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Small plane in-flight sounds  







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Pearl River WMA birds ambiance  






Decoded MS stereo. Recorded on 17Jan2002 at 0831 hours.  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
16 Jan 2002

  • United States
    St. Tammany County
  • Slidell Municipal Airport
  • 30.34168   -89.82221
    Recording TimeCode
  • :04 - 59:56
  • United States
    St. Tammany County
  • Pearl River Wildlife Management Area
  • 30.38379   -89.71489
    Recording TimeCode
  • 59:56 - 2:07:16
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 50
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
    Equipment Note
  • DPA 4060 omni mics used for standard stereo recording, Subject 1, Location 1. Decoded MS stereo, with Sonosax SX-M2 mic pre-amp, Subject 2, Location 2.

Radex Woodpeckers Log First Trip Jan 15-17 2002

Tape 3
01 00000 At Slidell Airport, slate dual omnis DPA4060, prepping to go on airplane flight over Pearl River
02 00100 chat with David Luneau about mikes, wind noise, looking at map to show where we'll fly; 00200 windscreens on so sound is better;
00230 we choose seats and get on plane (Martjan and pilot front, Alison and me rear) 00320 settling into cabin (didn't get pilot's name)
00520 doors close, 00543 motors fire up, we start taxiing, plenty of motor noise
01030 begin to experiment with putting right channel mike inside headset to get intercom, barely audible at this stage , gets better later
03 01629 marker to check conversation
04 01730 Martjan and Alison talk about tree types, sweet gum and other description of area, trying to locate us on map (this can be made intelligible from right channel signal with filtering and dynamics processing)
05 01900 end conversation for a while
06 02300 change miking so both mikes are inside intercom headsets, com is audible now in both channels
02500 lots of dead trees there¿can we look over there?
09 02550 you see Alison, all the dead trees, looks like an old burn isn't it?
Continues flight, lots of PNO marks where there are intercom voices, do more detailed log later
33 05030 arrive back at airport, engine stops, Martjan gets GPS readings off the airplane's GPS of locations spotted from air for future study from the ground
35 05310 more description of GPS marker locations, get out of plane
36 05900 end airport section with omnis, make reference to heading for bunkhouse

37 10000 new location, Thursday Jan 17, 8:31am at the end of Indian Bayou Road south of old Hwy 11 in Pearl River WMA. Rest of this tape is MS MKH50/MKH30 mikes. Birds call, lots of distant rumble from Interstate 59 and train track running parallel to I59. Mike pointed up 45 degrees, facing SE, HP filter not yet engaged on Sonosax.
38 01530 airplane flies over
39 10630 same spot, lowered mike angle to almost horizontal, higher gain, HP filter now engaged, will still need more filtering in post, but bird calls are more audible.
10747 boost gain more
40 10820 woodpecking sounds audible in distance with other birds
41 nice close bird call
42 11710 another active bird, several close agitated birds in fact, pecking too
43 12110 after preamp battery died, aimed back up 45 degrees and SE, some VERY active birds in side channel
44 12310 steady chirping, several other birds too
45 12410 re-aim mike to W, aimed over cypress swamp, adjust gain, traffic in distance is more audible but birds in this direction are most active too. A pileated is sighted, along with several smaller woodpeckers
46 12500 several calls of two birds of one species, echoing nicely off trees
47 12710 several active birds
48 13140 pecking, several active birdcalls too
49 13335 some close, deep pecking from pileated, unfortunately there's also an airplane through this section
50 13505 pecking persists, then several peckers at once, still some airplane too
51 13640 active close high-pitched bird, some pecking
52 13840 pecking from several birds, other calls too
53 13900 pecking continues
54 14100 wonderful close bird calls
55 14255 very active several birdcalls, agitation, some pecking
56 14715 very close different bird
57 14845 another very active bird, in the midst of an airplane flyover (or is it a train?)
58 14930 fairly close pecking sounds, birdcalls
59 15040 more close pecking and birdcalls, great calls!
60 15345 hunter is back at his truck nearby, so some distracting noises, more birdcalls
61 15510 high pitched bird call, other species calling too
62 15615 train whistle along with continuing high pitched call, occasional hunter noises at his truck
63 15850 some pecking audible again but train noise is there
64 20000 close in pecking sound
65 20040 more close pecking sounds
66 20415 close in quiet birds, some pecking, truck approaches on gravel road, arrives 20540, leaves again
67 20610 truck departs,
68 20640 I slate end of recording

Subject 2, Location 2 was recorded on 17Jan2002 at 0831 hours.

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