56 man-morning

5:58 men-speak in foreign language

6:15 man-speaks foreign language

6:30 ambi-truck starts again

6:46 ambi--men speak foreign language under truck noise

7:57 ambi-birds and truck noise

8:54 fx-moving in truck

9:00 ambi-truck

9:16 men-speaking foreign language

9:34 men-speaking foreign language

9:46 ambi-truck, men speaking foreign language 14:08

14:09 fx-truck door slams

14:10 ambi-truck idle, men speaking foreign language

14:38 fx-horn

14:40 ambi-truck idle, movement (unloading?)

15:07 fx-horn

15:12 ambi-idle, unloading
15:37 fx-horn 3x

15:41 man-speaks in foreign language

15:42 EA-I don't know

15:45 MS-Umm

15:46 EA-where you gonna pull.. Where ever he goes, lets do it cause I don't, we don't have any loading up or loading down

15:52 MS-I, I understand

15:55 ambi-truck idle, pulling away

16:15 EA [unintelligible]

16:17 ambi-truck idle

16:40 man-[unintelligible]

16:41 fx-truck turned off, cuts out

16:47 man-speaks foreign language

16:49 fx-door slams

16:57 ambi-unloading

17:06 fx-things drop onto ground

17:20 ambi-people walking, bird calls

17:46 man-umm

17:48 people-bg talking, food being served? Slamming

18:11EA-OK, its fine, I'll see what I can get

18:12 MS-That worked

18:14 MS(?)-tsss

18:18 MS-See it goes, it goes, this is the vehicle [unintelligible] and I'll record you doing it, OK?
18:26 man-alright

18:37 man-[calls in the background, phone ringing]

18:40 ambi-footsteps, bg talking

19:11 MS-OK, we're at the helipad, its MS, I'm walking in the sand as you can hear

19:22 ambi-footsteps in sand, birds

19:42 fx-car passes

20:13 MS-OK, here is um some ambi from helipad location, levels cranked

20:26 ambi-wind, vehicles passing

20:36 fx-mics move

20:57 ambi-wind, birds

22:20 MS-Alright, lets see if we cant find something qu.. that's not quite this windy

22:24 ambi-wind, footsteps

22:52 MS - conversation

23:00 ambi-wind, birds

23:25 MS-still windy

23:31 EA and people-bg conversation

23:50 ambi-footsteps through brush

24:07 ambi-bg conversation


24:11MS-We're in MS a little bit, helicopter ambi , the helicopter arrives

24:19 ambi-wind, birds

24:31 ambi-bg conversation, wind, birds

25:20 MS-Take 4 or whatever the heck it is, I'm trying to get ambi for this place
25:24 ambi-birds, wind

26:06 fx-man speaks foreign language

26:10 ambi-birds, wind

27:55 fx-bg talking

28:00 ambi-birds, wind

28:37 fx-car passes

28:40 ambi-birds, wind

29:40 fx-footsteps

29:47 MS_- OK, the ocean is behind me know, just going to get anything here

29:58 ambi- ocean, wind,


30:07 ambi-birds, wind

30:51 man in radio-ah, the helicopter that's just coming round uh

30:01 ambi-wind

31:11 ambi-wind, people talking faintly

31:37 ambi-birds

31:48 ambi-helicopter approaches, drones faintly at first, wind

32:03 ambi-helicopter, start to hear rotors

33:06 ambi-helicopter starts to get fainter

33:20 ambi-helicopter gets louder

34:00 ambi-helicopter quite loud

34:33 ambi-helicopter quieter

34:50 ambi-helicopter idles
36:45 ambi-helicopter begins to turn off (??)

37:21 fx- horn

37:50 ambi-helicopter silence, bg birds

38:46 fx-tone

38:50 ambi-people talking very faint, wind, birds

39:49 man-how are you? Yes, pretty well

39:55ambi-people talking faintly, wind

40:12 man-what do you want me to do?

