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Carl Casselton, Richard Harris  







Pesticide spraying discussion.  

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Airplanes starting-up, taking flight  








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Airplanes starting-up, taking flight  








NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
20 Oct 2004

  • Senegal
  • Saint-Louis Airport
  • 16.049458   -16.4587641
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Decoded MS stereo

Show: Locust R. Harris
Engineer: Leo Del Aguila
Date: October 16-23 2004

Spanish Pilots

00:14 RH over there??

00:33AMBI car

1:16 we are at the airport outside St. Luis. We just walked up to a group of people who just got their instructions for flight today some to the east and some to the south, to spray locust. Lets hear what they have to say.

1:42 Spanish Leo to pilots

2:09 chanting in the background with footsteps and talking 2:25
2:37 chanting alone clip? 3:03

4:33 introductions

5:41 chant

6:30- 6:33 chant

6:51 we got a little of the mumbo jumbo
I am wrong or I think they had a close encounter yesterday where some of the planes were really close to each other and they were talking about better communications today (laughter)

7:12 CC mobilizing other planes to treat another area, treat an area where there is a common swarm on both sides of the river

RH 7:38 good morning, why have you gotten up so early it is not even light yet?
CC not yet it will be light soon however and when it does get light all of the spray planes that are here in St. Luis Senegal will be ready to go. We attended a briefing of the pilots of the spray planes there are pilots hired by USAID. 7:58 to do treatment here on both sides of the Senegal River. I think we're here this morning basically to see how things are organized in the dark and whether they are prepared to do the work they are under contract to do in the way that it needs to be done.
8:14 RH why so early in the morning (cell phone going off)

8:16 CC all these preparations have to be done, you know we were all together last night between 9 and about 11pm trying to identify the locust targets to be treated this morning. They are passing those information on some very fairly detailed maps with latitude and longitude coordinates to the pilots. Getting the pilots to insure they know exactly where the targets are. And it has to be early in the morning because as the swarms are identified late in the day they are being identified as they come in to roost mainly in areas with some trees and that target has to be hit with pesticide before they warm up and by about 930 in the morning the shone would have shone on them just long enough for those locust to have gathered energy and calories from that heat and then start to fly off and it's a very small window that the pesticide has to be applied if its to be effective.

RH 9:18 so the pilots have to get up early but then basically they only have a couple hours to do their work?

CC yes that's correct.
And after that there will be teams that go into the field to verify the efficacy of the treatment to detect if there were any visible environmental impacts and to start the preparations to identify the targets for the next morning.

RH thanks
Chant 9:45, footsteps and then chatting 9:58, footsteps passing.

(CC speaks French with specialists)

OT after the runway they going like this and okay so they start from here and then pass in front of vous. And they go on the runway

RH 11:24 we'd like to get them starting their engines if we could.
Other- okay so, for that just stay here.

RH 11:35 and this one is the Moroccan one?

OT- DC 130 of Moroccan

RH And that one is going to go later?
11:41 OT- that one right now/
RH that's the first one?
OT No maybe we get two and then third so we get all of them

RH thank you.
12:05 AMBI
12:46 plane starting up (mobile phone rings)12:58
13:12 plane gets louder and passes mic and takes off 13:47-49 mic moving?
14:12-27 propeller really louder as it takes off 14:48

15:06 plane away in the air, fading out.

15:23 second plane starts up? 16:00 weaker sound 16:12 quiets down.
1:16: 32 leo adjust mic levels

17 (MS pair, sonosax preamp, d8 recorder) level at 17:19

17:34 rooster FX 17:43

17:50 plane two starts up 18:13 peak, 19:40 ¿23:02 fan of plane, air sounds
25:34 plane moves a bit
28:27 change in plane ¿ takes off¿.29:06

32:04 third plane 32:50 34:28 plane continues

39:50 plane
40:37 plane 41:21 out?
42: pitch change 43:20 near end
44:40 new plane 45:02 out
46:45 another take-off 47:08 out with crickets/birds in background
47:40 rooster
52 end

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