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David Luneau, Rick Knight  






Field work discussion  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
23 Jan 2002

  • United States
    St. Tammany County
  • Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge
  • 30.5475   -89.793889
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • DPA 4060 omni mics. Lectrosonics 195 Series Wideband UHF Diversity Wireless System.

Radex Woodpeckers
DAT 5 Log for "Weds Wireless 1 of 3"
Two digit numbers are DAT Program Numbers (PNO); five digit numbers are DAT Absolute Time readings. These tapes also have time-of-day subcode, viewable on master DATs using a D8 DAT.

DPA 4060 body mikes were placed on two searchers, each feeding into a Lectrosonics 195 UHF wireless rig. Variable line level outputs of wireless receivers set to maximum, cabled into D8 DAT recorder line inputs.

Comments logged below are David's unless ID'd as Rick (who talked a lot less). Chris Joyce can be heard off-mike in David's mike at times. There are a few occasional little noise bursts due to RF dropouts, but not much problem considering separations of 50-100 yards, body blockage, and large intervening trees.

01 00000 putting mikes on David Luneau (LOO-neau) (left channel) and Rick Knight (right channel). Transmitter gains set at 12 o'clock for starters, then boosted along the way to maximum, so later average levels will be louder than earlier ones.
00300 begin to walk toward Lock 2 overpass, cross over
00700 walking over dredge-dropping "hills"
02 00800 traffic will be out of earshot after a while
00900 starting to see a few hardwoods here
01040 starting to get out of canal area hills, into natural area
01150 frog sounds increase noticeably, walking sounds continue
01400 trailblazing¿hang a Budweiser can. Stop for five minutes, count trees and birds. Good quiet stationary ambiance, then pack-unzipping sounds etc
01730 GPS receiver beeps in quiet ambiance
01805 good pack zipping sounds, more stationary ambi
02000 plan to walk a bit further east before splitting up; start walking again
02210 you want to take right side or left side? Keep due east. Got your radio? Radio working? That's better. Five minutes till we get back on schedule with our wavepoints.
02400 we sat right in this area the other day before dusk, watched hairy woodpecker. Trees mostly cypress and tupelo. More detail on trees. (walk on.)
02640 nice walking here¿elsewhere heavily caned, heavily brambled. There's a dead tree that's been scaled, but long dead, any woodpecker could have done that.
02845 lots of dead trees here, more mature forest, 50 years since last logging
03 03010 time for a GPS reading. Take every 30 mins. Unzip sounds.
03220 there's scaled bark on that tree¿fairly dead. Let's go take a look. Where it's scaled there's excavation, less likely to be ivory billed.
04 03455 interesting¿we've come to a large body of water. Kingfisher. (Radios to Rick about water, good interchange.) Can't even tell how wide it is, it's so foggy. I'll walk to you , we'll go from there.
03800 (at boats) honor system? Or cut chains? Can see across, but it's deep, and it's flowing. We haven't come near as far east as we thought we could. This water must not be on the map. Let's walk along the edge to the south.
03940 need to get camou T shirt, sweatshirt's too hot¿hard to shop when you're out all day.
04640 footsteps with nice background bird
05 04740 rejoin Rick, discuss tree with hole in it¿check it out.
04840 hear pileated call once, David ID's it
04925 got him¿one less mosquito in the forest. ID'ing trees hard this time of year.
05010 if it's a promising looking scale tree I would take a GPS reading for it. I'll pass this one by. Where'd they go? Hard to miss Flawn in that orange¿.
05150 here's a frog¿been hearing lots of em. Wow what a jump. Little brown frog. An inch long, jumped two three feet.
05315 cypress knees, part of root system, tripping hazard. Quite a bit of flow in this stream. Wood ducks. Definitely their habitat, we scare em up continually walking through these sloughs.
06 05430 back together, talking about frog sound, water flow rate and direction, now almost northwest. Keep following it. (Warning: Rick takes a leak in right channel along here.)