40:15 fx-footsteps

40:21 EA-Ravi, Ravi, Ravi,

40:22 man-what is it?

40:23 EA-- Who do you think you are? Donald Trump?

40:28 man-yeah, Donald trump, that's what you are

40:32 EA-we need a helicopter, OK, I get you the helicopter

40:36 ravi-yeah

40:37 MS-Hi Ravi, how are ya?

40:40 EA-ahh, we have none, but you need to look in¿ now.

40:44 man-in some sense claustrophobic.

40:50 MS-yeah I can peek in

40:51 EA - uh, the door

40:53 MS-Hi

40:54 man-hello

40:54 MS-hi question.
40:55 man-Just let me finish this and then we can talk, briefly

40:57 MS-yes, certainly

40:58 fx-loud noise

41:01 man-now this is your computer. Now where is the gentleman? He should know his baggage is gone. IS this, is this three things? Yes, OK

41:10 fx-moving things

41:19 man-now this is what I want to know first what is the purpose, so how much flying time is required and how much fuel should I take. That's what my requirement is. Otherwise it'll take time because I have to tell the gentleman

41:35 MS-- yeah

41:35 SAN (?)-- So we'll have that discussion in there.

41:37 MS-- OK

41:42 man-how many pas- people are going wi

41:44 man- four

41:46 man-what all equipment are you going to carry

41:49 man-if full, you will have equipment equaling to the passenger's weight more

41:54 EA-I am one of the 4. This is my equipment. The other 3 are not here.

42:00 man-[laughing] That's OK, but the equipment, I was talking about the weight of the equipment

42:02 EA-and Ravi

42:04 man-That's what I've got to calculate about the fuel and other things

42:05 EA-I know, I know

42:08 MS-Little recording equipment, a GPS,

42:11 man (RAVI?)-Small, small units. Not more than 2 pounds

42:15 MS-Well, a little more than that
42:16 man-what she's carrying?

42:17 EA-well, I'm a hundred and twenty pounds plus 15 more, call me a hundred and thirty five.

42:27 MS-Yeah, they're all pretty small, they're all substandard units

42:35 man-so they brought the stuff from villa villa I guess

42:40 MS-Its so funny. For years I calculated exactly per person

42:47 EA-and now its

42:48 MS-I don't know , no its not, [hard to make out talk about weight and planes]

42:58 EA-It looks like there's only 2 headsets

43:03 MS-There's three back there, and plug ins

43:05 EA-There are? There's plug ins?

43:07 SAN?-We were just going to have a briefing with the pilot, do you want to set up till then?

43:11 MS-Well

43:12 EA-We'd rather be here. Figuring this out.

43:15 MS-I need to ask him, if we can ask in a nice way

43:17 EA-Can you help ask him about this.

43:20 MS-Can I ask you a question now

43:21 men in unison-yes, oh yes, certainly

43:23 MS-I'm sorry to rush you.

43:24 men-no, no

43:25 MS-We want to plug in and record the conversation of them mapping the area with whatever they're doing, are those plugs we can just plug into then, or

43:33 man-for what?

43:34 MS-uh, for audio recording

43:35 EA-Instead of wearing the headphone and listening to what's being said, we want to record what's being said.

43:41 man-the pilot. No. By whom?

43:43 MS-um. The passengers?

43:44 EA-Whoever's¿ They're voice activated headsets, yes?

43:46 man-No. I have only two. One is for me, and one, any of you can use it. Yeah.

43:52 MS-And then you can't plug in the back?

43:56 MS and EA together-OK.

43:57 pilot-but its only between me and one person who your team leader, yeah?

43:59 MS-That'll work.

44:00 EA-Fine, but we wanna record that, so, OK?

44:03 pilot-OK, fine.

44:04 MS-So you have intercom jacks

44:06 pilot-I have. Either you can use it from there, the left one, that's one connected, the other two are not connected. Or even you can pull it back from there and it can be used, that's not a problem.

