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Truck start up and idle  







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Truck door open, Door open tone, Close  







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Quiet river ambi  







NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
20 Feb 2002

  • Central African Republic
  • On the road from Bangui to Bayanga
  • 4.316667   17.466667
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Spaced Omni Stereo; DPA 4060

Log of DAT #: 2A
Engineer Bill McQuay
Date: February 20, 2002

ng = not good
ok = okay
g = good
vg = very good

Spaced omnis in the zepplin.
01:15 Dawn at the Hotel Sofitel in Bangui, outside and packing the Toyota for the long drive to Bayanga.
**09:34 -9:40 AC and Mohammad: It will hold, Mohammad. All packed. We go. Ok. Go. Go [laughter]
10:09 -10:40 AC Standup: "It's just about quarter after 6. We're doing pretty good on our time. The truck is all packed. Mohammad has put bags in the little bed of the pickup we're in and covered it with a tarp and tied it down with a rope, and we're about to set out. It's 300 miles from here, Bangui, to Bayanga and the Dzanga Sangha Dense Forest Reserve where we're going to see the elephants. [10:40] + Ambi [Alex repeats this again, but not as good -very stern sounding]

**12:54 FX Truck start and idle, revs¿.

13:29 -13:47 FX Truck starts off plus Ambi

AC: In the truck off mic notes:
This is a little city street. We've just left the hotel, about a mile away from the center. Rolling as we head out for Bayanga.

15:05 21:38- Ambi in the truck
21:40 FX Door slam
22:50 -24:42 Stop at a barrier and exchange between Mohammad and guards. Laughter pay him 1,000 CFA. More chatter and drive off

25:30 -15:54 More Ambi in the truck after crossing the river

26:04 FX -Slowdown for another barrier. [ng]
*26:49 -27:55 "Merci beaucoup" and FX Take off again, horns toot, acceleration¿¿

28:17 33:53-Ambi of rougher road [check for mics at the beginning]
28:58 FX Bump [G]
34:00 AC: This is another road block we have come to, and I think we're going to have to pay some money [off mic] [note; two more truck takeoffs in here between 34:00 and 35:00
Road block scene:
**35:42 - 36:28*Ambi Rougher road and stop, open door, door slam
36:40 AC Standup in the car: "All along the way here we have to keep stopping to get approval by police roadblocks, and we've come to this town Mbaki which is I think the biggest town we're going to hit after Bangui. It's about 60 -70 miles outside of Bangui. The road turns here and goes west. We have to stop and get out and show our permit. We've come to a little place here, long low one-story building and a sign over it that says Gendarmarie Nationale". BONJOUR, Ca va? Le chef du Division Forests. Ou allez vous? Bayanga. 37:50

**46:26 FX: Rooster

47:08 FX Door slam, truck start and take off again. [baby crying [ng]

47:58 FX Better take off in the truck and ambi on the road

48:38 -56 FX -Truck slow down -Rooster -stop truck. Get out
*48:38 - 49:22 Ambi of whole scene at a road barrier: Truck slow down, stop, get out, guard calls out "Welcome" + AC: "Thank you"¿.+ roosters

*51:29 - 52:40 Guard speaks in French with Carolyn and says "Bon voyage, et Bon Journee" + start up and take off.

1:02:10 More stops along the way, in and out of truck. Ambi in and out of truck [ng]

1:03:00 -1:06:22Ambi of rougher road outside of Boda [G]

1:06:19 FX Clean truck door slam

1:08:11 -1:08:44: AC Standup: We've been driving five hours. We've come through all the paved road that we're going to see on this trip. We turned left after a small town a couple of hours ago and have been following dirt roads ever since, and now we've hit a river, a small river, too big for us to get across, except for a ferry, a hand pulled ferry, and it's about to land, it's coming from the other side of the river. There's a truck on it. They're going to get off, and we're going to get on." + walking
and ambi of kids

1:09:29 -Ambi of ferry landing and truck getting off + chatter

1:11:00 Ambi of our truck getting onto the ferry
*1:14:25 -1:17:46 Ambi of ferry boat ride [G]
1:19:09 -1:19:38 FX -Drive off ferry and away + Ambi to 1:19:56
Chatter with Captain of the ferry -ferry works with the current of the river
1:24:56 -1:26:08 FX: Truck starts up, passes, and takes off down the road

*1:26:10 -1:27:50 Ambi from scene by the river. Quiet and pretty with birds. [G]

1:28:55 END DAT #2A

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