05615 we're looping back¿now only a third of mile from the van sez GPS. Some good stationary ambi here, occasional pack handling noise.
07 05920 GPS beeps in quiet ambi. Then Rick and David tick off birds they've heard so far, hardly any big trees. Now's when all the woodpeckers come out, soon as I put my book away.
10110 a little bit of scaling, other signs they've seen. Decide to keep hugging water, split up again, start walking. We'll let them have the slough and we'll go into the forest. (walk on.)
10500 water up ahead too¿talk about trees, semi-deciduous, keeps some of its leaves through the winter
10650 David: drumming on a hollow tree sounds nice, but ivory-bills don't drum¿pileateds do it, others too. Ivory-bill has double rap, one strong, the second almost like an echo (per Tanner)
10820 other days we've seen sapsucker signs¿seried of holes like machine gun fire running up the tree.
10905 Rick to David on radio: water cuts back around here, we'll follow it around. (Problems with radio.) This doesn't look TOO deep¿but then again¿
11010 are you crossing some water now? (water step sounds) we get to cross our first water now. Hope nothing falls out¿sure it's all waterproof, right? Hoo boy, This looks deep. I don't intend to go over my boots this early in the morning.
11150 Rick: flow is off to my left, want to work that way? David: sounds good.
11230 Boots waterproof? So far! Took back boots yesterday after feeling seepage.
11400 another little frog. Lot of legs for a bitty creature!
11440 David describes birds in mixed flocks
11525 more good pileated and red bellied calls, David ID's
11700 see a lot of ribbons tied out here¿by hunters. Overcast days, hard to know where west is. That's why we carry compass. (walk on.)
11850 wood duck calls and ID
12045 David: another pileated woodpecker.
08 12200 Back together again: looks like large body of water curving around in front of us. Think we're back to the canal. That levee there is not natural. So we made a circle to the south. Need the big Bogue Chitto map, more detail. Need a boat. Or chain cutters. Hearing quite a few woodpeckers. Zipper sounds. What direction youy want to head? Let's take a datapoint here, to mark a corner before heading back north. Gonna parallel the canal, going north.
12600 we have satellites 1, 2, 3 overhead¿must be an alignment of the planets. Point one five miles from car. (NOTE: This section should correspond with around 04100 on "Weds Stereo 1" tape.)
12900 going to the men's room
12930 guess we'll keep going north, then drive back to Lock 1? Or Lock 3 also?
13030 a pair of pileateds calls
13130 split up and start walking again
13250 fairly small trees in this part of the forest¿more recently logged.
13440 peeled bark, fairly fresh, but tree so dead it could have peeled on its own.
13540 nice spider web
13640 walking, some nice birdcalls in distance
09 13710 one GPS beep, zipper sound
13830 forest is getting really small here
14030 Rick: deer rub. Scratched their antlers on it. David: can't see very far in this thick undergrowth.
14250 rejoin. Here's the original trail. Go back out and head northward? I suppose. Follow the trail a while to get around the underbrush.
14420 cut off here? Can't go much farther east. A little more on the trail.
14510 a few good sloshing sounds at wet spot in trail.
14810 here's where we turned east before. Let's go north. Due north? Yeah, I guess. I'll go out to the right. (Split up.)
14850 Rick: This is certainly less than optimal habitat. Few large trees. Old buoys.
15155 mighty small forest here¿aspen-like trees with peeling bark
15400 Rick: fresh digging¿armadillo I suppose.
15430 a few large trees up ahead¿sun's trying to come out. Better if it didn't.
15600 footsteps and active birds
15715 there's some grayer birds over there.
10 15740 David lists birds he's heard in last week.
15930 Lousy habitat. Plus it's getting hot. I think if I were a woodpecker I'd be saying it's not my kind of place. Ivory bill at least. Rick: for other woodpeckers it's great.
20020 Stationary ambi, some pack opening noises, to
20158 change tape, resume on Weds Wireless 2 of 3.

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