44:19 EA and MS-OK, that's great.

44:21 MS-Before you take off would I be able to test just to make sure it worked?

44:24 pilot-yes, yes, we can do that.

44:25 MS-Ok, great.

44:26 [hard to hear as Michael sets up]

44:33 SAN?-You are staying out here or coming in for the briefing?

44:38 EA-I'd rather have you check this out

44:39 MS-yeah, that's fine. I don't think I can check it out without him.

44:44 EA-I don't either. So let's check it out before we go to the meeting, and then we'll test it when we get back.

44:51 man-telephone doesn't work here? OK I am leaving my telephone here then.

45:04 EA-he said the jack on the left is the one that works.

45:06 ms-yea


45:21 man-speaks foreign language, echoey

45:30 man-hello

45:31 another man-Sanjayan, have a seat

45:33 man-how are you

45:34 SAN-I'm fine

45:35 man-good flight

45:36 SAN-yeah, fine

45:38 man-the weather's gonna hold?

45:39 SAN-should be

45:49 man-so, did, uh, Ravi get a chance to brief you or should we maybe do it here? Would this be a good place?

45:55 man-no, no, no briefing at all

45:57 pilot-this would be a good place to answer questions and then have you give us some suggestions. Ummm. Here.

46:15 SAN OK, so what we want to fly the coastline roughly from um, well, were here, so lets say, this is fine, starting from, lets say starting from this old Dutch fort, this place, or here is fine, and then fly the coast up to about Panama,

46:37 man-Panama?

46:38 SAN-Panama

46: 39 another man-[unintelligible]

46:41 SAN-Or here, that's fine

46:42 man-Or we can do a little bit more

46:43 SAN-a little bit out of the park would be fine.

46:44 man-ok, yeah, ok fine.

46:45 man-listen, listen Sanjayan, on the furthest most point here, is Mala Mala (?) so I think we should take them there.

46:52 SAN-lets do that on the way back. Yeah, lets just do this, because I want to do one place carefully first, which is the place I know, and then we have the image of what we're looking for, and we can do as much as we want. And we've got to number it in this way, so we can do this, and then on the way back we can hit anything we missed. And what we'd like, what we're trying to do here is we're trying to map the extent of inundation in certain kinds of habitats and we've gone on the ground and seen what that looks like, of course, seeing it from the air, we hope we'll be able to identify, but at least for the first time, it'll take a little bit of time. These places where I've put a mark, are place where I expect there to be inundation, usually because there's a bay , for example this is a place where we went and spent two days walking around the extent of it. The challenge for you, might not be a challenge, but is going to be this, in a place like this, the water might have come a little bit this way, or have crossed the dune here, and come this way, now you can see the brown where the grass 48:04

48:04 pilot-yeah, yeah, I know, yes, yes, its totally dead vegetation

48:09 SAN-right, right, right, and not only in the tree zone, but also in areas that are, like, plains. Like in the grass areas here. But the inundation wont necessarily be in a nice this is the sea, won't be in a nice square patch. It might be sort of like this, and what the challenge is going to be in places where there is extensive inundation, like here, here, here, a few others up the coast, is to try and actually fly along that flight line, and we'll be continuously recording on his laptop and on two GPSs at the same time.

48:41 pilot-a tracked recording eh? You're doing that? OK fine.

48:44 SAN-And there's a way we'd like to do it and if it doesn't, we can try two ways. We can go to the place we know first, and try it, what we'd like to do is we'd like to have me, you're sitting on the left hand side,

48:58 pilot-No, I'm sitting on the right hand side.

49:00 SAN-Oh, OK.

49:01 pilot-you'll be on the left hand side

49:02 SAN-Well, which way is it easier for you to turn? Because, it..

49:04 pilot-any way

49:05 SAN-well, no, [laughs] Well, we can switch so it doesn't matter.

