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Dusk ambi  








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Dawn ambi  








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Esteban Sarmiento  







Bili Ape  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
8 Feb 2001 at 05:30

  • DR Congo
  • 36.0 km E of Bili; between the Uele and the Mbomou rivers
  • 4.13333   25.48333
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
  • Sennheiser MKH 40
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Spaced Omni Stereo; DPA 4060 Omnidirectional Microphones; Decoded MS stereo

Show: Bili Ape Expedition
Log of DAT #: 3
Engineer: Thompson
Date: February 8-9, 2001

ng = not good
ok= okay
g = good
vg = very good


01:30004:10 Evening ambi on savanna, not far from camp 2. Fairly quiet.

04:40 -07:30 2nd roll a little later, a little more active. Some voices at 6:42.

Several ambi attempts wi distant voices ...

17:40 -19:00 Ambi roll-quiet, chattering sewing machine bird, tweeters, high insect drone.

19:00 -23: 3 0 Restart. Better, but still not great. OK through 21:00 ...

24:00 -27:30 New location, same kind of sound. Pretty quiet. A restart at 25:00, and better.

28:00 -28:40 Another roll, similar.

28:45 -29:25 Another roll: better, different, another chirpy bird.

29:40 -38:50 Attempted science chat at camp table. Mumbly, off-mic, self-conscious, not useful.


Multiple attempts at morning ambi roll.

39:00 Much less insecty. Quiet but nice, One lone bird on left.

40:35 Level boost. Nice. Mic adjust, pick up at 41:15.

44:00 -45:25 Good roll, lone bird on the left very present, some others around.

45 :40 -46:40 Another good roll, different locations. Try these last two.

48:30 -49:40 Good try.

50:15 -51:27 Nice. Try this, a little busier, less particular ...bee buzz at end.

No good for a while

54:30 - 1:04: Reset. Good, very nice and steady, New bird at 5 :2 . Building, more active, Chuck says a shift of some kind at 59:22, but can blend, still some good, still very good...building, at 1:01: 50, good, good (gallery forest, dust tracks, red earth)¿

1:05:45 - 1:08:00 - More of same, good, new bird joins at 1:06:02, good.

1:08:00 - 1:33:33 - No one has listened to this section

1:08:00 - 1:14:10 Good bird ambi. Fades a bit at 13:04, sounds like monkeys in the background?

1:14:10 Perspective change. 16:05 -insect drone around mic.

1:19:17 Trail move. 22:15 -rhythmic, owl-like bird.

1:21:23, 1:23:12 Trail change. Crunch, crunch, crunch ... ends with growl

1:23:33 Serious trail change. 1:25:26 monkey cry, sharp rhythmic sounds (like really slow woodpecker).

1:26:42 perspective change: 1:27:05 Roars or really wacky bird cry.

1:27:30 Perspective change, down the trail. 1:28:00 Roars

1:30:16 Perspective change: drops mic to get footsteps

1:33:10 returning to camp

1:33:43 We're heading off to look at some nests with Esteban and George ...

1:34:19 Esteban: Esteban Sarmiento, research associate at the American Museum of
Natural History. Today we are at camp Dipeito, about 36 km east of Bili in the north Congo, between the Uele and Mbomou rivers and we are about to go visit ground nests that some people suspect are made by gorillas in an area where gorillas are not known.

1:35:15 - 1:38:0 Ambi roll, walking in woodland. some good tearing clunks with vines .. please consider using these, even though it's obviously mic-handling. Sticks, leaves, footsteps. 1:36:50; really loud crashes start.

1:38:05 Esteban; This is basically a swamp forest more or less that's basically dried up
in the dry season. If you'11 look at some of the roots, you'll see that they are basically above ground, not particularly exactly where we're at. And most of these forests are generally located around streambeds. And if we go downhill here. We'll be able to see
there's still a swamp where some of the water is left. Now, around the water is where most of the trees grow. Once we go farther out from that water source, we'll see that the trees dry out to a woodland.

1:40:30 Stopdown

1:41:12 Talk with Esteban while walking about his interest in fit of chimps with ecosystem (footsteps too loud) ...

1 :44:05 Stopdown

1:45:00 -1 :48:40 Follow trackers into the woodland. Some machete but not very apparent. Just sounds like walking. Some birds.

1:49:00 -1:50:15 Moving into high grass, less stick and tress noises. More grassy, open.

1:50:25 -1:51 :30 Passing back into forest. Bird. Good. Keep the clunks.

1:51:50 -1:53:35 Trackers now audibly using machetes. Chop chop. Speaking in their language. More chop.

1:5 5:21 Trackers on mic in patois, good machete ... some stuff with GS and ES on unused elephant wallows, buffalo wallows ... how the elephants modify the forest.

1:59:00 ES and trackers on a fruit tree in the forest, birds around, good twig snap.

2:00:00 -2:02:00 Very good moving in forest, machete, etc.

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