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Momodu Bah, Musta Faba  







Farming discussion with Richard Harris.  

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Richard Harris, unidentified persons  







Location 2. Farming discussions and children playing.  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
18 Oct 2004

  • Senegal
  • Near Kayar
  • 14.70943   -17.45318
  • Senegal
  • Near Bayakh
  • 14.830345   -17.1368694
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Show: Locust , R.Harris
Engineer: Leo del Aguila
Date: October 16-23, 2004

Dub 2 master 1
(tape 1 cont and tape 2 short)

3:13 RH there are dead ones also on the road
3:17 Leo- why don't you pick one up and describe it for me, just for fun.
RH- laughter, yeah, this one is dead, or almost dead, this one's twitching, yuck
I think you can just grab it that would be a good photo actually

RH 3:42 I picked up a locust that was lying on the road, almost dead, still twitching a little bit. So the farmer had told us they had come through to spray a couple of days ago, so this may be the result of insecticide on this critter, he's about three inches long with silvery black wings. His legs are pink and his eye is red and his face is uh, sort of silvery with some black markings on it also, and it looks like kind of a creepy little creature in a way. He looks armored and is actually reminiscent of the grasshopper of some of those animated movies. They are not portrayed very flattering in the movies either. He has 4:53 on the trailing edge of his little hopping legs he has a trail of little spurs and they continue on sort of the foot on the end of that....anyway. for, want to hold him?
5:33 (digital camera click)

6:23 RH we are not walking up to another field that is just dirt. There is nothing in it at all. There are a couple of wells, one on each end and one in the middle. There is just nothing growing. There is one small row of green something. That's it for this whole field.

RH Who's field is this?
6:52 BOY15yrs? this is my uncle's farm.
RH And was he growing something?
7:06 yes he has grown something, but locust ate up everything.
Rh just a few plants left in the middle, what are those?
7:19 that is cucumbers, but its not growing yet.
RH cucumbers but it hasn't-
BOY-Cucumbers but it hasn't grown yet.
Its cassava.
RH Normally what would be growing here right now?
8:09 at this time, it would be, cropping carrots.
RH And your uncle decided not to plant carrots either this season?
8:34 he will be cropping.
RH- he will be?
What was destroyed in these fields?
8:52 it was peppers and tomatoes.

9:00 RH there's a beautiful bird- and interesting bird coming across. Very large.
9:08 RH Have you had locust here before
9:15 BOY- it has been a while, they didn't destroy.
9:23 RH-When was that? Do you remember when that was?
9:32 BOY-1988
RH-and why didn't they destroy the crops that time?
9:42 BOY-They did not stay a long time, but once they came the sprayer came and destroyed.
This time was different
10:04 this time it was different, they are more locusts, they are laying in here and in 88 they weren't laying in here.
10:25 this time there are more locusts and instead of 1988 this time they are laying eggs in here.
RH Have they come to spray these fields also
10:43 Yes they came once
10:50 RH Did it help?
10:54 yes when they sprayed, they killed all the eggs, but once they went another generation came back but no one sprayed them.
11:23 you will find more over there.
1:40 you will find more red locust over there, they are eating the small one
RH what are they eating?
11:56 RH they are eating the smallest ones? Oh really? Can you show us?
AMBI (12:17walking)

