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Bogue Chitto NWR ambiance  






At Lock #2.  

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Christopher Clark  






Discusses ARUs.  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
26 Jan 2002

  • United States
    St. Tammany County
  • Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge
  • 30.5475   -89.793889
    Recording TimeCode
  • 49:07 - 1:27:33
  • United States
    St. Tammany County
  • Hampton Inn Slidell
  • 30.24782   -89.76586
    Recording TimeCode
  • 1:03:04 - 1:42:25
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
  • Sennheiser MKH 50
    Equipment Note
  • Decoded MS stereo, subject 1. DPA 4060 omni mics, subject 2.

Show: Woodpeckers
Log of DAT #: 17
Engineer: Flawn Williams
Date: 1/26/02

ng = not good
ok = okay
g = good
vg = very good

First hour is undecoded MS stereo ambiences at Lock 2 area of Bogue Chitto NWR Saturday 4-5pm. Then starting at 10300, is a split track omni intv with Chris Clark Saturday evening.

01 00000 sound at Lock 2, water sound
02 00230 mechanical metallic sounds of walking over lock walkway ***
03 00330 better water sound, from far side of lock ***
00440 footsteps recede from lock, quickly get to quiet walking ambience
05 00520 ambi east of lake at Lock 2 area. Loud
00540 good bird with insects/frogs, distant airplane ***
00708 barred owl call? Or people making the calls? Frogs/insects dominate, but can be attenuated with EQ around 4220 to 4550 Hz.
00900 stop and add Windjammer cover to combat wind
06 01040 resume ambi with windjammer, loud plane overhead
01300 plane recedes, good insect flyby, fly hovers near mike, high pitched whine
01400 more insects, some distant truck on Hwy 41 to 01430
01740 good distant birds, coming closer, then quiet 01800
02045 good single bird call, fairly close, a bit of pecking display barely audible***
02320 leaf skitters into bush near mike, sounding VERY much bigger than it was
02340 jet overhead, some pecking in distance (one bird left ch, one in right)
02550 interesting distant bird, not much use for audibility though
03050 truck in far distance, then jet far overhead
03210 fly hovers near mike for a few seconds
03320 distant pecking on tree, distant barred owl calls or people imitating
03500 good mid-distant bird call but with beginnings of jet overhead
03900 good crows in distance and other birds too
03930 close crow and close pileated woodpecker, more close crow, some distant pecking ***
04025 more close crow
04135 more echoey crow and distant woodpecker cry, followed by oncoming airplane
04300 very close airplane overflight with crow (distorts starting at 04322 just before Dopplering overhead, lowered recording gain at this point)
04520 airplane finally receding, forest got quieter. Car audible on Hwy 41. Then quiet ambi, just frogs/insects, fly passes 04630, distant pecking display at 04640 and 04700 ***and 04720
04940 good distant repeated bird calls (need to ID this) ***
05015 jet comes overhead distant right channel
05335 good distant bird cry ***
05550 distant airplane approaches, recedes quickly
05740 distant pecking display, again at 05830
05945 good fly buzzby in quiet ambi***
09 10115 slate preceding ambience
10 10220 slate upcoming intv
Sat evening - 6:15pm intvw with Chris Clark (CC) in hotel room in twin omni DPAs

1:03:30 CJ - well, show me what this is

CC - well, most of this it is a 30 gigabyte drive. I mean that is the biggest weight on it. And this top unit here, we actually purchased that - there is a company called Onset computers and they make this little thing called a "Tattle-tale." So we have taken - when we started designing these back in 1995 - late 1995, when we were motivated to do our own bc... [some notes missing] ...when was the warmest place around. And the whales were coming through the leap. And he just stood there and he said, "now I understand why you do this." And to me that's a spiritual moment. It's just one of those really special, defining moments, of why you do put up with the slogging and the difficult and the long days. We don't do this for money, cause we're passionate about it. For beer and oysters.

1:38:15 CJ
Well let's do some beer and oysters.

1:38:17 FW
Before we stop, at the point where I had you stop when that guy fired his car up, you were just about into making the transition from the real limited bandwidth of the whales and elephants to the woodpecker. Can you take us through that transition and the specter of the woodpecker?

1:38:36 CC
oh. Okay. From the¿Well, with the whales, when we record for the whales we really only record the base clef. It's like having a chorus and you only record the base. When you're in the woods, with woodpeckers and birds that are singing, you need the whole chorus, you need to record the whole symphony. That way, base all the way up to the sopranos, the whole thing. So you're recording all of the notes on the piano, not just the ones on the left. And that's what we have to do with the woodpeckers. We have to get their entire repertoire because we don't want to miss any possibility of getting whether they're drumming on a tree or whether they're doing a flight call or whether they're doing a mating call. So it's the whole spectrum of sound. Does that make sense?

1:39:37 CJ
you don't need ambience?

1:39:39 FW
I can get it after you go.

1:40:05 CC
The rubbers story.

1:42:25 stopdown.


Best Western Slidell Inn, Slidell, Louisiana. Chris Clark indoor interview. January 26

1:43:18 stopdown

Subject 1 at Location 1. Subject 2 at Location 2.

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