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Elephant patrol sounds  






Includes chains, voices, dogs, farm animals.  

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Park district supervisor  






Discussion about an elephant patrol project, with English translation.  

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Park ambiance  






Includes an unidentified bird vocalization.  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
12 Sep 2003

  • Thailand
  • Kaeng Krachan National Park
  • 12.75085   99.59839
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 40
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
    Equipment Note
  • Decoded MS stereo

Show: Thailand Wildlife Trade
Log of DAT #12, Elephant patrol and interview with park ranger
Recorded in MS
Engineer: Charles Thompson
Date: September 12, 2003
ng=not good
vg=very good

0:50 Elephant patrol ambi: male voices, metal trinkets, birds. ok

2:23 female laughing FX. g

2:56 One man's voice more distinct FX until 3:56 with walking, metal trinkets, birds ambi ok/g

3:57 MS: Don't throw mud. Don't be like the mud-thrower. ok

4:12 Distinct man again FX g

4:19 Male's voice moves more distant until 4:57 footsteps, birds, insects, trinkets ambi continues. ok

4:57 Male voices closer, laughing, talking, same ambi continues. g

5:09-5:24 Metal trinkets ambi in sync with walking pace vg

5:15-6 Animal grunting (elephant?) FX g

5:24 Metal trinkets, movement, bird/insect, male voices ambi continues g

5:49 Something hard dropped or thrown FX g

6:20 Same ambi, quality improves, trinkets, walking movement, male voices, coughing, vg

6:43-7 female talking g

6:48-50 [then in English] FEMALE: Do you want to ride elephant? Ok

6:52 thumping, muffling against mic

7:01-7:06 market ambi continued: male and female voices, metal trinkets, birds/insects vg!

7:06 MS: ...can you find the cord that's going up. Trinkets, movement, birds ambi; Mic thumping FX ok

7:14 same ambi good again vg

7:19 THAI MAN: Ok, come here, please. vg

7:22 Thai men conversing, coordinating, same ambi vg

7:27-34 thumping mic FX (mounting/dismounting animal?)

7:35 THAI MAN: Ok ...

7:36 shouting male voice, male voices talking, bird/insect, metal trinkets ambi vg

7:48-8:02 some mic thumping

8:03 ambi again vg

8:20 THAI MAN: You can speak Thai? Speak Thai?

MS: No.

TM: Can you speak English?

MS: English.

8:28 Ambi continues vg

9:04 MS: What's the best place for my legs -right where they are? Best place for my feet? Ok? Right where they are? ...Change places? Back behind you? I'll go back there; you come here? ...Ok? ...Go back.

9:56 MS climbing up FX

TM talks

MS: I'm ok ...I'm ok ...I've got a chain to hold on to.

10:17 Ambi louder -male voice, chains, birds louder vg! English voices: Give me a dollar, I'll ...ok laughter
MS: Very incriminating pictures ...The drill is we're going to keep you up there for 10 minutes to get some of this ...then take you down ¿ok Thai voice louder over

11:10 Rooster FX

11:18 TM: ...where you come from?

MS: Washington, DC

TM: Washington, DC


TM: USA. Maybe can you lead, you always lead; can we walk behind them. ¿

11:50 ambi continues, rooster now part of ambi, chains, voices louder, laughter g

12:17-18:41 ambi vg

[changing direction of mic]

18:49 ambi continued: Thai voice directing animal, chains/metal trinkets movement walking pace, footsteps, birds. - vg

21:57 Thai voices conversing (male and female) added to ambi, 22:12 laughter ok

23:08 Thai voice louder g

23:21 dog (maybe rooster?) FX, again 23:31, definitely dog FX until 23:41

23:52 Walking dies down. Dog, voices shoo-ing dog. Walking picks up again, dog howling, insects/birds ambi. g ¿24:55

MS: [explaining that we're hearing: chains, elephant, rhythms and calls for directions on elephant, make elephant go forward and stop, go L or R, back up]

25:17 Seeds being dumped out of bag (?) (FX) or people dismounting elephants (?), chains, male voices, laughter, birds, patting ambi, shoveling (?), calls to elephant ambi. g

28:49 Chains stop, dismounting FX

stop down at 29:28

29:34 Restart up after transition. Female laughter with difficulty dismounting. MS helping woman. Thai female talking, then in English, instructing MS and crew. American crew discussing.

31:36 [MS now walking with rangers who have ranger weapons] footsteps, chains, Thai voices, laughter, elephant breathing (?), walkie talkie ambi g

37:03 Motor approaching, 37:19-42 motor very close by

38:25 Stop down

Interview with Supervisor of District in Park

40:11 Trans: His name is BunShuenNaTin [sp?] (BS), and he's a park ranger who'll be a chief of Bangran (sp?) substation.

MS: Tell me please about this elephant project. I understand this is a pilot project; what do you hope to do with it?

40:56 Answer in Thai
41:29 BS: The elephant project is use elephant to help doing patrol bc sometime in the rainy season car cannot come into forest so they use ele to carry food or equip into the forest with the rangers.

MS: Is this new?

BS: Yeah, it's new. It start this August, only 2 months.

MS: Is it too early to tell, or is it successful?

42:50 BS: Yes too early to tell. He has to give at least 6t months to tell is this help.

MS: And when your men and the eles go out on this patrol, how long do they go out for?

43:19 Answer in Thai
BS: One trip is take about 3 days. And 3 days and then sitting in the park, in the substation 3 day, and then start another 3 day.

43:45 MS: On those trips how much wildlife do you actually encounter and how much do you see?

