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Asian Elephant -- Elephas maximus 20:46 - 21:00 Play 20:46 - More
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snort, moving through underbrush  








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Elephant moving through underbrush  








NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
28 Mar 2001

  • Nepal
  • Chitwan National Park
  • 27.5   84.33333
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Spaced Omni Stereo; DPA 4060 Omnidirectional Microphones

Log of DAT #: 9
Engineer: Bill McQuay
Date: April 2001

ng = not good
ok = okay
g = good
vg = very good

0:00 Back on the elephants, looking for another elephant.... lots of shouting, truck.

2:05 Applause. the area we are going too is a little bit tough, lots of bushes, and the rhino are a bit spooky. The rhino we are trying to catch is the sabil and you know the sabil are a little bit fast and everything. And we have three elephant, scary elephant, so he said try to be with the ??.

3:38 Whistles, shouts

4:53 These are the body mics rolling at a low level... stopdown

5:16 Talking in Nepalese

5:55 We¿re back up, in the brush, looking for a spookier rhino... more scattered shouting...

6:50 Quiet riding ¿ squeaking saddle, brushing grass.

9:05 Interesting bird

10:10 Heavier brush sounds

11:15 Lots of chirpy birds w/ shouting

13:56 g Louder birds w/ brush sounds

18:34 ¿ 19:58 long stretch of quiet elephants moving and birds... walky-talky.

20:49 vg elephant bodily noises (grunt, whinny, something ruder?)

21:27 More elephant noises... stopdown

22:34 Children laughing in background
23:09 Heavy brush and someone almost falls

24:15 g heavy brush crackling, sweeping aside

27:22 Interesting bird cry (brief) ¿ still, very heavy brush

29:40 Closer, louder shouting.

29:40 ¿ 38:20 Loud, scattered shouting, heaving crackling brush, distant birds

38:20 Heavy brush gives way to more grasslike sounds ¿ still cracking, but also rustling

41:22 Elephant exhale (soft)

48:50 Shouting, not much brush, occasional soft elephant snorts

50:55 Urgent shouting

52:06 ¿ 52:40 Several soft elephant breaths

55:33 Heavy grass again

56:29 vg distinct, heavy elephant footsteps on brush

57:41 ...more shouting.

1:00:10 It¿s getting hot, so everybody¿s...

1:00:43 Stopdown... pick up w/ more elephants in the brush, shouting, elephant breaths...

1:02:00 Mush discussion and panting elephants (or is that the rhino?)


1:03:55 Lots of brush noises, shouting, excitement

1:04:50 g snort

1:05:40 Discussion, thrashing grasses

1:06:058 No, they are giving him more drugs¿ Yes.
1:09:51 Elephant whuff

1:10:39 Stopdown

1:10:40 Big truck in reverse..

1:17:25 (the preceding sound it not distinct)

1:18:27 Excited shouting reaches fever pitch

1:19:03 vg Aaa-oooooooo (in unison)

1:19:55 ¿We¿re behind the animal, it¿s tied to a sled, they¿re dragging it> ¿interesting noise (stress on plastic ties or rude animal noises)

1:24:04 Uh, yeah, because this is not the right place for the darting and we didn¿t wait for the right place for the darting,a nd the rhino was running, so we didn't wait for the chance. So, we just darted and the elephant was scattered everywhere that is why it makes so difficult, and we know that ¿ we give a little bit less drug to this animal bc we already have ¿ we supposed to give 3, we have 2.5, we thought that ok, the animal is already asleep and it is already time to wake up, so thanks god we found the animal, so we have to add another 1 mm of drugs to keep him sleeping. So everything is normal. So this is the type of thing ¿ very difficult for transporting animal.

PB ¿ so, the first one we saw went like a piece of cake

Maskee - Yeah. Actually what happen is that the first catch and second catch is easy bc we are taking 2 males and 3 females, and we already have 2 males. So, we had to look the sex particular. We are looking for a female. That is why it is difficult whatever animal we found was male. But this one we found was female. And we are testing ? another pair also ¿ female and young one. That is why we didn't loose this one ¿ so we caught this animal. 1:25:28

PB ¿ now, was there a danger at all when the animal ran off ¿ would the anesthesia wear off?

1:25:37 Maskee ¿ no, it don't happen normally, bc the drug effect if it goes to the water area it is risky, otherwise in a dry place it just sleep and after the drug, if it finish, it just wake up, but we have to watch all the time.

1:25:55 PB ¿ now what about the calf?

1:25:57 Maskee ¿ now the calf is fully grown up. It can stay individually. The calf is male. So we already have male. So we just leave the calf. So it fully grown up, it can live by itself now.

PB ¿ but it has to be a bit traumatic to all of the sudden not have its mother with it.

1:26:13 Maskee - No, it is grown up. You see the horn is already grown up, so it is grown up. It can live by itself.

PB ¿ have you ever lost any rhinos in the process ¿

1:26:28 Maskee ¿ no, we never lost any animals until now. It is alright. He is safe.

PB ¿ and tell me what will happen with him

1:26:37 Maskee - after going, we load it to the crate (?), then we give the antidote, it will wake up ¿ everything is all right. We measuring the temperature. The temperature is 99 which is normal, we are measuring the heart beat and everything is normal.

PB ¿ and tomorrow he will arrive?

1:26:59 Maskee ¿ yeah, tomorrow morning he will reach to Bardia natl Park. The one we sent yesterday afternoon, today 7:30 in the morning, both animals were released. So this afternoon, this evening it will move and tomorrow morning it will be introduced to Bardia.

1:27:22 end of that scene

1:27:47 ambi ¿ truck

1:28:13 ambi ¿ truck ¿ about to drag the rhino into the large crate ¿ SPACED OMNIS BODY MICS

VG 1:28:49 loading rhino into crate ¿ lots of screaming in Nepalese, truck beeping

VG 1:35:46¿ 1:41:45 the rhino throwing itself (Bill ¿ he is on), strapping the animal in
1:41:15 ¿ some water? Splashing

1:41:46 truck departs ¿ drive off into the distance

1:42:19 Bill ¿ we are standing by the truck where they are going to drag the crate

1:42:54 truck approaching

1:43:40 pushing the crate with the earth mover into the truck

1:46:14 water running in the bg

1:47:03 truck honks horn

1:47:04 lots of talking in Nepalese ¿

1:48:05 truck getting louder ¿ driving by? ????

1:49:49 truck start up and then drive away (doesn't sound like the truck that is holding the rhino)

1:50:31 END OF DAT

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