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Sanjayan Muthulingam, Somadasa De Silva  







2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami; Coral reef damage  

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Ocean surf  








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R.K. Somadasa De Silva  







Coral reef conservation; Scuba diving  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
23 Jan 2005

  • Sri Lanka
    Southern Province
  • Hikkaduwa
  • 6.137   80.1
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Decoded MS stereo

(transcribed from notes)

Somey = R.K. Somadasa De Silva
SJ = Sanjayan Muthulingam
EA = Elizabeth Arnold

no transition to boat
2:16 Somey talks about dive shop
"all gone, you can see that completely finish. I lost lot of equipment also people took."
2:57 so when we saw the sea it was like boiling you see, slowly slowly come to the beach suddenly it comes very fast, then up to this level, few seconds so after that we run, and after that glass bottom boats, so we shout to them run run run run (boat motor under) so they run when we come back after, then water¿.you can walk to that rocks, so in that time we don't know anything about tsunami we never heard about that come the dangerous wave, so we run in that time huge wave come, many boat inside hotel..
keeps talking boat motor up high, so we run¿(should not have asked question while
boat motor was so high)
6:32 boat full speed in clear
"I am sorry to say still no a single person has come to see what happened." I need authority to clean this¿ (no)
7:55 lots of directions (very low) Singhalese
8:37 you see that boat up there (Michael #$@!)
9:18 so this is the end of the reef.
9:27 so we are going to track along the reef in a straight line and map the extent of the reef with a gps and on the way back stop at four locations and do a dive there and map and look at coral damage tsunami..running a transect..end of end, a little snapshot in four different places.
10:11 we start right? Singhalese..
10:56 why do you need to gps.,. it doesn't exist, big challenge information about parks and natural systems, but it's not in one place, I can't call anyone (high motor) and this is the most popular reef system, 80 glass bottom boats, how many dive shops, 6 dive shops and there's not a map of the reef..
12:20 it's not perfect (motor high) we're not looking for small percentage changes we're looking for tsunami damage. When we were coming our here fundamental question, are we doing an assessment of four or five different areas or are we assessing tsunami damage on five different areas..that's why I can get away with what we're doing¿
13:40 trick is to know difference between tsunami damage and coral bleaching
15:00 Somey yells and boat turns off quick. (singhelese..numbers..kicker starts)
15:35 so we'll do one dive here, how long>? Says Somey..good little exchange
15:57 kicker keeps going Somey speaks in Singhalese motor dies..water condition not so good, can't see so good..
17:26 helicopter flies over
19:44 getting ready, second helicopter flies over
23:15 ok splash going in not very good. Somey 'we go to there right?" good. Breathing 23:42 good and then it's all quiet..nice. (transition to above and helicopter while they
are underwater???)
26:05 sitting in boat quiet, surf on the rock

27:24 same sound of surf, boat etc.
29:24 sitting around waiting, quiet sound
30:43 equipment coming on board and Singhalese
32:03 good getting on board sound, dripping..good ***
32:39 oh it's messy business alright
(talks about coral)
36:50 low motor..cuts off..**** (SJ)
39:30 motor revs up (but Michael talking during..)
40:24 lots of stuff clanging and motor revs up again. Good IN CLEAR!!)
44:38:40 Singhalese, "sj so this is also coral and you say this is the deepest where you are finding coral, I think so yah, what do you mean around here¿" ten minutes blah
45:40 (motor off!) Somey "I don't think anything happened to the coral, no I don't think so, I'll show you this one spot, near the beach, that's true because of the wave break near the shore, that can be there.. right right. *****" beeping, and other action, Singhalese¿
47:00 breathing into tanks. Okay Somey I'm going in I'll stay with the angle line,
plans fly overhead (good) splash..(while above these guys looking below) nice..
beeping etc
48:00 breath and splash into water and moving about boat..good and bailing
can't use, cut off too quick!!!!!!!!
53:49 so we'll go very carefully and we'll see what it is (tape problem)
54:50 make sure it's open (SJ) breathing sounds, mic splash)
55:31 another splash not fabulous
55:50 on the water and bubbles sound with faint surf..good.. they're gone
(but cuts out not much after)
56:17 it's a massive fishing net, huge net, it's kind of scary because it swirls around you and before you know it you're right in it..(something wrong with tape I think) they're talking while in the water.
57:09 getting back on boat noise ( no motor )
¿57:38 the coral in the area is okay it's like 10 percent cover..
58:23 good and loud loading¿sj 58"36 we;; SJ we should check the other one too.. boat
starts ****
59:11 so we'll do that one (SJ) we'll just blah blah and boat starts¿(strange up and down levels)¿
!;00: 23 boat slows (not real in clear Singhalese)
1:00:44 Somey "the boat can't go near the rocks"
1:01: 23 boat changes slows etc. in clear. (briefly)
1:03:19 splash in (with motor)
1:04 just boat noise, low putting around various levels¿.

