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NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
10 Dec 2004

  • India
  • Old Delhi; Street market
  • 28.651   77.232
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Spaced Omnis

Show: Ravi Shankar, Susan Stamberg
DAT #: 10
Engineer: William McQuay
Date: December 10, 2004

Jessica Goldstein
Bill McQuay

Walking on the outskirts of Old Delhi
Spaced Omnis

00:05-Outdoor market
00:30 Halloo
Passing barters

00:50- someone's walkman can be heard

1:16 honking horns
1:17 clapping

[1:52 "no bigger? Four years?" (In English, Jessica maybe)
2:11 "five years? No?"
2:55 do you have it in my size, in red? Two? (Jessica)
4:08 bartering 240?
4:35 Indian sales man calling
5:57 "this is on tape I owe bill 140 rupees"]

Buzzing of cars? Tape pulled? Car horn, idling motorbike?

Market place, steps are walked,
Bike bell 8:40- 9:00

9:10 clapping

9:18 motor arrives, men's voices

9:54 kid voice?

10:19- mic is bumped, zipper

(In the watch section of old Delhi, people all over selling plastic digital watches, supposed to look like gold)

11:15 walking again
11:22 pass Indian music
11:38 phone rings also behind music and commercials
11:51 song changes and is off.

12:03-music channel changing
12:10 men's voices

Music gone 12:29 cell phone

12:32 general bustle around

12:55 new section of the same market? footsteps along the way over pavement

13:25 kids, 13:28 hallo! Mumble mumble (kid's voice)

14:08 general market sounds, camera click 14:18-14:20

14:34 new section of the market,
14:45 car horns

14:54 (Bill stands still for passing traffic sounds)
Car traffic, voices, footsteps passing

16:03 car stops right near by, door opens, and laughter
16:16 lots of held horns
16:40 good mix of traffic, bike and people sounds
17:01 male voice louder passes

[17:32 Bill gets advertised towards and barters. 18:40 you designed this? Gordonda, flower stand?

19:15 jess watch this¿22:09 transaction done

22:29 body massage offered¿.

22:56 bill loves it! Shopping offers

23:54 general market sounds around
23:58 zippers, bartering

25:08 plastic crinkling, car horns
25:22 (Jessica deals)

26:20 walking down the market
26:26 cow?- 26:28 jess speaks, little streets are more interesting

27:00 navigating, next to the Jain temple is that temple¿.

27:50 jaleebee wala sweet shop

28:05 market louder 28:10

(Bill and Jessica speaking back and forth)

good sales calling/repeated calls

31:12 seller speaks English to entice "very nice gift shop here¿"

31:42 car horns and "see my shop"
31:59 loud horn, bang a wooden something on the ground?
Camera clicks,
32:28 come in madam, very big market¿

32:54 quiets down a bit, men and women's voices
33:09 car horn different repeated sound

33:32 (bill pauses)

more resonant space/enclosed market ambi
34:09 ganesh¿salesmen lists gods¿

36:49 shenai seeking

37:54 loud "heys!"

38:10 car horns, vendor shouts, more traffic¿
38:29 camera click

38:37 bike bell, traffic subdued, vendors a bit further off -to 38:55

40:20 bike bell, or counter bell? Quieter, inside? Still carts rumbling by and motor bike

have you ever seen green chickpeas, I've never seen ginger like that orange.

41:32 bike bell
41:53 kids playing, strange buzzer¿car or toy?

42:09 much quieter, inside?
Feet over tile shuffle, cell phone quiet,
42:56 (bill gets excited at something beautiful)
43:22 child coughing¿

43:40 women's voices pass,
"I really wish we could stop and eat anything we see¿fried and vegetable than its okay¿beetle nut juice¿)

44:57 market place 45:05

45:15 vendor sort of sings his goods¿intones 45:48

46:05 car buzzes by general market

46:51 Bill stands still (Jessica in velvet shop)
47:05 bike bell multiple repeated chimed
General car horns, passing voices 48:30

51:16 mic change
53:04 subtle street noise 53:35 laughter



55:39 chanting behind more present car horns¿
55:55 chanting clearer
56:07 car traffic and horns interrupts clear chant, but chant continues unwavering

56:35 chant clear again, some men's voices speaking 56:58 done

57:12 car horn, someone running by, inside.

57:30 someone plays a shenhai??


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