49:09 pilot-OK

49:10 SAN - Well, the idea, our idea was that, you know

49:15 pilot-I go on the edge of those inundations and

49:16 SAN-yes,

49:18 pilot-OK, I'll do right hand side turns all

49:20 SAN-would that be easier? I mean when you do this, which is the way you'd like to, it doesn't matter for us, OK.

49:29 pilot-any side

49:30 SAN-Ok, cause you being able to see is actually more important than me being able to see

49:31 pilot-yeah, yeah, ok

49:33 SAN-SO if you, whichever one, so lets say we're going to, lets say there's an inundation here, like this, so you'll be flying the coast like this, and if I'm on the left, then I can call out where I'd like you to do a time map inundation, because some of these areas, there's going to be no damage so we can cruise along, and lets say we pass here and I say, oh, there's an inundation there.

49:54 pilot-I've seen this area about 20 times.

49:56 SAN-Great. So if you make it, if you make a left hand OK, so if we miss anything, then tell us.

50:00 pilot-you want me to do left hand?

50:02 SAN-an anti-clockwise turn, because that will put me on the side that you're turning. And this piece, when you do it, what sort of, roughly what speed is comfortable to do it at? Being realistic about time and everything

50:16 pilot-I, I can't do¿ I can come down to forty-five to fifty knots, that's around, lets see, 70 miles, forty knots, that should be a safer speed, because we are fully loaded, with all our passengers, with all our cameras, with everything,

50:32 SAN-is that OK?

50:33 new man-it has to be

50:35 pilot-you know something Sanjayan? Its verrrry slow.

50:35 men-[everyone speaks at once]

50:43 pilot-When you see its slow, because I'm flying at 500 you'll find things going very fast [claps] you come to another 200 you'll find trees zipping past you, yeah?

50:53 SAN-at what altitude will you¿

50:54 pilot-I'll do at 500 feet, that'll be safer.

50:56 SAN-OK.

50:58 SAN-The only reason is because the GPS units are, have a lag. So they have to catch up

50:03 man-Noooooo, this GPS shouldn't have a lag at all. This is, yeah, this just doesn't have, yeah 2-7-6. Its uh, immediate recording. If you put it on have you put it on, uhhhh, is it aviation or road?

51:17 man-Marine, its marine and road.

51:19 man (pilot?)-So have you put it on a track record?

51:21 SAN and man in unison-Yeah

51:24 pilot?-Then wherever you are going its blocking it. You come back, you run it on assimilation mode, you pick up co-ordinates of each point with the arrow.

51:30 SAN-Yeah, that's exactly what we are going to do.

51:32 pilot-this GPS, no problems

51:33 SAN-and then we are going to map out the extent of the inundations.

51:35 pilot-yes, this will give you exact map on that area.

51:37 SAN-yeah, brilliant

51:40 SAN-And if we end up missing anything, that you've seen in your multiple flights, let us know. And will I be able to speak to you?

51:47 pilot-One of you can speak to me. And I suggest only one of me should speak to you [sic] even if I would have had more, because otherwise its all confusing, everyone adds more.

51:56 EA that's fine

51:57 SAN-I'll speak to you. Umm. On the way back, if we miss something, we might have to take a quick look. And if we come back, depending on the time, we might want to go to this part.

52:09 Pilot-yeah, there is two things. Time and fuel. Because I am carrying fuel for more than sufficient what you told me, earlier, what was given to me, I have got the fuel on board, I have told them, um, there may be a reason that we have got to come back and land and then take fuel and do this and come back. Now here, to what point do you,

52:29 SAN-just to Kirinda(?)

52:31 pilot-kirinda OK. There hardly any damage. Only in Kirinda.

52:35 SAN-Well its this piece actually

52:37 lots of men-south of kirinda, that east of here now

52:38 SAN-Sorry, sorry, sorry, South of Kirinda, sorry.

