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John Fitzpatrick, Robert McCurdy  






Placement of ARU #10. Includes ambiance of area and unidentified voices.  

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John Fitzpatrick  






John Fitzpatrick reading Alexander Wilson's account of his experience with an Ivory-billed Woodpecker.  

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Double knock imitation  






Ivory-billed Woodpecker double knock imitation.  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
27 Jan 2002

  • United States
    St. Tammany County
  • Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge
  • 30.5475   -89.793889
    Recording TimeCode
  • 49:07 - 1:27:33
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • DPA 4060 omni mics.

DAT 21 (Sun Stereo 2) log
Radex Woodpeckers
Sunday Stereo 2 of 2 January 27 2002
Spaced DPA omnis direct into D8 DAT
Startingat ARU 10 install location, west of Oil Well Road, appx 2 miles south of old Rt 11, in the Pearl River WMA. With John Fitzpatrick, Curt, Steve, Rob of Cornell U team, plus Chris Joyce and Flawn Williams of NPR. Tape begins at selected tree site, includes walk back out to road.

01 00000 pick up recording at ARU 10 tree,
02 slate Sun Stereo 2
discuss with Chris the pickup from JF's wireless
00130 Fitz, we'd like you to hoot up and call in some woodpeckers so we can do a test recording¿fiddling with gear sounds¿Rob and Curt complain that Chris Clark took extra laptop batteries¿start ARU test recording. Do 5 minutes. Distant hoots from John or Steve. Also need a GPS time. Good quiet ambi with imitation hoots. Curt Ids Phoebe at 20 meters. Fitz looks to be about 80 meters away.
00620 boost gain for ambi recording. Good imitation hoots and bird retorts.
00740 Rob: OK, local time 10:08, 27 January, GPS location
00820 drop to regular gain. Rob shows Curt how to do final program of ARU from laptop. Then Rob changes his mind about how it's done. Plane appears overhead. JF arrives. Had some distant pileateds calling, flickers, sapsuckers, etc. Pileateds were 300 plus meters away¿if it picked those up that'd be great. More description from Rob to Curt, while Chris is talking to JF. Hang the battery now. Close the cap. Nice connector. You wrap this cable. Lift it up, tighten it down. Two kinds of straps, one cheaper than the other, I use these for the lightweight wrap. Thread through the middle, once around. I usually wrap those up, tie them together, put battery on the other side so it's opposite the microphone.
01410 good FX of straps being pulled and tightened, Curt: you can let go, more pulling
01530 Curt: momentary interruption of power would be a bad thing, right? Right. Getting a GPS reading on another GPS. I walk away for more distant ambi¿but instead Chris wants to record reading of Alexander Wilson book from JF.
01800 listen to the pileated now. That's what we were hoping for when the test was going.
01830 JF begins reading from text, stops and
01935 restarts from top
02030 interrupted by jet overhead
02130 restarts back a few paragraphs
02405 reading ends, a few seconds of ambi, then talk to others who say they heard a double knock display while JF was reading
04 02540 restart this tape after checking playback for double knock. Plane overhead, breaking wood pieces to imitate double knock., distant voices.
02750 elevated gain for ambi, voices still mid distant
02840 you guys all heard¿it wasn't like it was a faint thing¿boom boom. Well it'd be nice to get that tape analyzed. (I change batteries on wireless transmitters.)
03040 JF: Carolina wren. How you feeling Rob? Shitty.
03220 ambi at ARU 10 site. JF double knocks with branch in distance. Distant footsteps in leaves. Birds, more double knock imitations, distant voices
03410 change to high gain ambi, double knock,
03430 one good pileated call, then double knock , quiet ambi, more knocks, distant voices and footsteps, quiet forest ambi with no birds, no planes
03820 back to regular gain, walking to catch up with others
03940 quiet ambi, voices and footsteps 15 secs
03955 long stretch of fast paced walking to catch up
04400 some water sounds, then quiet ambi, JF doubleknocks, woodpecker flew right across soon as he did it
04530 more double knocks, birds in trees, quiet ambi
04700 close sound footsteps in water, then on land, fairly slow
04805 close doubleknock on good drum tree, pileated cries in response, another double knock, plane begins to appear overhead
04920 they move on. JF: we're hearing pileateds everywhere. The ARUs will tell.
05000 Footsteps and voices recede into forest ambi
05110 I walk on
05210 water walking FX, slow wading with voices talking, laughing, airplane overhead, lots of slogging through water
05518 quiet ambi, bird in distance
05530 switch to high gain ambi, good imitation owl calls, pileated cries and displays in response
05730 someone nearby slogs on through water then onto land
05810 good birds overhead for a few seconds, then distant voices and jet overhead
05900 good birds but with jet
05925 back to regular gain, I slog through water and then onto land
10050 doubleknock in distance, pileated responds, just a vestige of jet in background.
10140 another double knock, more birds, less jet
10230 Big double knock imitation, quiet ambi, more knocks, birds
10345 I move on through water
10420 quiet ambi with one bird calling
10450 I walk on fast
10610 walking into water, back out
10720 wading sounds
10800 quiet ambi with one plaintive bird
10830 more wading sounds, some distant motor sound (helicopter?), walking
11030 soggy walking over wet ground, some mike bumps
11510 more splashy wading sounds, catch up with other voices, plane overhead,
11540 arrive at water spigot at parking turnout on Oil Well Road, water FX with occasional voices, one imitation hoot, GPS beeps with water spigot. JF: getting there, there we go. From here to there is one kilometer. Other route was one point two kilometers. When we come back we'll go in this way, wont need to get our underwear wet.
11815 walking sounds along gravel road, crows calling overhead
12110 high gain distant walking ambi, distant voices, a few insect flybys, birds chirping, insects singing, nice
12340 lower gain, walk on to cars
12548 arrive at cars, gear rustling sounds, we're gonna head back, I remove wireless mikes, JF and Steve working out how to rendezvous with Tom the Canadian videographer, Chris talking with Curt about Radex, plane overhead
05 slate end of trip
13705 end tape

Placement of ARU #10.

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