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Distant Loons. wind  








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Elizabeth Arnold  







Describes her wilderness experience in this area.  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
16 Aug 2004

  • United States
    Yukon-Koyukuk County
  • Gates of the Arctic National Park
  • 67.47267   -153.24096
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Subject one is split track using DPA4060 mics. Subject 2 is decoded MS stereo.

Show: Wilderness - Alaska
Engineer: Bill McQuay

E-Elizabeth Arnold 5:36-9:46 Ambi, loon croak with wind
6:36 pretty strong wind
7:32 better cry (single)
7:47 another but faint
7:58 better cry (single)
9:56 Ambi, walking (bill)
10:19 moved on but then loon cried while walking
10:46 just walking (bill)
12:16 approach and walk over stream
12:27 start the walk
12:58 start to hear the water (nice!)
13 :21 steps in (sounds a bit weird) a little too little
14:10 nice with water fading in ..steps in ..voices but okay ..not clear what's happening.
14:37 going to record others crossing .. 15:00-15:46 Ambi, nice stream in the clear (steady) with wind ..good bed
16:49 stillness ambience no water .. 17:00
17:40 climbing up peak ..
17:49 climbing sound not good yet
18:06 climbing better, slow trudge, a little exaggerated sounding (voices)
19:14 bear kill but no good tape (should probably have miked myself for climb? Future??)
21 :21 more Bill climbing
21:57 good different wind, a little brisker (top ofmt)
22:27 let's see where we are ..(sound of opening map) ..we're right there, so we went up this right here, sooo the lake is around the comer ..where's the lake on the map? Oh. The Continental Divide is in the way .... this is no name saddle.
23:58 people gasping, drinking water.
25:05 my sigh
25:30 I'm not so sure we want to go back down the other side
25:53 swallow sound
26:59 we're at 4500 feet up here. 0 my problem is I get here and I don't want to stop .. I want to keep going ..
28:00 dave talks about sheep, caribout etc. could use if needed
29:36 so the waters where we started drain out ..Bering Sea and then the waters this way flow out the Killuk and the Killuk down to the Coville River into the Arctic Ocean. (it's like we're at the top of an orange juice squeezer)
31 :38 loon again but bad
32:00 good squawk
32:25 good cry!
33:25 good cry
33 :35 another
33:45 getting better
34:15 one last cry (spaced omnis, 40-50's, zeplin, 8117, 10:30 in the am.)

hokey diary time
36:43 walking down there
37:37 walking on this tundra, spongy lichen, cranberries and blueberries and bones, a big boneyard, antlers and bones everywhere. Everybody's out here living eating killing each other and dying and all the bones tell the story. (usable?)
38:38 walking out here is a little difficult, there's no trails and its spongy tundra, tussocks, clumps of grass and water and ..rock and then you're back down in the tundra you can see little oil seeps when you go across areas of water, sheen of oil on spots of water. (Don't tell the oil industry.) The most beautiful places are where the oil tends to be.
40:39 wow the weather's really changed. Nice quiet. It's so still out here that you're ears just start ringing if you're quiet for very long all you can hear is the blood pulsing in your ears or ringing, cause there's no other sound, which is strange because it's so huge, I'm sitting at the side of the lake and I can see ...and yet there were caribou on the top.
1m sitting here and I can see this bull caribou's sillouhette up on this ridge staring at me, huge rack, antlers, never seen a person before let alone tents, just wants to corne down to this lake and take a drink I think.
42:52 I know the plane's corning today and I don't want that to happen yet. I was just feeling for the first time this morning, disconnected or just kind of content or a little more relaxed about where I am and bears and fears and being vulnerable, I felt more like I was settling into this place. **
43:51 Dave Mills is the superintendent of this place and I keep saying I can't believe you are in charge ofthis place ..he takes it in stride but it's clear how much he loves this place.. (into mills)
45:46 it's a big place and we're at the top of it, this huge system of wilderness from this giant chunk all the way down to a little half acre in southern florida. People have such different ideas of wilderness. The israelites were banished to the wilderness I guess I wouldn't mind being banished here as long as the dried food held out. *
46:48 there's the tiny hum of the plane, and hearing it's just this nagging reminder, it's kind of abrupt and intrusive it means its all over and it's way too soon. It was starting to feel really good. It's only been a couple of days..there's a pair of loons flying out of here soon and can you hear ern. And the caribou have been heading out they're heading to their winter ground. I wish I could stay a little bit longer see how this place changes, maybe how I change ....2nd take.. but the Act says we're not supposed to ..
soc..somewhere in wilderness

50:53 a few different takes on soc's "in the wilderness"
51 :30 I can just hear the sound of the plane, you know it's kind of intrusive. Its like this nagging reminder that we've been cut off a little bit and it's almost over. ..
(break it up somehow?)
and maybe how I change..(good take) ..but the act says we're not supposed to stay that this is a place where man himself is a visitor and does not remain.**** (good take)
53:53 at one point yesterday I was fumbling with my daypack, this little flourecent green tag, ....totally ruin their wilderness experience ... (maybe)
maybe last take ..... and doesn't remain." ???***
·55:11 I wish I could stay a little bit longer and see how I change along with it. But the wilderness act says we're not supposed to, that man is a visitor and doesn't remain...For Radio Expeditions, I'm Elizabeth Arnold, NPR News, in the wilderness.
56:57 no
58:03 one more soc better
59:57 me walking ..and stopping.
1 :00: 17 what is that, that is a bear. where's the binoculars .. 1 ,2,3 people. Can't tell what that is, everybody's at camp so dunno. Go over here and get my binoculars. (walking sounds).

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