52:41 pilot-Its east of Kirinda, this is Bundala, Bundala,

52:44 pilot-Yes, there is a little bit of damage, its here in this area

52:49 SAN-OK

52:50 man w/san-OK

52:51 SAN-So when we take off, we'll do, you know, we'll go north from here.

52:54 pilot-OK, fine.
52:55 SAN-And um, I just have to make sure that the first place, you know, that I know what it is, because otherwise,

53:00 pilot-it is the hotel, this is the place where the hotel has been washed away.

53:04 SAN-Exactly. After that I can follow.

53:06 pilot-but this one is far deep, its here

53:07 SAN-exactly

53:08 pilot-actually its right on the edge of this and all around here.

53:12 man w/ san-OK

53:13 SAN-- OK

53:14 man w/san-lets do it.

53:15 pilot-lets go?

53:16 SAN-Let me (loud crack) use the restroom one second

53:21 pilot-this has got internal batteries?

53:23 ambi-people talking, echoing, sounds like plates clanking in bg,

53:33 EA-you said like 20 times?

53:34 pilot-yeah, yeah

53:53 EA-for, for who? For rescue? Relief?

53:38: pilot (?)-Yes, we started off actually, mostly, were media, NGOs, and uh, yes, most of these, NGOs and media. In fact, I was the first one who went and we took the photographs of the east coast and uh, uh, southern coast, for television, the same evening which was sent out all over the world. 54:03

54:05 EA-Well you've been busy I bet.

54:06 pilot-yeah, very busy, all the helicopters have been very very busy. Yeah, that's right.

54:10 EA-You say you're the only one private

54:12 pilot-there's only private helicopters

54:13 EA-All over Sri Lanka?

54:14 pilot-yeah. I, I

54:16 EA-phew. That's good for you. Good for you, huh?

54:19 pilot-I best, I better go

54:20 MS-Yeah, sure

54:23 EA-I'm confused, man.

54:35 ambi-static, people talking, footsteps

54:37 MS-I know, I know

54:39 EA-Ok, don't worry about recording, go up there and worry about us plugging in. OK?

54:45 ambi-loud footsteps

54:47 EA-Thank you

54:48 MS-Yeah

54:50EA-I just don't want like taking off and we haven't been able to figure it out.

54:58 EA-Ok, I'm over modulating if I reach the arrow, right? Probably?

55:02 MS-Can I, can I see it over here?

55:04 EA-Look

55:05 MS-The arrow, yes.

55:06 EA-So I don't want it to go past the first part of the arrow, right?

55:09 MS-right

55:10 EA-yeah, exactly. OK, yeah.

55:12 MS-So let me scream, OK

55:13 EA-What?

55:14 MS-I'm gonna scream [screams] Can you hear me OK like that?

55:20 pilot-it will be very quiet.

55:21 MS-very quiet? You have a quiet helicopter?

55:24 pilot-yes, it will be quiet in the helicopter. The helicopter will be shouting more than you are.

55:31 pilot-how are you going to decide which camera you are going to use? So many cameras like that. You'll be more confused or the camera will be confused. Just step em up. If you want you can keep it open, but if you keep it open you are going to pick up more wind noise from outside with the mic. Keep it closed yeah? Keep it closed. Otherwise the mic is going to pick up a lot of noise.

55:55 EA-That's fine. The mappers are more important than the audio.

56:06 EA-I'm trying to be as small as possible.

56:09 pilot-you are in any case small. You don't have to

56:11 EA-thank you.

56:12 pilot-- Yeah, gentlemen. The person here who owns this seat, come.

56:21 man-put it here, put it here, put it here.

56:23 brit-Ravi, ask the driver to get um, my hat out of my bag.

56:27 fx-zipper

56:28 ravi-Hat?

56:29 brit-its in the backpack.

56:33 man-speaks in foreign language

56:37 brit-its in the big section

56:40 ambi-rustling in bag

56:55 brit-thank you

56:56 man-its in this one?

57:03 pilot(?)-the GPS

57:04 man-the back up

57:06 man-I have another GPS.