12:24 Ambi bird
13:05 AMBI walking on the road, talking fade in
13:20 2nd guy interview get bean seeds...
13:28 I used to be a, I used to work with agriculture department; they used to give me bean seeds.
Now I am afraid of getting them, because I don't know what will happen with locust.
Do you see how they are?
-RH flying?
RH- would you say that again?
G2 would you mind to look at how they are flying? Over the farm.
RH yes as that man walks along, you can just see a fairly large swarm of locust just moving in front of him, just coming out of the crops.
G2 we have another farm near our village, but we did not (something) it, because we are afraid of,
Yeah we need help because if it continues we won't have something to eat.
RH can you tell me your name?
Mustafa Faba
RH are you a farmer?
MF yes I am the other farm is for his father
I have many farms over here. I used to work for a bean exporter, but right now I did I am waiting because of the threat of locust threat, I am standing by.
RH how long do you think you'll wait?
MF 16:10 as soon as the locust stops, I will start
Can you still have a crop this season?
MF 16:05
Yes, I will be able to crop, but we are waiting; we would have a founding from the poverty elevation project. But we can't have the funding because of the threat, so we are waiting; we are waiting until this kind of research.
RH so he won't get the funding until the locust are gone?
MF they can't get the money now, because if they got the money, they will start to cropping, if the crops are damaged, they will still pay and they won't have money to pay and so they are waiting for the threat to be gone.
18:22 RH so just so that I understand, they get money to buy seeds, they pay the money back when they have their crop.
18:35 merci

20:41 AMBI walking, question shouted, 21:00 clean walking, some speaking in the background, 21:25 bird and walking 21:42 out

21:50 cricket and walking

23:13 Tape 2, Monday 18th of October

It's a small town along the road to the fishing village where we were earlier. Do you know the name of this town?
Baya, as we drove by we saw thousands of locusts rising out of a field. They are filling the air; they are not blotting out the sun

23:51 in the biblical terms, but they are just everywhere. You just look up and there are dozens and dozens and dozens everywhere you look. Hundreds, thousands of locusts. We are going to walk down the road a little bit and see if we can catch their wing beats, running into things.

24:16 AMBI walking down the street (paved)
24:39 sounds like rain
24:48 whirring and fluttering of wings (reverb?) people chatting, silverware?
25:30-26:08 rustling of wings (several retakes?)
26:33-53 (fluttering but more with the voices in the background)
27:36 moment of no talking and only wings/static sounds
28:48 children saying bonjour, imitating birds

RH everywhere we walk the locust rise from the ground in large swarms, they settle not far away. You walk a little bit more and the grass comes alive. The only noise they make is the beating of there wings but uh, its like, like a wind through the grass as the leap off the grass and make these this sound.

29:56 a small group of children from the village has come to
See us and to greet us. I am not sure if they are more astounded by us or the locust but they have visitors one way or the other.

30:15 You can hear them over here, in a tree, their wings beating against the tree, a what kind of tree?

30:22 Mango,

30:33 RH A mango tree, they are in a mango tree here and you can just hear their wings as they move among the leaves of the mango tree.

30:34 AMBI locust and a rooster, footsteps, clucking 31:04

31:17 Leo, why don't you just ask them, what do they think of these things, that we come from the states and we want to do a story about these creatures. We want to talk with you!

31:38 (children)
locusts are damaging, they are eating up our crops and our mango trees, they are only damaging our crops.

32:00 how long have they been here?
CH They came here two days ago.

RH there are many of them aren't there, so many of them
CH yes there are so many of them

32:16 AMBI (child cough, rough)

32:20 RH is there anything you can do about them?

32:28 nothing, we are just leaving them

32:30 you can see how they are behaving with this tree

Yes they are just munching this tree, that's a mango tree?

32:52 RH Do you think they are ugly or pretty.
33:01 Ugly.
33:03 they are really ugly, they are destroying
33:15 they are damaging, they are destroying

33:18 Leo- do you eat them?
CH 33:22 No we do not
RH-Somebody shook a little finger at you,
33:34 LEO- they are good with chocolate on them.
33:38 he is asking if you eat this?
RH no we don't eat them either.
33:48 Translator- my neighbor from Niger eats cricket.
LEO He's in heaven, he's like wow free food!

34:27 AMBI kids playing under the mango tree
LEO- describes the locust looking like flowers or buds.
35:04 AMBI children, birds, leo-mvts, kids laugh 35:30
36:21 locust? Or just rustling leaves

37:20 children clanking sticks, rooster, laughter 37:35
37:52 laughter breaks out. Snapping, mouth sounds/kissy, laughter 38:32

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