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Ocean surf  








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Rohana Kithsiri, Sanjayan Muthulingam  







2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami; Coral reef damage  

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Sanjayan Muthulingam, Ravi  







2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami  

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Helicopter fly by  








NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
23 Jan 2005

  • Sri Lanka
    Southern Province
  • Unawatuna
  • 6.016667   80.25
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Decoded MS Stereo to 10:51; Spaced Omni Stereo to 14:48; Decoded MS Stereo to end


Somey = R.K. Somadasa De Silva
SJ = Sanjayan Muthulingam
Rohana = Rohana Kithsiri
Ravi =
EA = Elizabeth Arnold

0:22 inside van¿driving
1:09 Galle was one of the hardest hit yeah? Have you been through there?
2:20 - 3:45 standing on side of road in Unawatuna
4:08 diver talking to SJ
4:15 waves¿"so when you see damage that you think is damage caused by the tsunami show me..can you do that¿we can start from there.. and we'll go in a transect¿
5:17 surf that matches
7:50 (Michael)
7:53 so make sure you point out what YOU think is tsunami damage when you see it, when you see some coral that is damaged let me know at least point it out..yah yah
especially this piece of the reef, you can't see before¿(drifts off..well let's go see
not audible..fade away, surf comes up)
11:00 different mic
12:24 omnis of surf
13:26 big surf but also traffic

15:26 off mic a little SJ yeah there's more damage here than the other place
15:30 EA what did you see?
SJ you know some big coral boulders that have been turned over on the side and you can tell, it takes a little bit to figure out that it is moved, you know the flat surface..broken off or just shifted..16:17 do you think that's from debris going back out.
And there's a lot more debris, every twenty meters..
16:33 so there is more but again you're not seeing a lot of live coral maybe 10 15% live coral..bleaching yeah but also tourists
16:55 so he was telling me all this building is actually illegal, it's all illegally built, what is the distance, it's got to be a hundred meters away, some places 500 meters? 90% don't want to move it. ()
17:43 SJ it's the tourist stuff that drives it. If they move a few hundred meters back tourists won't stay there, or someone will move in front of them,..() ..
19:41 EA you know you would think that after the tsunami people wouldn't want to live near the sea..someone someone missing their people they are afraid, no problem for them, but I think more than 75% they don't want to go..tourists, people,
23:51 do you think anything good will come out of this? What? Do you think anything good could come out of this? It take time no? yah and yah we cannot think about our future¿
26:55 into his dive shop, walking in, and here is the big rock we saw and about three meters..talking talking¿
30:02 it's go water down, it's not coming from a wave, its so like chance, first 9:20 water comes high not rough, then high so fast, we saw the falling down houses, and after we saw here, the mountainside, water sucking back very fast and after about one hour¿fast to the land..(tells his story)¿

35:32 inside van..(w/ Ravi) too Ravi talks¿
35:56 sliding door slams
37:09 van sound in clear
37:38 Ravi answers phone, hello yeah? Singhalese
41:00 I don't know if he can get back to me because I am on the road now on this ecological assessment so if the phone goes dead..just tell him it's ok because this is the money to pay the volunteers¿41: 37 hello hello???
52:09 SJ this is where a lot of the deaths happened at the bus stop here, Ravi, people got washed off here, incredible, sees these trees, festooned with vehicles¿()

53:20 EA look how close we are to water, these people had no choice, jesus, look at these boats, 80% of fishing industry is gone..Singhalese..**
can you put the shutter down, outside sound (54:13).. window back up..moves on..
54:46 I show you this (cut out Michael) it's like a war zone..van drives (we are quiet)
55:29 keep this going.. SJ 55:41 look at this, Ravi not that..see that see that ship it's on the jetty, see that one that's facing it, oh my lord, 750 tons it's a dredger, picked up and just dropped on the land, just imagine the power of that wave, in sinringa similar dredger right in the middle of the town¿¿..****************