57:08 pilot-Its on, right?

57:11 man/san - OK gentlemen, lets go.

57:21 man-just look through here

57:22 man 2-manually?

57:23 man-yeah, yeah

57:26 photog man-and I have a polarizing filter on top. It'll be better with the polarizing

57:28 men [competing conversations about gear]

58:05 pilot-OK, gentlemen, can we start off now?

58:14 pilot-Ok gentlemen, now you all move back. Move back. Don't go closer. Never go behind a helicopter and a horse.

58:28 MS-Can you guys actually be quiet when it takes off.

58:29 men-ok, yeah, sorry

58:32 MS-Thank you.

58:50 ambi-bird calls, wind

59:18 fx- running steps, door slams

59:30 fx-steps, muffled speech

1:00:16 fx-helicopter starts, whine, tck-tck,

1:00:23 fx--rotors begin

1:00:35 ambi-chopper
1:01:20 ambi-helicopter at full bore, rotors, whine, sounds like it's taken off (?)

1:02:00 ambi-rotors (tck-tck-tck) stronger over whine

1:02:40 ambi-helicopter begins to fade

1:04:05 ambi-chopper fades

1:04:44 pilot- very very faint-never go behind a helicopter

1:05:20 man-faint speech

1:05:35 MS-No, they're not coming

1:05:40 EA-Make it work [very faint]

1:05:44 men-hold, wait

1:05:46 EA---¿No, not you guys, stand back

1:05:48 pilot-please, just let it stop

1:06:05 MS-Its working fine, she just can't make hear it

1:06:18 EA-Michael?

1:06:19 MS-Yeah?

1:06:20 EA-There was no signal

1:06:22 MS-No, its fine, you just had the headphone volume down, its fine, I've got it.

1:06:28 MS-Check 1, 2, check, check, check. Check 1,2, check, check, check,check, check, check

1:06:39 pilot-Never come behind it, I said that.

1:06:41 MS-Yes, yes sir, you did

1:06:42 pilot-Because this is turning so fast you won't see it

1:06:44 MS-Its locked

1:06:45 pilot-Right, its very dangerous. And I am also very very uncomfortable if something is happening back here.
1:06:51 MS-Of course.

1:06:53 pilot - I give you my safety card you read it when I come back

continued discussion about the pilot

1:07:07 MS-check 1,2, check check check May I bring this forward now?

1:07:13 others-yes

1:07:14 pilot-no, no, you, hey, hey, you are supposed to be led by him

EA and MS discuss the equipment, others make jokes about underwear

1:10:50 MS alright, take 2

1:11:15 MS-Alright guys, can you just keep it down please? This is the keeper

1:11:20 pilot and others discuss maps, very faint

1:11:29 man-did you find out how long it take?

1:11:33 MS-I heard them say 70 minutes

1:11:40 men-continued fait bg conversation

1:11:59 MS-OK, everybody quiet please

1:12:01 fx- beep

1:12:10 ambi-heli starts, rising whine

1:12:39 ambi-rotors start

1:13:01 ambi-humm of motor, rotors, heli slowly fades

1:13:40 ambi-heli passes overhead and fades

1:14:45 ambi-heli passes over

1:16:22 ambi - heli quiet pass over
1:17:06 MS-OK, this is spaced omnis, right, left, waiting for the helicopter to come back and I'll record it in spaced omnis instead of MS.

1:17:25 MS-Well, here's some ambi anyways, on those spaced omnis

1:17:28 ambi-birds calling, breakers in ocean

1:18:10 men-speaking in bg

1:18:38 fx-moving mic

1:18:50 ambi-bird calls, ocean breakers

1:19:46 MS-cough

1:19:50 fx-footsteps, zipper

1:20:10 ambi-footsteps, conversation in foreign language, breakers

1:22:00 ambi-wind picks up

FX Helicopter fly by, approach, landing, start up, shut down

1:43:05 End

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