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NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
1 Jul 2001

  • United States
    Monroe County
  • Dry Tortugas National Park; Garden Key; Fort Jefferson
  • 24.628   -82.873
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Stereo hydrophones

Show: Dry Tortugas
Log of DAT #: 9
Engineer: Leo Del Aguila
Date: 01/07/2002

ng = not good
ok= okay
g = good
vg = very good

Hydrophones at Ft. Jefferson, Dry Tortugas.

0000 -fiddling w/mic. Placement at about 2'.

145 -230 -good bed -splashy, nice ...bill listen.***

235 -swim by l-r

250 -swim back

313 -snorkel breath

3:37...quieter, some snorkel breathing, rolling bubbly wave stuff, some snorkle
gurgle, some pop and click as from rocks.

419 -mic. handle?

434 -swim away, and then quieter. Good. ***

454 -mic move ...nice swirl at 505

Talk in back at 540 ...

Shut down at 545, then start again at 0600 -heavier water movement (mic's now at just a few inches).

Still setting mics at 0700 ...out at 717

Back at 734

740---good wet sound, some mic bump in right, but pretty good, too much mic bump, change perspective of capsule.

Roll at 0900 -good, wet, splashy at last. .. no shrimp, nice hydro bed. *** and through 1000...same, swirly underwater stuff. Occasional burble on right, like mic. exposed to air for a second ....and through 1100 ...sounds violent after 1100. Out at 1143.

Back at 1150 -same sort of thing...right a little less bumpy ...big bump at 1233 ...and more ... big again at 1242. At 1310, a clicking sound like snapped fingers And through 1400 ...big clunk at 1405, and some unusable, I think to 1415 ....and through 10

1500.... And through 1645 ...a good long roll of splashy stuff with a sometime dunk sound on right (this mic. slightly more shallow than left, though both are very shallow, resting on a rock ledge a little below water line at the northern wall of the fort's moat).

1755 alex slate

1900 -start roll number three, w/mics out at about 2' off from shore ...a little shrimp click .... adjusting placement to 2000 ...and more adjust, a sandy kind of ...

roll start at 20:35 -wet sounding, a little staticy sound, like mic. rolling on sand (which is what was happening). Some clatter at 2130 ...very little sense of waves above, occasional trickle sound, as I swim by, I think. Wet splash sound but only 2300 -ac swim between mics., but too much sandy sound.

From 2500 -a fairly quiet section with a sense of depth -Bill listen. ***

Out at 2610

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