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NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
14 Mar 2000

  • Australia
    South Australia
  • Adelaide; Central Market
  • -34.92972   138.5975
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
  • Sennheiser MKH 40
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Decoded MS stereo

LNS #14726

Show: Australia
Log of DAT #: F-l
Engineer: Manoli
Date: March 2000

ng = not good ok= okay g = good vg = very good

Tuesday 14th M/S.

:14: Ambi-Walking through market place. Music can be heard in the background as well as normal sounds.
:51-VG Merchant loudly advertising something.
3:02-VG Australian guy selling avocados. (good accent example)
4:36-Audio skips to new location? 4 :46-again.
5:57-chatter between CJ and others.
6:23-My name's Beth, Beth Stratford. AC-and what do you do here? BS-I'm the market manager. AC-And tell us, what is the market here? BS-? The market was first opened up 130 years ago and a few stores got together and started a market and it just expanded from there and now, we have a fabulous reputation, we have 250 stores under one roof. And where everybody can come and shop for any kind of measurable produce they can. AC-What kinds of different cuisines and ethnic groups can you find here? BS-We have everybody from you name it there's all here and they're all running their stores and a lot of them have been here for 25 years working the same store for 25 years. So their kids have grown up in the stores and have carried on, it's amazing thing to see. AC-Is this a good place to come to look for the real Australia? BS-Absolutely. And we are so fortunate that the people of Adelaide, love the market as their own and we have so many people coming from all over the world to come to see us because it's unique and we're all under one roof, and the colors and quality and there's not one thing you can't buy here. So it's fabulous.
8:06-Goes back to good ambience here. Listening to those selling things . 11 :28-Several VG calls from merchants., sounds of working on things around 12:20.
14:09-Audio skip to active market Ambience. .
17:45-Some chat from Carolyn and Manoli
18:05-New sound. Interview.
18:19-Stevie: Ready Settie Go? AC-No I'm here. S-You come from American too, eh? AC-So I want to know about Australia S-Australia is very nice. I don't know. (audio shift) AC-No what? S-No Kangaroos? You know the kangaroos, did you know the kangaroos? AC-Oh yeah, Yes! S-you haven't gotten any kangaroos over there correct? AC-No. S-That's correct! AC-No S-No, only australia they have kangaroos you see.
18:54-AC-Where ya from? S-Me I'm a greek but a good greek. (high pitched laugh) He's laughing. He doesn't believe it, you know what I mean? Well, but I'm 37 years in Australia. In 37 green grocers. AC-You've been in Australia 37 years? S-37 years in Australia, 37 green grocer AC-Well, I guess business must be okay here. S-I love the fruit, I live with the fruit. And I believe the fruit is so lovely and so healthy for the human beings. AC-starts then cut off.. . S-Guess how old I am, guess? AC-38? S-38? (high pitched laugh). Thanks very much. You want me to tell you how old I am? I'm 64. AC-NAW S-The fruit, that gives me at least 15-20 years younger. AC-or more S-Or more! Yes. But I they come from long generation.
20:07-AC-Why did you come to australia? S-Why did I come to australia? That's a good quesiton, why I'd come. Because at that time in my country there was a bad situation, no jobs. The greeks, there was poor. These guys don't come to australia from the euro. AC-yeah. S-that's why I came. And the irst time I came here, honestly, no money, my brother (something). Then I like australia. Nice country. We've got everything here. AC-so at first you didn't like it, but now you do like it. S-Yes, very much I like, yeah. AC-How many people come through the market everyday? S-I believe a few thousand? 150.000 people pass through the market. I call healthy plaza.
21 :35 S-I'm Steve, one of seven brothers. I'm a 4'6" with hands up, but keep remember that I'm not here for good looking, I'm here to keep the customers HAPPY! (This is funny)
23:30-Start of good market ambience again.
23:52-Music in the marketplace. (in english!) 25:10-Music Ends. (Good track)
26:25-New music track. (Good music) 29:02.
29:17-Money slams down into the hat. 29:31-Audio skips to new location.
29:57-What's it like to be an Australian? Woman: Good. AC-Yeah? W-It's good to be an Australian living here in Adelaide, it's clean. It's still fairly cheap. Not far from A to B, I mean people in Sydney-are you recording this? MAN: Best wines and best food in Adelaid.
30:20-AC-What do you think it means to be an Australian? (a little chatter in here) W: Not as democratic as you are. The government in interferes with us a little wee more than you Americans, eh? Australians are really still searching for the answer to that
question. They don't know themselves because they haven't got a-national identity on the world stage and they flounder and grasp at things trying to get one, ala the to get some recognition from the world at large, we're a very small fry. AC- You know, every other Australian I talk to for any time and raise this question, They all say I think this ' s the best country in the world, it's the best place to live. W: Oh it is. M: And having traveled a lot, 10 or 12 times overseas, I'd have to say every time we come back here we'd have to say 'thank god we live in Australia. Why? Prices. Cleanliness. But we certainly don't have the pride in our country that americans seem to have. We're not as
patriotic. W: Australians are taught politics and the flag and to get involved in elections when you're young people arent' you, in high school. Our's aren't and they aren't patriotic
till they go overseas. (goes on and on about america's "patriotism") M: We seem to be saying to the world, look at us! We're desperate for some international recognition. America pats you on the head every once in a while when the So, in the whole scheme of things we're a pretty small fry. And yet we've got a marvelous standard of living. We've got huge internal wealth, sheep farming, exports. But we also are inclined to be a little bit wanting of things before we actually get them. W: Jenny M: Robert
Audio ends after this interview.

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