1:07:22 (low boat noise) SJ there's 35 meters of net down there with dead fish in it (he's in water) it's new recent within last couple of days, so it will keep killing fish like that till someone gets it out¿
(boat swirling around)
1:08:35 gear comes aboard good dripping (boat motor low in bg)
1:12:27 boat starts up to high (not much beginning though)
1:13:54 boat is off
1:14:05 it was ten minutes, eight meters ten percent live coral and then
35 meters fishing net..dead fish, dead crabs
1:15 getting ready sounds, the best
1:15:24 we'll stay around here¿
good sounds
1:16:35 breath in tanks¿
1:16:59 starts to rain¿splash
1:17 rain getting loud
1:20 surfacing¿(what ambi will match?)
good surfacing noise
1:21:30 hauling in rope
1:23:57 boat starts, SJ giving info
1:24:33 boat starts quiet in clear, revs up and goes (Michael talks during it and changes levels. Too hot breaks up
1:25:30 GOES BACK DOWN TO nothing quickly and then starts up at 1:25:44
but breaks up again.
1:28:12 high pitch boat for no reason
1:28:55 boat fades down quickly and then comes back up nicely good. ***
1:30 fades down low nicely you can hear waves..1:30:21 starts back up¿
1:32:19 boat shuts off and you can hear surf.,.low talking good, completely off and you can hear surf..nice. anchor noises¿
1:33 surf in front of hotel (ambi for next intv?
1:35 very loud surf in front of hotel (ambi for intv???)
(EA why do you want to protect this?
1:37:56 ahhh I'm living from this no? the people who come to SL want to see the coral and the nature ya? I know something about this¿¿ I love to do this because of the people who come here who like to see the fish and the coral¿()
I want to protect this thing that is my feeling you know¿
1:38:41 ea do you think the coral out here stopped the flow of the water when the tsunami came in? exactly you can see the difference because we have prayed to this reef, if you go 2 kilometers from here disaster, lot of people everything is finished you can see structure is still here, my diving ships gone but we are still here, we don't know anything about tsunami, but¿
1:39:37 we escape somehow, we shout to the people run run you know the first time only little wave came and the second time after 10 fifteen minutes the water went two kilometers away from the shore so you can walk there are much..(it was dry? Out to the rocks out there, like sand bottom like beach) so the second time my god unbelievable¿our divers said you have to run so we run, all the boats came from the sea, all the boats came to our hotel? ()
1:40:51 exactly the people has to think about that we have to grow coral, plant coral think about it, lot of people coral living, to make lime with this no, that is problem but we have to find out solution blah blah..
1:42:05 you need that sort of bush near the beach, like mangrove? Exactly, I don't know the botanical name but this is very helpful for the water you know, so both coral and mangrove act as a barrier also there is some kind of grass but we no have because people take, what will happen? I think now they are really worried, they don't like, even my children really afraid..people are crying running shouting..really horrible time, I saw lot of bodies..who knows, we don't have early warning, maybe now the people has to think¿
1:44:34 because we have a law not to take anything from the sea, only the law
1:44:49 this may be good opp never to do this thing, also people fishing with dynamite..() do they do that here? Yes yes hell of a lot, not only the fish, they destroy all the corals and the living things¿(good exchange).(.worst things than tsunami)
1:48:31 you have to think about the situation in the coral area, protect it and also the trees around here so you have to plant a good tree like a stone, lot of roots yeah..(NO)
1:49:19 international diving school yeah, as soon as possible, there's nothing there,
(there were 6 dive shops, he and another guy are all that's left)
1:50 I want to clean this place immediately, now the beach I clean with my friend from Holland..
1:50:47 where were these boats before?? They came all the way around???!! (good bit)

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