43:58 Answer in Thai
BS: In this doesn't have many wildlife in here. It's just want to stop the ...going into the forest. It's just showing them that the ranger, they are working very often so ...they won't go into the forest.

44:44 MS: In this particular area, not much poaching, but in the park in general poaching is a prob?

45:01 Answer in Thai
BS: The area that have prob about wildlife hunting is Bangran in the mid of this park.

MS: Bangran, but you're the head of the Bangkran substation, yes, so you know a lot about that. Let me ask you, we went to Tajilak market a few days back, and we saw everything. We saw this we saw that. Everything we saw there is available here in this park if you want it, yes?

46:24 MS: Everything that a poacher would want he could find in this park?

46:36 Answer in Thai.
BS: Is have lot of animal, lot of wildlife in this park, but wildlife in Tajilak might get maybe not come from this park bc it's too far.

47:07 MS: Only the distance would be the issue. In terms of having everything, everything is here?

47:29 BS: Yes.

MS: So here in this park we have tiger?

BS: Yes.

MS: Clouded leopard?

BS: Yes.

MS: Spotted leopard?

BS: Yes.

MS: Munchuk (sp)?

BS: Yes.

MS: Siro (sp)?

BS: Yes.

MS: Everything?

BS: Yes.

48:03 MS: And the only thing btwn the wildlife and the poachers is you?

BS: Yes

48:11 walkie talkie FX starts, louder at 48:18

48:28 MS: And are you winning, losing, or breaking even in this fight against the poachers?

48:47 walkie talkie FX
49:00 Answer in Thai
BS: Yes, he can win if he have enough stuff, yeah, and he said but he has a (50:02 loud birds -or monkey? -FX) project now that gonna start in the next 6 month, that the ranger will stay only inside in the Bangkran substation, to protect the wildlife all the time. 24 hr, all day in the forest. The poaching or hunting will have (high levels?) during the dry season bc the farming cannot do anything in the dry season, so in the next 6 month is the dry season. So he and his staff will working very hard.

50:42 MS:Poaching is worse in the dry season bc the farmers are not harvesting therefore they need a way to make more money, and that's how they do it, they poach. But I have heard from your superintendent, and I have heard from other people, that you are not winning this fight bc you do not have the resources and at best you're breaking even. The prob is not getting worse, but the prob is not getting better either. Is that what I'm hearing you say too?

BS: Yes, it's correct.

51:41 MS: And how many men do you have here in this substation?

BS: 9 people.

MS: How many men do you need to do the job correctly?

BS: 12 people, but separated into 2 group.

MS: So he's got 9; he needs 3 more to do it right?

BS: Yes, the patrol team, he need 12 people to do the patrolling.

52:52 MS: If you had all the men that you asked for, all the equip that you asked for, could you stop poaching here entirely?

53:11 Answer in Thai
BS: yes, he says he can stop poaching in the park if he has 12 ppl. 6 ppl will work after that, he come back, and then after that 6 will come back. They will work all 24 hrs, so he think is can stop poaching.

MS: You think you can stop it in your Bangkran subdistrict. But do you think the prob can be stopped in the region as a whole? Can you ever stop the wildlife trade completely, or will there always be someone willing to pay for a skin or for something else here, and will there always be someone who will try and come into the park and get it?

54:47 Answer in Thai
BS: Maybe it's difficult ...right now the ppl who are out of park, they don't come to hunt in the park, but usually the poacher that he got is usually come from very far away. Another ...such as in the ...just come to hunt and in the other regions very far from this part they come to hunt. Not the villagers around here.

56:15 MS: When the poachers come to this park, do they come with a list of things that they want to collect? Do they have an idea from the trader what it is that they want to find here? Or do they simply come in and kill and take back whatever they see?

56:43 Answer in Thai
BS: Usually the poacher come with the order, the list of animal. And the one that he got this April, they come with the order. The order will say "manchak, sanbar (?), and name animal."

57:24 Thank you; end of interview.

(Bird ambi throughout previous interview and following.)

Bird and chain ambi

59:15 Chain, quiet voices, footsteps in crackling leaves, branches, birds, more sound in brush AMBI. MS thanking and bidding farewell.

1:00:15 MS: Where are you from? Are you from here?

BS: ...Province, it is S of Kankuchan* [sp]

MS: So from here? From the province?

BS: Kankuchan* is very big area, but ...Kilican [sp] province is in the S of Gankechan* which is very far from here.

MS: But most of your rangers here, are they from here, are they from the area, are most of your rangers drawn from this area, locally?

BS: Yeah, they are from here, village, area around the park.

MS: And does that help you in terms of intelligence about poachers coming in?

BS: Yes, they can help.

MS: Bc they talk to the ppl who live in the villages and they can know when something's about to happen, the ppl squeal?

BS: Yes.

1:02:09 MS: Why did you need to start an ele patrol project?

1:02:20 Answer in Thai
BS: It's the policy of the minister of wildlife and natl park division.

MS: Do you actually think this can help? Or is this just another idea from the center that's not necessarily going to translate well on the ground?

1:03:04 Answer in Thai
BS: He cannot tell now bc it's just beginning, so maybe after 6 month, he can tell.

MS: You get the phone call from Bangkok; it says, hey, we're going to start an ele patrol project. Your first reaction is, "hey! Great idea!" or "God, that's a stupid idea"? First reaction.

1:04:02 Answer in Thai
BS: If they use ele for tourist, it's good, it's best project.

MS: Thank you.

1:05:08 Ambi minute begins: mics thumping, birds, bugs, Thai voices, feet rustling in leaves.
1:05:20 Thumping mics and voices have subsided. ok
1:06:32 END

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