57:53 SJ you can see the stuff that, vehicles crumpled () Ravi, these are the temporary housing. SJ wow that's a big refugee camp there.. whoah¿

1:02:56 boat starts.w/waves
1"03:20 better in clear, boat starts up (use this one)..we take off (going out to dive the reef)¿
1:04 SJ so when we get to the beginning of the reef we are going to dive, one run in the boat without diving, you tell me where it starts and ends, second time we'll stop in three places and we'll dive, k ay? (good pause)
1:04:20 so tom we were just going to look at the extent of the reef so we have it on the gps and then in three locations we do maybe ten minutes bottom time and keeping track for our purposes we are looking at how much coral disturbance there is and any debris so we count how many pieces of objects we see human debris and coral damage in three locations on the reef and we're doing this on all the reefs on the coast..(then just boat
ambi follows¿perfect)¿boat speeds up¿can keep under if needed¿
1:11:06 new boat sound. Laboring to get through the waves¿
1:11:40 (EA) what's he got a 15 on this thing? Looks a little bigger doesn't it (SJ)
(boat but too much talking on mic)
1:13:41 boat laboring in the clear¿.EA how far out are we going here?¿
1:15:04 fish with chunk taken out of it..SJ I don't like that
1:15:17 boat slows down
1:15:28 Rohana¿Rohana the boat's ok out here? Yah yah I hope so, this is haha it's no problem we go slowly¿.
1:16:45 boat kicks off..
1:17:04 I know this is a small boat but what to do SJ 17:06 the way I would describe this
boat is very very small and very overcrowded with a very small engine () it's basically a plastic tub, it's a bit bigger than a Jacuzzi (Rohana talks about dive)¿.

Shark discussion?
1:20:50 getting ready sounds, weights, good, (but then more talking)
1:22:03 more getting ready weights, water, zipper, breathing..
1:25:10 ok guys (SJ) good, good splash..(bad wind need to cut)
1:25:42 swimming around (but bad wind) cut out Michael and me
1:26:36 breathing..getting ready sounds again (from other guy) more breaths
1:29:19 breathing from water (wind bad)
1:29:27 they're gone.. just wind and waves
1:31:51 rope is pulled in
1:32:30 boat and waves
1:32:33 good waves along side of boat engine on but then engine off
1:32:40 SJ that's as murky as you can get, that's like green pea soup under there *** (divers back)
1:33:55 breaths and clanging (could use for getting ready earlier)
1:36 SJ ¿pea soupy..motor again..
1:36:35 its pitch black (motor) EA we what about the coral (1:36:55) SJ it looks fine except a lot of sedimentation, you wave your hand it's a big cloud but there's no damage that you can see, coral looks fine¿

1:38:11 helicopter flies overhead in clear (no boat noise) ***
1:39:10 mo motor just waves
1:39:30 good breath in clear
1:40:57 (divers return)
1:40:57 SJ (no boat just waves lapping against boat side) so there's quite a lot of coral damage there broken coral, big broken coral and now you're starting to see clothing, shoes ()
1:42:14 sj got to write this down before I forget it
1:42:27 boat starts in clear (perfect) attach to SJ
SJ so those big pieces were broken right? what do you think? Diver, hard to look at in few minutes, but coral that was broken new right? Yah we you look it at that, it's new..right yeah¿..ok I just want to make sure what we see is related to this damage not some other kind of damage¿boat in clear good..some Singhalese¿good sequence
1:48:29 lots of moving around boat (could use before or after dive)..
1:48:45 sj I'll be glad to be done with this, little part of the experiment to be honest..(cut out Michael) it's just exhausting¿..
1:49:22 ah Rohana count how many coral breakages you see, what? Count how many times you see things broke, human pipe, count also, I'm doing it but good to have a second person doing it as well¿goes over the side. Good until Michael talks¿
breaths and another splash ********

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