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Vrindavan street sounds  






Daytime via rickshaw.  

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Vrindavan street sounds  






Nightime via rickshaw.  

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Temple sounds, sermon  







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Temple sounds  







NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
3 Nov 2003

  • India
    Uttar Pradesh
  • Vrindavan
  • 27.58389   77.7019
    Recording TimeCode
  • 42:34
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 50
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
    Equipment Note
  • Decoded MS stereo.

Show: Geography of Heaven: India
Log of DAT #: 3
Engineer: Flawn Williams
Date: November 2003

DAT 03:
All MS. Monday morning to eve Nov 3. Rickshaw ride back to home. Street singer/instrument player outside compound mid distant from patio. Evening rickshaw to temple of flashing lights, hear long sermon, then chant and big bell. 1 Hr 34 mins.

DAT 03: All MS. Monday morning to eve Nov 3.
00000 Slate tape, leaving Radha Raman temple heading back to MVT.
00230 footsteps leaving temple, courtyard ambi
00350 reach street, voices
00440 rickshaw pedaling sounds, occasional bumps, quiet street
00520 driver and KD confer about where to go
00550 bike bell, recorded music, active street sounds *****
00615 horse or other animal hoof clops,
00700 pass hammering sound, then decent street ambi
00925 motorbike pass, bike bell, distant voices
01015 more apparent peddling sound, bike bell, other sounds pass
01125 pass hammering sound, then aggressive motorbike horn
01200 continuing motorbike drone nearby, voices
01245 motorbike finally passes us, heads off
01320 pass hammering sound, then another motorbike
01420 insistent motorbike horns *****
01600 periodic bumps in pavement, then motor passes
01720 insistent close bike bell, then street ambi, more bells pass us *****
01820 pass male voice in PA system at a temple, then motors obscure
02000 larger street, higher speed traffic passing us
02020 good 2-stroke motorcycle pass *****
02050 jingle bells of camel wagon pass *****
02120 good pedaling in isolation on quiet street
02300 more good pedaling in isolation, with a pig squeal *****
02340 close miked pedaling, with some other traffic passing *****
02420 another good 2-stroke pass, into general traffic with close pedaling
02600 back at MVT, paying rickshaw driver, then quiet street ambi
02700 restart: Street singer/instrument player outside compound distantly miked from our second floor patio at MVT. (On a later tape there's recordings of this same guy in same spot from closer perspective.) Occasional car sounds, distant firecrackers, birds, voices of people entering/leaving MVT. Makes a nice bed. *****
03030 car loading sounds closer than musician for a while
03200 music stops, ambi continues
03245 music starts up again
03522 restart: Monday Evening rickshaw ride to town. Lotsa handling noise at first.
03620 noise settles down, street ambi moving perspective
03900 active traffic, lotsa horns, recorded music, motors *****
03950 one guy leaning on his car horn a lot amid other ambi
04050 KD talks to driver
04120 big horn, Radhe Radhe, bike bells *****
04220 into quieter street, bike bells, pedaling, Radhe Radhe
04600 into Radha Damodar (temple of flashing lights), left ch levels unstable for awhile
04855 hear long sermon, guys ask why I'm recording
04930 sermon continues
05100 Flawn is moving, handling noise, sermon gets fainter
05520 sermon gets a bit more animated
05750 left ch intermittent then problem clears
10700 left ch again intermittent, then clears
10730 sermon changes to sung chant for a short time, then goes to silence from altar, just low crowd hubbub
10935 distant tiny bell with crowd conversation
11230 new grungy amplified voice amid the crowd, testing his mike
11340 big bell overhead with grungy echoey PA voice and crowd chatter
11600 sung chant with percussion begins: grungy PA'd voice, good bell, and percussion. *****
11710 distant crowd ululation with all of the above. Bell is dominant.
Ululation very short, but music continues for several minutes, PA voice in background, bell and percussion dominant. Bell drifts in and out of sync with with percussion.
12725 Bell stops, everything else continues. Bell restarts 12740.
12850 L ch intermittent, then comes back, music continues
12920 Flawn starts moving, perspective changes, handling noise starts up, music gets more distant, segue to outside solo cymbal and voices, kids guarding shoes, little fragment of flute, coughing, bike bells, then to quiet general ambi with temple music in distance
13150 bumping along in rickshaw through quiet streets. L ch intermittent.
13355 end tape

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